Tactical Analysis: Chelsea 1-0 Man City | How Tuchel Ended The Quadruple |

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Football Made Simple

2 hónapja

What tactics were on show from these 2 great managers?
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Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple 2 hónapja
What else did you notice?
nislcholas Oscar Nicholas
nislcholas Oscar Nicholas 22 napja
@Rachit Dang yeah
nislcholas Oscar Nicholas
nislcholas Oscar Nicholas 22 napja
@Pow Lelouch nice one
Ati Laszlo
Ati Laszlo 24 napja
@Ogunyemi Adetola M man i am so glad!thanks for coming back to the comment section!
Ogunyemi Adetola M
Ogunyemi Adetola M 24 napja
@Ati Laszlo and your wish cme tru
Vanny Sharma
Vanny Sharma Hónapja
@Queenie Salvador of course Man city will win baby❤️
RedDevils4Life 23 órája
Chelsea’s illusion of a back three when it’s really a back five with wingbacks of James and Chilwell, as well as Kante’s and Jorginho’s midfield dominance, partnered with the speed of Havertz and Werner is truly a scary team to face.
hongkongsmartboy 6 napja
Guardiola in Man City ~ Mourinho in Chelsea Tuchel in Chelsea ~ Benitez in Liverpool
Berry 19 napja
Should have gone with 2 holding midfielders to stop any counter attack...while providing both wingbacks with opportunities to overlap thereby creating room for mahrez and raheem as Chelsea could not press and leave from behind them... if Chelsea sit deeper then he can shift debruyne on right midfield to supply sterling or gundogan.. although I would prefer aguero over sterling for this match...I would start with Rodri and later sub for ferni... if zinchenko doesn't overlap as much then cancelo could come on to provide that width... worse case scenario is a raffle of penalties... but chelsea would be limited to few chances to attack...
Berry 19 napja
poor tactics by pep
Kelech Nwoko
Kelech Nwoko 23 napja
he also beat them in the ucl final
Abdul Hameed
Abdul Hameed 24 napja
Please make a video on UCL final
Akpan Otuekong
Akpan Otuekong Hónapja
so what tactics could pep or any one use to beat tuchel chelsea atm.
RW R Hónapja
It's Frank Lampard who starts rebuilding this team by choosing 8 world class player. He brought Chelsea back in top 4 with a transfer band. He then brought these 8 players. If Tuchel didn't have these players, he won't be at this level. What if he fail to manage these players by bringing new faces at the club at his own choice. Will it make Chelsea be at this level?
Tom keifer Shatsang
Tom keifer Shatsang Hónapja
The best football education channel.. great job dude. Really enjoy Ur analysis n it's always enlightening.
김동원 Hónapja
4:03 not rodri, it's dias
It’s about winning More
It’s about winning More Hónapja
UCL FINAL REHERSAL 😃 Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul
Shivam Goundar
Shivam Goundar Hónapja
lol city-focused everything on the cham[ions league and played players who haven't played in a while, but city rested their players for the upcoming matches. lol if city plays with their very best 11, I don't think tuchel will have a tactical advantage as city will create a living nightmare for Chelsea fc. MAn city will rip apart Chelsea and show how good they are.
Specson specs
Specson specs 23 napja
Well this is awkward now isn’t it...
Iwan R
Iwan R Hónapja
relook the analysis for next final champions league ☺⚽
dressedhatto Hónapja
Again in the final, lets GO
Kentut Upil Gajah
Kentut Upil Gajah Hónapja
so will the champions league final become a nightmare for josep? edit: yeah it will and it happened! 😂
Junior Rodigan
Junior Rodigan Hónapja
Just watched this after Chelsea made it into the CL final against City .... and this weekend City can win the Premier League if they beat ChelSHE .... My guess is Pep has learned from this loss. TT showed his hand. And now Pep is going to put in both DeBryune AND Foden and Gund .... too much for ChelSHE .... The way they beat Madrid is not going to be effective against a City team with those 3 ... the KEY is CAN they stop MAHREZ .... the man is on fire right now.
Bantu Msutfu
Bantu Msutfu Hónapja
Back after Chelsea and City got through to the UCL final. #COYB #UpTheChels
Vanny Sharma
Vanny Sharma Hónapja
City never Played with more creators....players such as riyad, bernardo,foden and gundo would have been very beneficial... They only had de bruyne.... When foden and gundo came, they were started looking promising but it was too late.
eyobed seyoum
eyobed seyoum Hónapja
chealsea is better than peps blabla formtion and plan
Golden boy 007
Golden boy 007 Hónapja
Tuchel racist
Abdullahi Abdi
Abdullahi Abdi Hónapja
Chelsea we will win this facup
Victor Muiruri
Victor Muiruri 2 hónapja
Great content.!!! I love it *correction though* He Bring on pulisic and havertz. Not zeyech
James Llewellyn
James Llewellyn 2 hónapja
Great analysis
Erich Hohenzollern
Erich Hohenzollern 2 hónapja
Werner's pace tieng up two defenders creates space for chealseas midfield allowing more freedom to make plays.
Cosmos Okpighe
Cosmos Okpighe 2 hónapja
Pep undid himself with that line up, it has absolutely nothing to do with Tuchel's tactics
Victor Oleru
Victor Oleru 2 hónapja
Tuchel is a master tactician
PsychoCaki 2 hónapja
Man, Chelsea played such an sick football. I didnt see in a while football like Chelsea did. They even had possesion against Pep's team after leading which is really hard against Guardiolla team. Man, hats off for Tuchel. He is mastermind really. I respect Pep also and they are my fav managers right now along with Nagelsmann and Brendon. Two really close teams but Chelsea overplayed them. Amazing performance. And people wanna convince me that manager is nothing to a club that good players are what you need, like it was the case with Mourihno and Tottenham. Now you can see what manager like Tuchel can do in just couple of months after arriving to Chelsea. Amazing!
Elijah Goverdun
Elijah Goverdun 2 hónapja
Jorginho had the best game of his career. Effortlessly beat the City high press and didn't put a foot wrong. And was good breaking up play too. Rarely outperforms Kante and deserves a shoutout.
Ziyech could have scored one more goal.
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat 2 hónapja
Football made simple are you a Chelsea fan? I have seen you breaking down league games like Chelsea vs Leeds and chelsea vs liverpool.
nlon10 2 hónapja
This is the time when I ask myself: why didn't Dortmund thrive under Tuchel's management?
Mathias Mark
Mathias Mark Hónapja
he didn't have this Chelsea squad at Dortmund. Player's gas tank matters when it comes to the high press Chelsea are currently running
Purpouheize 2 hónapja
The Chelsea's defensive tactics were so good on this game, and if we count the bad moment of sterling that game became even harder for City.
Gagasan Melayu Raya
Gagasan Melayu Raya 2 hónapja
"Slightly more xG than Manchester City" lol. Chelsea xG is TWICE.
NoodlesTBograt 2 hónapja
It was not Tuchel it was Pep who ended the quadruple dream
Dennis Lamptey
Dennis Lamptey 2 hónapja
Chilwell's dribbling helped ease of City's pressure
Deo Dewan
Deo Dewan 2 hónapja
I think Tuchel is gonna take Chelsea close to winning the league next season. Improved so much
Menya denis
Menya denis 2 hónapja
It was like supper glue Ziyech and Werner are amazing
Juvenalis Mwenya
Juvenalis Mwenya 2 hónapja
‘Display a quality manager can have on a team’ shade on Lampard 😂😂👏🏽👏🏽
Muhd Yusoff
Muhd Yusoff 2 hónapja
Say no to the Super League
Felipe Freund
Felipe Freund 2 hónapja
@Football Made Simple You should be a manager, they make millions!
Akash Francis
Akash Francis 2 hónapja
Where is barca vs athletic club😌
Jayraj Pareek
Jayraj Pareek 2 hónapja
Jorginho was man of the match
Oniel Givans
Oniel Givans 2 hónapja
I wait for some videos on city wins over the last few games an none why now when we didn't win I love the video still but I wanted to see more from the last few games
J D 2 hónapja
Slightly more? Chelsea had nearly double the chances
Hajia Nekena
Hajia Nekena 2 hónapja
UCL final is the revenge for City
S. Paul
S. Paul 2 hónapja
Important lesson: Limit how many players press up front too keep as many players at the 🔙
aliwigol9 2 hónapja
Amazing .. thank you
Mendy is poor defensively and he has no position discipline 😢 , Ziyech goal could have been prevented.
Alternate FCS
Alternate FCS 2 hónapja
Thought Ederson trained his weaker foot in the first half though- bar the mistake Steffen was not bad
Hunter Tey
Hunter Tey 2 hónapja
Tuchel is a master tactician. The tactics he uses at chelsea is very similar to how conte uses his 343 a few seasons ago at chelsea. The main difference is the role of the striker in tuchel’s team. Ziyech and mount are obviously chelsea’s main goalscoring threats with werner merely providing the distraction and runs to pull the defence apart.
Lennon Bender
Lennon Bender 2 hónapja
📌 18 + -S'E`X'--D`A'T`ING-------- Here ➭ XCLUB.CYOU/YNHKVH 3:02 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда таблетка
Anirudh Sanjeev
Anirudh Sanjeev 2 hónapja
None of this crap, chelsea won because of KDBs injury and sterling and mendy masterclasses
D.B.D Alex
D.B.D Alex 2 hónapja
Kante was not fully fit neither and kovacic didn't play so stop crying and accept the defeat
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days!
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days! 2 hónapja
Aww what we have here... a lil plastic fan getting angry😘 maybe switch to psg?
FlyStr8🥷🏾 2 hónapja
to save you watching the full in-depth thing he had 7 defensive players behind the ball
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 2 hónapja
pep bottled it smh
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 2 hónapja
Made city look like Sheffield Utd
Samir Mandal
Samir Mandal 2 hónapja
Thomas Tuchel Sir totally outclassed the Baldy Joker Pep Guardiola. Sack Pep Guardiola immediately.👍👍👍
RasenRendan 2 hónapja
I remember your first video on tuchel when we hired him. Look how far we come in 3 months. Tuchel took us from 9th in the league to a cup final and UCL semis plus fighting for top 4
Lorenzo Brunelli
Lorenzo Brunelli 2 hónapja
If Chelsea Play like This will have a Good Opportunity in the Champions League
Richy Ranoy
Richy Ranoy 2 hónapja
Great analysis
herbert paradza
herbert paradza 2 hónapja
Frank should just approach TT for some lessons. He needs to learn one or two tricks from TT.
dogs hate me
dogs hate me 2 hónapja
Chelsea were very good and city were piss poor ... A combination of both .... Sterling was shocking ...
MrGts92 2 hónapja
All that money spent for Pep and he'll only achieve what Klopp did with half the money at most.
Winston Gnanaraj
Winston Gnanaraj 2 hónapja
What app do you use to make these tactical analysis?
Tmitey Abiba
Tmitey Abiba 2 hónapja
Can you do Barcelona vs athletic club Copa del ray final
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 2 hónapja
Always nice to see Man City lose 😆
G M 2 hónapja
Ladies and Gentlemen,this is what I call a disasterclass from Pep
howells peters
howells peters 2 hónapja
The impact a quality manager can have on a team🍾💪🏻✅
Your tactical understanding is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Neil Creamer
Neil Creamer 2 hónapja
Chelsea as a team have become very difficult to press. They are all so comfortable with the ball and great at offering passing options. I'm sure this is down to Tuchel's training approach.
zaddy b
zaddy b 2 hónapja
Pep could've done better and taken advantage of the space left by azpi when sterling dropped deeper
Mason De Beer
Mason De Beer 2 hónapja
Chtchoukin James
Chtchoukin James 2 hónapja
that bald fraud overthought against tuchel's back 7
Zwe Htun Phyo
Zwe Htun Phyo 2 hónapja
We all knew that 4-2-5 attacking pattern with Pep and now Tuchel did better. Great match
Doom Doctor
Doom Doctor 2 hónapja
"Closely Contested" Yeah, City didn't create a decent chance the whole game.
RedDevils4Life 23 órája
Anugrah A
Anugrah A 2 hónapja
But let’s see what zizou does 🔥
PoggyGamez 2 hónapja
i lost braincells
The Heel
The Heel 2 hónapja
Tuchel is starting to become a greater coach. He's still not as experienced as most of the world class coaches in England
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc 2 hónapja
Guys This is what happens when we have an experienced manager no disrespect for Frank Lampard but he was unexperienced
D.B.D Alex
D.B.D Alex 2 hónapja
yeah I agree w you but let give him credit for brought these players and especially the ones from the academy (sorry 4 my bad english)
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days!
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days! 2 hónapja
No need to put 'too' just say inexperienced we will get it.
sushant dhakal
sushant dhakal 2 hónapja
Please make a video on ronald koeman and why it works and doesnt at the same time
Mihajlovsky 2 hónapja
The 343 cant be beaten by another formation
Ryan Finnerty
Ryan Finnerty 2 hónapja
I still don’t like Chelsea in the attacking phase for the amount of talent they possess. Seems a lack of numbers and structure
G M 2 hónapja
@Ryan Finnerty i dont think we will see that Gegenpressing style any time soon.Due to this congested schedule,Tuchel cannot make his team press high and lose their legs.He uses a high block to cut off all passing options rather than press immediately.Also,the current players Tuchel has at his disposal seem more inclined to run in behind from a break away in midfield rather than press high and rotate the ball
Ryan Finnerty
Ryan Finnerty 2 hónapja
@Football Made Simple Yes his system and current tactics looks very similar to Arteta 19/20. Albeit with better defensive players. Be interesting to see if he implements a similar pressing to his gegenpressing at Dortmund.
Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple 2 hónapja
True. I think for this season Tuchel is trying to consolidate the defence and fix the attacking next season. All his previous sides were quite exciting going forward
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc 2 hónapja
Mohamed Wadin
Mohamed Wadin 2 hónapja
Pep neec watch tis video
adithya adiga
adithya adiga 2 hónapja
@Football Made Simple Superb tactics from tuchel He can make chelsea a steong team if his front three clicks Please make similar videos on leipzig matches as well Naglsmann brings tactical masterclass as well
S M 2 hónapja
Tuchel is going to be the toughest to beat for Real Madrid, I can't wait for the semi-finals match, it's going to be a delightful match to see
Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim 2 hónapja
a jesse lingard video comparing @ man utd vs @ west ham ... and how much of the upturn in performances is due to his being at west ham (their system, the different approach opponents have against west ham) or due to personal improvemnt (dribbling, shooting, etc)
Nyam Christopher
Nyam Christopher Hónapja
There are players that never thrives under the system that nurtures them from youth.Alot are like that. Pogba is utd youth product,he was underated and did not shine at man u. He joins juve,he was a masterclass,utd brought him back,he is now back to his old self
Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim 2 hónapja
im not a man utd or west ham fan but jesse lingard playing well is nice to see after years of mockery... would be a shame if he went back to man utd for things to go back to what they were
Pukar Bhattarai
Pukar Bhattarai 2 hónapja
1:07 you say zouma instezd of rudiger, just pointing out!
No Name
No Name 2 hónapja
i'm really interested in what chelsea fans think now of the lampard - tuchel switch? for me tuchel is maybe not as likeable as lampard, but he sure knows what he is doing on the pitch...
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days!
Eating Maggoty bread for 3 stinking days! 2 hónapja
@Emmy funny how you say 'we' and still talk shit about our club legend yeah Lampard was not experienced enough but have some fckn respect for the legend. Fckn plastic fan.
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
@Emmy I said Lampard was in a difficult moment. But even Tuchel disagree's with you about his legacy. Lampard was on the right track, but as we all knew going in - he lacked the experience. It's not like we were fighting off relegation while he was in charge. Tuchel is a better manager, as he should be - he's been doing it longer and at a higher level. But to pretend all was bad during Lampard's reign is ridiculous. Without, we'd of not been in the CL at all.
Emmy 2 hónapja
@JG Ballard you don't know what you are saying, This team playing style and the team spirit is what has been missing in lampard era, don't say what you don't know, we would have been out of the champions league nd fa if lampard was still the manager, Lampard was giving time to turn things around but instead it got worse
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
Chelsea fans have never been against Tuchel, they were simply in support of one of their legends. We can never know if Lampard would have turned things around, but there's no denying that Tuchel has done well. Lampard has a lot to offer, imo. He was in a tough moment when he was sacked, but the margins are small - Tuchel has made some tweaks, he's not totally rebuilt.
Yung Pastey
Yung Pastey 2 hónapja
What's up with all the mistakes 😂 rodri pushing onto Kane!? And zouma mentioned 😂😂
Abubakar Noor
Abubakar Noor 2 hónapja
Zidane is coming for you 😝
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
We'll welcome him with open arms.
DOS BROS 2 hónapja
why do you never do barca, please do barca vs athletic bilbao
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
It wasn't an interesting game. The giants beat the minnows - what do you expect to learn?
Kwaku Adu-Yeboah
Kwaku Adu-Yeboah 2 hónapja
This game was like a game of chess , very tactical
MD Khalilur Rahman
MD Khalilur Rahman 2 hónapja
what is the name of the background music?
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs 2 hónapja
Possession like sarri, defense like conte 👍 Tuchel identified that this squad was built for these two coaches and has used every player in their best position
Richard Ferdian
Richard Ferdian 2 hónapja
Lol, tuchel like to use back three at psg and dortmund
Francis dawen Francis
Francis dawen Francis 2 hónapja
Timo is very slow ,there is no speed or accuracy in timo's game worst striker in the premier league
Yusra Mohamed
Yusra Mohamed Hónapja
Not rily
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
@Francis dawen Francis Did he get the assist by simply occupying space?
Francis dawen Francis
Francis dawen Francis 2 hónapja
@JG Ballard my point is this guy is just occuping space like Matter 😂😂😂😂
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
@Francis dawen Francis A "real nut job"? Really? He got an assist, and assisted a goal that was marginally offside. And he's a "High School player"? So you're saying that if we just fielded a High School team, we'd of still beaten City? Interesting.
Francis dawen Francis
Francis dawen Francis 2 hónapja
@JG Ballard did you watch that game with Man City ,Timo is like a real nut job i dont understand how this guy is getting play time its like watching high school player play soccer ,pathetic
WorisonTV 2 hónapja
Good analysis
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko 2 hónapja
Pep starting sterling and changing to a double pivot i knew it was going to be a loss
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko 2 hónapja
@JG Ballard i agree, great at the start of the season but nose dived quickly.
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 2 hónapja
I don't watch City very often. I don't know what's happened to Sterling, but man was he bad yesterday. Unbelievable he was allowed to stay on.
Abdul Hamid Choudhury
Abdul Hamid Choudhury 2 hónapja
6:04 ,well I show fernandinho also doing that sometimes. Your videos also make me understand the tactics. Thanks
Aaron Rusk
Aaron Rusk 2 hónapja
It's crazy how good we look playing out from the back and breaking the press. It looks like we've been playing this formation for years, so all props to Tuchel for getting Chelsea so organized and making everyone aware of their position so quickly. Can't wait to see what we look like next season with Tuchel having a transfer window. Makes me wonder if we will stick to the 3 CTB
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