Travis Scott: Over One Hour Of Chill Songs

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I Do Not Own The Rights To These Songs, All Rights Go To Travis Scott & His Team
through the late night 0:00
Impossible 4:46
coordinate 11:11
90210 14:57
STARGAZING (Chill Part) 20:37
first take 23:23
Maria I'm Drunk 28:38
sdp interlude 40:08
R.I.P. SCREW 42:31
Pray 4 Love 45:36
lose 50:47
WAKE UP 57:37
wonderful 1:01:29
Oh My Dis Side 1:05:01
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Travis Scott (Part II):
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David Hónapja
The Lil Uzi Vert & Travis Scott (Part II) videos were blocked worldwide again. I don't think I'll be able to get them back up. I made a few playlists on Spotify based off of the videos. Sorry y'all, I'm pretty bummed out about it. Links: Tyler, The Creator: Travis Scott (Part I): Lil Uzi Vert: Travis Scott (Part II): Travis Scott (Part II):
Sarvesh Aj
Sarvesh Aj Napja
@Happy Inside Can you share it via google drive or any could storage pls :)
Jorge Leiton
Jorge Leiton 8 napja
Upload to soundcloud!
Ron MacNeil
Ron MacNeil Hónapja
ty for the work you done !
Kylan Will
Kylan Will Hónapja
@Antonio Turner testing it out now. Seems great so far :)
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Hónapja
A public reply who would ask for such a thing say your name
coraz 3 órája
happy 4:20 :neutral_face:
Doberman ground zero
Doberman ground zero 5 órája
Honestly I don’t see a lot of craziness about Travis Scott. Listening to this after the j cole or Kendrick 1 hour chill, this didn’t stand out at all to me.
박수용 11 órája
Nycollas Monteiro
Nycollas Monteiro Napja
Em Pythons
Em Pythons Napja
R* games 13:16
Sarvesh Aj
Sarvesh Aj Napja
Hey can you try uploading the Travis Scott (Part II) version on any other cloud storage. Both of these mixes were fireeee, I really loved them. I realised the one uploaded on Spotify misses out songs like 'The Prayer" and I wondered what else gems maybe missing from this playlist cause everbody knows all the OG songs are never availbale on Spotify. I request you to try upload them elsewhere where art is respected more than hated, HUload is very wrong for taking them down. I would also request the Lil Uzi's playlist too cause I only heard it once and loved it but never heard it again :( . Tbh these playlists have gotten me through some tough shit before, so I really respect your work towards making this :)
Seth Napja
No drugs you should try it, bummer
Seth Napja
R.I.P. Screw honestly might be my fav Trav song for some reason tho
Exotic Edd
Exotic Edd Napja
illdreamer 2 napja
you just kept on makin me wait so i had to take it into my own hands and i made somethin better than you coulda ever its very special to the amazement of several
Moody_ Monroex
Moody_ Monroex 2 napja
Nooo the Tyler one has a age verification thing on it😭😭😭
Lays Oliver
Lays Oliver 3 napja
I love Travis scott, I'm in love with this plaryrist
Em Pythons
Em Pythons Napja
he is my sedative to nicki my addiction :X
lenurple 3 napja
dope playlist bro
CRV 3 napja
Smoke some, drink some, pop one
SMGmusic 4 napja
sdp interlude in one of the best sounding songs ever made
Aesap 5 napja
ty for this
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital 5 napja
Man, the production in this music is just amazing. Was it Kenye who produced him?
youwho476 6 napja
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Tunnel Vision JD
Tunnel Vision JD 6 napja
nobody ever adds song from days before rodeo, drugs you should try it would be sick in this mix
Nelson Chavez
Nelson Chavez 8 napja
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jason harmon
jason harmon 9 napja
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Lauren Brianna
Lauren Brianna 9 napja
How is Cant Say not on hereeeee
Dorian NOS
Dorian NOS 9 napja
Yaseen Gaffoor
Yaseen Gaffoor 9 napja
Those ads though. Oh well.
TheFinalStanza94 11 napja
Title should be over 1 hour of chill Travis Scott songs + 1 hour of ads
Nelson Chavez
Nelson Chavez 11 napja
The whole japan singly return because duckling angiographically fancy from a hypnotic zoology. wrathful, slow ink
Dee Low
Dee Low 11 napja
endyrinho 11 napja
Bryson Tiller's verse on first take is insane, i can listen to this song all day
KUNS 11 napja
JordxnHellaCute 11 napja
Skeletons hit different 💯
Ahhsgs Hshsh
Ahhsgs Hshsh 12 napja
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A Man of Culture
A Man of Culture 13 napja
Rodeo was such a classic. Dark Travis needs to come back.
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 13 napja
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Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen 13 napja
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Ahmet Kaan Yılmaz
Ahmet Kaan Yılmaz 15 napja
RAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHASE P 15 napja
This playlist is insane😈😈😈
hel io
hel io 15 napja
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hel io
hel io 16 napja
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Ann Wanjiku
Ann Wanjiku 17 napja
I love this playlist
Loo NK
Loo NK 17 napja
Agu Vanessa
Agu Vanessa 18 napja
Okayyyy this a damn playlist!!!
beatsbysonny 18 napja
look at my channel and tell me what you think. thanks and much love.
Realmarcusyo 19 napja
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jason harmon 19 napja
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Ronny Singh 19 napja
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Ronny Singh
Ronny Singh 19 napja
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Cherie Dowd
Cherie Dowd 20 napja
Love this playlist 😍
Brent/Tiffany B
Brent/Tiffany B 20 napja
Please tell me everyone can tell he listens to so much kid Cudi...
Clxxry 20 napja
hear me out. this playlist slowed with reverb
john mackey
john mackey 20 napja
Aint nobody Actually goin hard for yaaaaa. I jus goin harddddd for ya
John Lewis
John Lewis 20 napja
Thanks for compiling this. Like a mini greatest hits!
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Hunt 21 napja
I can’t explain why, but I’ve always loved the last couple seconds of “Wonderful” 1:04:34 where it’s slowed down and Travis is humming >>>>
Devon Pittman
Devon Pittman 21 napja
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Jack Ford
Jack Ford 21 napja
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Joshua Barrineau
Joshua Barrineau 21 napja
That first song lit as hell.
Cody50459 22 napja
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen 23 napja
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EDM er
EDM er 23 napja
PRODVINX 24 napja
the last song should be drugs you should try it
donte green
donte green 24 napja
W playlist
Kimberlie Pierson
Kimberlie Pierson 24 napja
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Femi Oye
Femi Oye 24 napja
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Iverson 25 napja
ASTROTHUNDER - everytime I listen to it it takes me deeper, some dope memories w this song.
Gehrke Santamaria
Gehrke Santamaria 25 napja
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Nicolás Kevin Aversa
Nicolás Kevin Aversa 25 napja
bill thomas
bill thomas 25 napja
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Devon Pittman
Devon Pittman 25 napja
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Santiago Vazquez
Santiago Vazquez 25 napja
One of the best ones to smoke a big blunt and relax
Sabo 14 napja
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin 26 napja
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Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 26 napja
Chill ass playlist
Devon Pittman
Devon Pittman 26 napja
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Patrik Arteche
Patrik Arteche 26 napja
listening to this for the first time hahah
bill thomas
bill thomas 26 napja
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keval patel
keval patel 26 napja
Might have to be one of the most fire playlists ever created
Trevor 001
Trevor 001 27 napja
this shit fire
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 27 napja
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Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson 27 napja
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Zgames 27 napja
Hello all
무너 27 napja
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang 28 napja
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jakeswonderfuladventures HD
jakeswonderfuladventures HD 28 napja
Through The Late Night makes me want to jump in a moshpit and punch a hole in a wall. Still good selection
Devon Pittman
Devon Pittman 28 napja
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin 28 napja
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MajinBluu 28 napja
My man 🤝 this is an amazing compilation of SOME of the best Travis songs! 🙌🏽
Fele Trejo
Fele Trejo 29 napja
is littt
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Nick Okkema
Nick Okkema 29 napja
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samud qureshi
samud qureshi Hónapja
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Oliver Kelley Hónapja
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r mon Hónapja
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Jo Hónapja
ITS TIME I'm TAKING OVER THE GAME!!! tune in now to ahead of the mainstream normies 🚫🧢🚫🧢
Julia Kucharska
Julia Kucharska Hónapja
8thx *
8thx * Hónapja
I have the part 2 but i can't post here the link:(((
Davey Phresh
Davey Phresh Hónapja
oi em daveid
Brian C
Brian C Hónapja
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