UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 4

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship


Presented by Hyperice, Aljamain Sterling works in his garage gym. Thiago Santos, Megan Anderson and Drew Dober check in; Khabib Nurmagomedov supports Islam Makhachev. All three UFC 259 champions - Amanda Nunes, Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya - train with their teams. Visit hyperice.com/
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Ryan Byrnes
Ryan Byrnes 14 napja
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Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Hónapja
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Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot Hónapja
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Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Hónapja
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DSR Hónapja
Finally i found Islam Makhachev and Khabib 😍
Jason Sam.
Jason Sam. Hónapja
I was rooting for Izzy but the loss was as decent as it could be.Blackowicz played it to his advantage as much as he could and is still was close even with the takedowns.Both fighters showed respect and sportmanship. Amanda Nunes 20 sec submission,the sacrifice was complete. Also Yan was so much better in the fight and sterling taunted him so much with laying on his back 3 or 4 times,and this frustration combined with a bad moment and bad advice from his corner gave sterling the belt.The theatrical play he put on after Yan's knee was sad to watch.The knee was illegal but watching an athlete act like this is just sad. Islam served the classic khabib domination.
mank demelord
mank demelord Hónapja
Islam’s translator seems pretty cool, he should fight in the UFC
Jeews Sam
Jeews Sam Hónapja
Khabib is soo G he needed a G to hop off
MAHESA Hónapja
about this comeback
Rakin Ashab
Rakin Ashab Hónapja
Khabib pulling up in that g wagon for his bro 😎💯
Chris Davies
Chris Davies Hónapja
Why was Khabib described as the Lightweight Champion? I'm pretty sure his retirement was quite well publicised?
Ivanus Prime
Ivanus Prime Hónapja
Can I just take this opportunity to say Khabib is a pussy for retiring in his prime.
YME _ Hónapja
Shouldn’t of taken the opportunity to say something so dumb.
Asura Hónapja
Its that Umar Nurmagomedov translators who talk for Islam ?, he seems like can fight with ufc fighter too 😂
Kirill Voloshin
Kirill Voloshin Hónapja
Nunes is too much alpha to lose to any other woman. She seems maculine af!
TheGonzo Hónapja
Jan created an all-time Embedded moment with that HOF wall admiration. "Maybe someday"
Dzone Hónapja
Jan & his fiancé are adorable
Skosh Hónapja
What's up with fatass Al, is he planning on fighting ever again?
Dusidu Praveen
Dusidu Praveen Hónapja
is it me or izzy always uses that combo on the embeded?
Shinji Motome
Shinji Motome Hónapja
Pyotr gonna run trough you boy, he will be your daddy ,not friend.
Panga Not Changa
Panga Not Changa Hónapja
The Eagle has Landed...
Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis Hónapja
I love jan
Babcolmx Abraham
Babcolmx Abraham Hónapja
glad to see khabib around
Mohamed _8110
Mohamed _8110 Hónapja
Megan Olivi: Are you hot? Khabib: 5:10
da biz
da biz Hónapja
Izzy Nunez P Yan For the win
Chandler Witt
Chandler Witt Hónapja
should say "former lightweight champion" under khabibs name but whoever edited this knows dana would fire them if they put that
Colin O'Donnell
Colin O'Donnell Hónapja
Izzy third round TKO!!👊
Mohamed _8110
Mohamed _8110 Hónapja
5:10 Megan Olivi knows this « huh? » very well hahaha
RoXasNikeman Hónapja
Izzy is so banging Megan 🤣 she's even wearing his clothes
Kashif Shahzad
Kashif Shahzad Hónapja
IDontWantAnyDubiggers InTheRestaurant
IDontWantAnyDubiggers InTheRestaurant Hónapja
4:31 what do you write bro?
i am Yawg Loj
i am Yawg Loj Hónapja
Song at the end?
Ritalie Hónapja
It's hard to like Adesanya in this fight. Jan is just such a nice and humble guy. This is a difficult fight to market, because Jan doesn't exactly create a lot of drama or trash talk. I think the Jon Jones vs. Jan fight would have been way bigger, and that was the fight to make. Jan earned that Jon Jones fight, and he should have been the guy to beat Jon.
JMombasa Hónapja
where are all the type of guy comments... I miss them lol
Travis Carver
Travis Carver Hónapja
“Thiago Santos wife” she is UFC fighter as well
T Plays
T Plays Hónapja
Jan is the man you got this
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis Hónapja
Congrats Jan on the baby coming...
f00k it d00d
f00k it d00d Hónapja
Megan the homewrecker Anderson is going for the belt!
stoney jayz
stoney jayz Hónapja
Honestly I'm looking forward to the nunez fight today . She's just a whole different beast
MrAlen139 Hónapja
^^ Embbeded WhatsApp were here ^^ Khabib
Julian Hónapja
The ppv will sell because khabib is in it
Mohamed Ifreen
Mohamed Ifreen Hónapja
Im so glad to see Al
BeHereNow Dragonfly
BeHereNow Dragonfly Hónapja
“Maybe someday my photo be on dis wall” We hope so Jan
luser /
luser / Hónapja
im loosing my shit, 8:30 is nandina by drex carter, i made that beat. this is fucking nuts
jolly ann Griffin
jolly ann Griffin Hónapja
jan is too nice. i dont wanna see him lose. hope he can pull it off.
RGS fam
RGS fam Hónapja
4:18 everytime I see this guy he's messing with his hair. I can picture him pulling his hair back in the middle of the fight and getting knocked out.
Karan R24
Karan R24 Hónapja
Yo Megan's hoodie and mask #narutofelx 🔥💥
Vince TX
Vince TX Hónapja
I just hope Aljo dont run into a knee
Jonathan Cabrera
Jonathan Cabrera Hónapja
why ya'll keep labeling Khabib as the champ? he is the former champ.
f err
f err Hónapja
Weird that Islam's translator has more screen time than him
Michael Lapalme
Michael Lapalme Hónapja
Watching Khabib fight... is like watching someone get waterboarded. It’s not “violent,” it’s just dreadful.
Johan jansen
Johan jansen Hónapja
Megan is trying to hook up with adesanya im guessing
optimusbee214 Hónapja
Jan "Didididi" Blachowicz vs Israel "HOWHOW" Adesanya
Hendra 168
Hendra 168 Hónapja
Amanda nunes wife?
Kaizen Mckenzie
Kaizen Mckenzie Hónapja
7:24 Paula Costa
Tim van Herk
Tim van Herk Hónapja
Does someone know what the name of de app is at 5:42
1deelz Hónapja
It's hard not to like Jan , so wholesome
Cr1xus1 Hónapja
Jan seems like a really respectable person. 👍
Steevvee Hónapja
man i couldnt think of having someone better in your corner then khabib
blitzmonkey Hónapja
What is that song when Izzy is in octogon near the end? Has a piano riff. Sounds like Jay Z
Philip Kim
Philip Kim Hónapja
Jan is such a likable guy
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Hónapja
Blachowicz GF pregnant again? She was pregnant last time he fought in Abu Dhabi
Alexander Sopov
Alexander Sopov Hónapja
English is not her first language, but still, there's something wrong with Jan's fiancé saying "one of the best fighters in the world" when he, in fact, is the world champion. It's technically not wrong, and she was focused on making the point about dancing, but come on how about a lil bit more McGregorish attitude in that corner? :D
Addy Alexander
Addy Alexander Hónapja
Someone told me in this episode Khabib appeared so I came just to see The Eagle 🦅... Lightweight G.O.A.T!
noname Hónapja
Aljamain is a one confident guy , for someone who got knocked out in 1 round by a muai- thai guy ... Petr is just built different
Johnny Montana
Johnny Montana Hónapja
Where is Rocket Rakic?
🖕🏿 for izzy in last barking
Media Peace
Media Peace Hónapja
Megan Anderson is beautiful.
GeT0wNeDDD Hónapja
Anderson winning with that sharingan hoodie
arem dvna
arem dvna Hónapja
Seeing Megan's Naruto mask and sweater made me want to root for her.
Jarred Ryle
Jarred Ryle Hónapja
Embedded what's up .. we here 😎
sundeep J
sundeep J Hónapja
Which 50 cent track at 8:55 ?
sundeep J
sundeep J Hónapja
Which track at 8:55 ?
stevo3938 Hónapja
What movie are they talking about ??
Why is izzy the only one in a jacket..
Jesus Arellano
Jesus Arellano Hónapja
“It’s always good to enjoy the ride, one day this will all be over try to enjoy it while your here” powerful words from sterling
Heisenberg 2420
Heisenberg 2420 Hónapja
It cracks me up people on the internet n say khabib stil crazy humble only has older car he drives around nt like celebrity...broooo my boy hops off private jets and hops out gwagons so enough with this khabib not celebrity bullshit khabib a genius at the fight game he make u believe 1 thing and do another trust me is he a good man yes no doubt but dont get it twisted khabib a very very rich man n likes rich things
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Hónapja
Thiago is married to Yana? When did this happen?
plantrightsmovement Hónapja
Tyler Reames
Tyler Reames Hónapja
Would Khabib’s cringe ass just leave the sport already.
Seth Beaver
Seth Beaver Hónapja
Petr dresses like my high school history teacher who was also our XC coach.
Jorge Villalobos
Jorge Villalobos Hónapja
These whole embedded series have the most broke english ever
DubbaYew Williams
DubbaYew Williams Hónapja
And that's why izzy wins...b cuz his footwork and movement is better than jans is an understatement...light years ahead...even jans wife said he cant dance and izzy popped out the womb moonwalkin😂....u kno who took dancing...Bruce Lee
Henny Spiderman
Henny Spiderman Hónapja
Khabib flexing that G Wagon
Zakaria Soldier
Zakaria Soldier Hónapja
Khabib presence is just something else
Gianni Anfit
Gianni Anfit Hónapja
Wtf didn't know Thiago and Yana were married
michelle valentin
michelle valentin Hónapja
The stereotyped love postauricularly surprise because sudan locally number till a lame beach. lucky, tasteful chance
torch357 Hónapja
special tactics? jan secret sc2 white ra fan? O_o
greg smiley
greg smiley Hónapja
Al Alquintas Goodfellas impression def made me a fan!
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores Hónapja
Ayoooo Megan rocking Naruto merchandise 🐐
rana herlambang
rana herlambang Hónapja
Khabib came out from that kind of Jeep get a Mafia looks.
jpsoriano899 Hónapja
Khabib starting to resemble his father Abdulmanap more these days. Seems he's slipping into the mentor role quite well now that he's retired. Abdulmanap is smiling wherever he is seeing his son continue their work.
Stanley Gordon
Stanley Gordon Hónapja
I feel like they let Dan hooker down he had no support like this and he got knocked out .
T Rope
T Rope Hónapja
i broke up with the love of my life because i am not that good of a dancer :(. she broke up with me rather. other than that we meshed so well, but dancing was important to her. such a friggin heart break, ill never recover from this i feel, n this was 7 years ago, n ive been single since
S MB Hónapja
Does anyone know that app on nunes's phone that was keeping the time at 5:50? Ik its a weird question but i need to know
Justin Kennedy
Justin Kennedy Hónapja
Anybody know why Aljo has shoes on at the very beginning? Maybe to protect from toe injuries?
Rosko Hónapja
Funk master,Megan Anderson n polish power are winning 👌🏾
Smoke Malone
Smoke Malone Hónapja
The Goat! When Khabib Stepped out that car, Drew Dobers night just got a whole lot worse.
Big Kesh
Big Kesh Hónapja
Izzy's my boy and imma ride and die with him but Jan is so likeable it's mad. Izzy's got this though
Leumel Postrero
Leumel Postrero Hónapja
Good to know we have two weebs in this card noicee👌🏻
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