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World of Tanks appears to have leaked some, or all, of the tanks of this years Black Market - here's all we know!
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Martin steenbeeke
Martin steenbeeke 29 napja
Hi, what happened to the British Medium MKIII? I have it on console but it is gone from PC? It is my favourite tank. :-(
J D Hónapja
The problem with the game is the game. It’s its own worst enemy and the NA server reflects that. It really doesn’t grow in players. Does WG ask themselves why? The stinking black market is a joke. For how much does the “key” cost? That’s the joke.
matejkar 666
matejkar 666 Hónapja
where does an invite for qb's discord sit?
gary rogers
gary rogers Hónapja
and QB , have you looked at yourself in past videos , go back in time and have a look ,
gary rogers
gary rogers Hónapja
what a stupid time too to start this black market , 4 pm , normal uk workers dont get home till 5-30 , so all have been sold ,, pathetic ...
iFEARdilemma! Hónapja
got one for 80.000000 Silver :D
Madcat Fisherman
Madcat Fisherman Hónapja
Anyone know was proggeto 46 was on sell???
Piotr Montgomery TV
Piotr Montgomery TV Hónapja
So: Christmass loot boxes sucked, and now the Black market saved all situation :)
User 4115
User 4115 Hónapja
Why buy anything when I will be quitting when crew 2.0 rolls out.
Kerstin Xylia
Kerstin Xylia Hónapja
The lumpy curve progressively command because skirt specifically join save a greedy relative. past, brainy production
Altair Hónapja
I hope they return my credits
Hoo Haa
Hoo Haa Hónapja
Update on the Aufklarungspanzer Panther slot in the NA server as I'm typing this: It's being bid for about 8 million credits from the standard 3 million starting bid.
Brictoria Hónapja
A-32 isn't too bad - Fast straight line, but very large turning circle, mainly related to the speed, I think...I haven't played mine for quite some time now. It was a light on release (In the smallest pre-release pack with 12.5k gold) but got switched to medium at some point - The vehicle it's based on was a prototype for the T-34, in the same way the A-20 was.
Lloyd McKibban Jr
Lloyd McKibban Jr Hónapja
I picked up the Turtle Mk1, which wasn't in your Leaked video. I do want to get the T22, but I'm sure it will go for 30 Million credits or 100,000 gold. Too rich for my blood. But, the BM isn't all bad I picked up the Turtle and the E50M skin for 6 million credits and 265 gold respectively. I'm hoping the Panzer V/IV goes on the auction block.
Sorry, but 66mm pen is very poor on t4
5.5 million for LPC? Cant be, a friend did not get it for 6million
Omelette au fromage
Omelette au fromage Hónapja
Wte100?no thanks
Pig Monkey
Pig Monkey Hónapja
The fact that this is at 4am is a total piss take.
Luca Padberg
Luca Padberg Hónapja
If you bid on a tank and its to low do you lose all of your credits???
Rolf Petter Naess
Rolf Petter Naess Hónapja
Pure comercial this is ! QB is just, sorry to say, a "useful idiot"! Earning? marvelous amount of money "adverticing" for silly prizes in the blavk market auktion! This is just a confirmation: WG is just a PAy To Win game. Big Thime !!!!
Cris Kleaver
Cris Kleaver Hónapja
I picked up the Black Raven skin for the E50M for 455 gold and got it. It is ok and the price was fine usually these styles cost a lot more in the shop, so I am satisfied with the purchase.
Mikhail Vershinin
Mikhail Vershinin Hónapja
Today was the A32 6500 gold and it was sold out in 11.48 seconds🤢🗑
Border 92
Border 92 Hónapja
The round I played that a guy had the WZ-111QL he said he bid 35M credits.
GEUX Hónapja
Could anyone tell me the best medium tanq?
James Avery
James Avery Hónapja
ah yes the pz5/4 to be or not to be.
Potato Pants
Potato Pants Hónapja
Ah yes, the t22 medium, where the crew must have their legs chopped off in order to fit into the hull
Johnny Patterson
Johnny Patterson Hónapja
The Qilin was at 15 mill credits.
Phil Hónapja
Better invest the money into $GME to buy more tanks later on!!💎🖐️
TankHelmet Radio
TankHelmet Radio Hónapja
M10 RBFM is fantastic tank to play, maybe little op for its tier. ;)
mortiss6 Hónapja
i already see the chinese dragon tank on oue of the game i played.
Emiko Akamatsu
Emiko Akamatsu Hónapja
Very nice and informative vid.
Crazy Fox
Crazy Fox Hónapja
NA server - Battlefield saturated with WZ QL's ... wonder what they all paid... and I got the E50M skin for 500 gold.. I bid too much.
Jerry Vee
Jerry Vee Hónapja
70kph, the return of the t50-2 terror
Panos Zchrpls
Panos Zchrpls Hónapja
The black market is a big deception, it does not give you ten tier tanks, no matter how much you put in, it only works with gold. There is no transparency in the game The Game is a big deception a big cheat to take your money.
GG Hónapja
I got the WZ-111
Kerem Hónapja
I love you QB, only your soul is not on sale, others already sold their soul to the devil.
steven kitching
steven kitching Hónapja
i heard the type 59 will be up
ohmy godd
ohmy godd Hónapja
Cromwell blin, blyat :D
Mojo Z
Mojo Z Hónapja
i got the skin for 300 gold :)
Legatus Rex
Legatus Rex Hónapja
Qilin was a credit auction. As was the Nimmerhammer skin. The T-22 screen has the same back-lighting, so it'll probably be a credit auction too.
Xguest273X Hónapja
2 things we need to talk about: 1) How rigged the Turtle auction was. 2) How much the server will be inflated by toxic OP tanks after this.
social3ngin33rin Hónapja
Too poor to afford anything. Nothing is going to change that. My IS3 is 55% winrate, I can only imagine what it would be like to play with the pay2win auto version More pay2win cancer vehicles will be in queue :/
Cleiton Rupolo
Cleiton Rupolo Hónapja
This Game Is pay tô Win !!!
TheRpf1977 Hónapja
Fuch the M10
WoWdreamWoW Hónapja
Black Market is my favorite event.... :-)
B P Hónapja
I’m so salty about this man I really wanted the wz-111 but it sold for around 30 mill who has that lying about?? also WG selling the aufklarungs panther is such horseshit I had that tank legit back in the day and now they’re trying to sell it back to me for real money???? greedy fuckers honestly
Spencer McKevitt
Spencer McKevitt Hónapja
Quilin dropped last night. Good thing I just watched this video today, fml
S H Hónapja
new WZ 111 owner: flames go woosshh winning bid was 33m lossing bid as far as i know were as low as 28m
ariunbold temuujin
ariunbold temuujin Hónapja
FSFTalos Bob
FSFTalos Bob Hónapja
Ok Im just a disabled Vet in the USA but ive been playing tanks since the first Beta came out. I played until all the tanks at that time I could work up to. Here is ticked off point I see you go on and on about the Maus, IS7 and others but WGing has totally messed up all them tanks I worked for. Just played a game in the Maus angled right and AP, heat or apcr cuts though it like butter. Point is tell it like it is please. And you a unicom always get better match ups the us old timers.
Blastaq ッ
Blastaq ッ Hónapja
Chinese heavy went for 15mil credits no gold needed hahahaha
David Y
David Y Hónapja
I want the T-22 the most. If it's available for credits I'm F'd cause I'm not dumping 40 mil credits on it, but if it's available for gold then I'll finally put al those Christmas loot boxes to good use. I'd have gone on the WZ tank/style but didn't wanna spend 15 mil on it (or more) not knowing what others were going for. And honestly, it's a tech tree tank so you're paying out the ass for the (admittely really cool IMO) style. I couldn't justify it.
Wolf E Wolf
Wolf E Wolf Hónapja
Min bid on the 50 M skin and got it.
Amir Salehi
Amir Salehi Hónapja
Its sad to hear prices for f2play guys like me
BM8975 Hónapja
I saved a lot on stress by switching to not caring about the cash cow to milk players known as the Black Market.
WaifuRacer Hónapja
When they buffed the T22 I already knew it was gonna be in the black market. Im praying to god it will be super expensive so only a handful of people can get it, cause if its gonna be accessible for everyone then we can say bye bye to tier 10 matches for a while cause I aint gonna braindeadly spam heat just to not be at a disadvantage... Such a stupid idea from wg... As usual.
Zbyna Skopalik
Zbyna Skopalik Hónapja
Yeah my 45M🔥
Rens Klaassen
Rens Klaassen Hónapja
Quicky: DONT min-bid on this skin for the e-50, you will not get it. Me: F it, ill min bid, YAY i got it. :)
Tim Twait
Tim Twait Hónapja
Only tank I would be interested in is the Somua, but even then I am not losing sleep over it.
yunjin bai
yunjin bai Hónapja
qb there's a trick to see if the tank is sold/auction for gold or credits:if u see the light is gold behind the tank,it will be auctioned for gold,if the light is wtihe/blue,the tank will be up for credit,if there‘s no light,there will be flash sale for credit(confirmed price,limited amount)
69 Hónapja
currently i am at the point where QB states, we shouldn't min bid on any of the content in black market, ironically he says that, while showing the E50M skin which i got by.... well, min bidding
Surf ́n happy
Surf ́n happy Hónapja
FUCK BLACK MARKET. lets talk about the problems in wot... To play tier 8-10 you should have atleast 45% winrate and able to speak the international language that all educated countries do. I want to think we dont have any third world countries in Europe 2021, poor uneducated countries obv cant speak the international languaghe but for sure Europe can, OR? fuck you WG for giving us all the trash from east europe
Shane Hodge
Shane Hodge Hónapja
TheAllstar420 Hónapja
I bought my Cromwell B along with a Rudy in a bundle a few yrs back for I think 33% off...? Any one else?
Lex Groves
Lex Groves Hónapja
262 gold I paid for the E50m camo,
Dan Flom
Dan Flom Hónapja
white lights indicate credits. yellowish lights are gold
CrisURace Hónapja
NIce cashgrab crap. Also...sold out on a fucking virtual item? Please, guys, stop buying into these psychological tricks... You are making it WORSE for yourselves because you are giving them a positive feedback from this nonsense.
Madjar10 Hónapja
Negative QuickyBaby I was bid 6m for TL-1 LPC and didnt get him So at least lowest bid was 6m and 1 for sure
Zeerk Hónapja
got the e50m skin for 255 gold (min) lmao
Cobolt Hónapja
A question, if i bid for example 5 000 000 credits for a tank, and i dont get it, will i get the credits back?
Zeerk Hónapja
you do get them back
Adrian Kennedy
Adrian Kennedy Hónapja
Has todays micro-patch changed the tanks that are coming next?
Sam Bone
Sam Bone Hónapja
I got the e50 skin for 1000 g
Zeerk Hónapja
and since it s my fav tank in the game...
Zeerk Hónapja
got it for min bid (255)
Mike E
Mike E Hónapja
When will they change the Vehicles for Bonds?
Midnight Demon Reaper
Midnight Demon Reaper Hónapja
so basically after 2 days i understand now : #1 the white lights mean the tank is for credit BUT you need to bend in #2 the yellow lights is gold #3 the lights turned off means that the tank is limited either gold or credit
A Dog on Blitz
A Dog on Blitz Hónapja
I just hope they buf the is6
straswa Hónapja
Nice vid QB, I have my eye on the Progetto and the A-32. Edit: in the end, I got neither. I got the 50tp instead.
Karolthas Hónapja
Notice the color of the spotlights in the back. The yellow lights indicate that it will be purchasable for gold and white light for credits.
Kallen Lacroix
Kallen Lacroix Hónapja
The quelin is a wz 5a on steriods bigger alpha with a 0.5s longer reload the dpm and alpha is a monster
alexander bakulin
alexander bakulin Hónapja
that how it was on a chinese server. it was also a premium tank (they've had tier 9 and 10 premiums in china, when WG lost control over chinese server). they've changed the stats for quelin in the latest patch, now it's just a reskin of a regular wz-111.
Tim Gavigan
Tim Gavigan Hónapja
Wow, opening bid is 15 Mil. = $150 U.S. if you buy gold now @ 250gld = $1. What do you think ppl will bid for this?
Jak Kaj
Jak Kaj Hónapja
Don't do it. Elite tank
Kallen Lacroix
Kallen Lacroix Hónapja
I saw a ql 5a in the thumb nail thats right CONSOL GOT IT FIRST
Peter Topkis
Peter Topkis Hónapja
W111 just got released on the NA server for a min of 15 million credit bid.
Zeerk Hónapja
same on eu 9000 available
Last Boyscout
Last Boyscout Hónapja
The the preview of Crew 2.0, my wallet is CLOSED until they promise that they will discard it. DIXI!
Senuitz Marques
Senuitz Marques Hónapja
Can you try to be less of a black sheep quickybaby? You got where you are because of the community but when someone ask you to do a raid you get all defensive saying no i can't do that and dont ask me that. I mean why? What is the problem? Afraid to lose the spotlight? Shame on you.
AcedFox Hónapja
QB, At Dezgamez came with a theory about if auctions go for gold or for credits. It all got to do on the lights in the background that shine on the tank. Blue-white light: Credits Yellow light: Gold no light: no auction. first comes, first goes.
Therockypony Hónapja
lol I just got the E 50 M camo for 333 gold. Sweet.
Zeerk Hónapja
@Therockypony fuck wargayming for ruining my beloved wows ):
Therockypony Hónapja
@Zeerk Haha, the rest is WG's tip because, you know... not like they are getting much money from us... KAPPA
Zeerk Hónapja
could ve gotten it for 255 like me :^)
Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'ati'te
Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'ati'te Hónapja
Got the E50M skin for 500 Gold.
Sifreoxe Hónapja
300 for me :D
Aljosa Nikic
Aljosa Nikic Hónapja
got the E50M skin for 255 gold - EU server
Tony H
Tony H Hónapja
I won my TL 1 with 5 mill creds, but that was on the NA server and your 5.5 mill is probably on the EU servers.
Helge MacIntyre
Helge MacIntyre Hónapja
Regarding prises Got the tier V french TD at minimum cost
night crow
night crow Hónapja
it was 6,3 mill
Hans Frisk
Hans Frisk Hónapja
I bid 6199999 and didn't recieve it so it was higher then 5.5Million.
Luxor Hónapja
Get 6 Million Credits in one day?! How? My name is not QB 😂I wish I could get 6 Million credits in one day 😂
Maestro Jordanesco
Maestro Jordanesco Hónapja
To all of you interested, I paid 386 gold to get E50M style. I didn't have the Mirny style, though.
john smith
john smith Hónapja
just picked up the E50M camo - minimum bid again ......... it's glorious :)
Kritish Gopi
Kritish Gopi Hónapja
QB! If u look at the background for the pics it hints at how they will be sold! White lights - credit auction Gold lights - gold auction/sale No lights - pure credit sale That’s the pattern we got on our first three sales ;)
XDave21 Hónapja
I min bid on the E50M 3D skin and won. hehehe i wonder how much WG thought we was really gonna pay for it, cause no thanks i only min bid cause didn't care for it
Caporal_Bric3 Hónapja
T22 sr 🤩
bence bukovecz
bence bukovecz Hónapja
My bet for TLC (US prem) was for 6.1m and still i didnt get ..... how ?
Matt Hónapja
"Error, transaction failed" wargaming = useless
Fizz Hónapja
WG is doing shit by making their game P2W again. A friend told me "where is it P2W ? You can buy with credits!" yeah but I'm not sure everyone is able to have 22M credits on their F2P accounts. My account has been running with premium for 8 years and I never get more than 7M credits 'cause I often buy a tier X or a new grinding tech tree tank. So yes, buy with millions of credits is P2W. 'cause you'll use your CC to get it or use gold to convert it. And bid with gold is clearly P2W x)
Killer046 Hónapja
Hey QB.. just a heads up that the lights in the background signify the currency that it will be sold as (white lights = silver and gold lights = gold) Edit: no lights = immediate sale
L. Descamps
L. Descamps Hónapja
White = closed auction, gold = open auction, no lights = flat price
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