In full: Windsor hosts Prince Philip's funeral as gun salutes fired and minute's silence held

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The Duke of Edinburgh's life and legacy were remembered during a funeral service reflecting his naval career, passion for engineering and dedication to the Queen.
During the poignant event attended by the Queen and his children and grandchildren, the duke was described as enriching the lives of all those he knew with his "kindness, humour and humanity".
In bright brilliant sunshine the funeral procession made its way through the precincts of the castle.
Prince Philip's children - Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, Duke of York and Earl of Wessex - walked behind his coffin carried by a Land Rover Defender hearse the Queen's consort helped design.
They were joined by the duke's grandsons the Duke of Sussex, Duke of Cambridge and Peter Phillips and Vice Admiral Tim Lawrence, the Princess Royal's husband, and the Queen's nephew the Earl of Snowdon.
The royals walked in step as a military band played and all stared straight ahead into the sun as they made their way to duke's final resting place.
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