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Billie Eilish is a Gen Z icon, but her fandom spans generations - and includes more than a few famous faces. In episode 3 of British Vogue’s ‘Ask a Legend’ series, Halle Berry pops up to ask the star for songwriting tips for her daughter; Avril Lavigne wants to know about Billie’s future goals; and Sporty Spice is keen to hear her most life-changing moment to date. Her friend Denzel Curry meanwhile, just wants to know: “When am I going to see you again?” Watch the video in full to hear British Vogue’s June cover star on her first date, her favourite song from her own back catalogue, and whether she’d pick fresh sheets over fresh socks.
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Billie Eilish Answers Questions From Justin Bieber & 22 Other Famous Fans

British Vogue
British Vogue 9 napja
What would you have asked Billie?
Bianca Nedea
Bianca Nedea Napja
I would asked If She wants to collaborate with Megan Thee Stallion
Dorothy Parrish
Dorothy Parrish 3 napja
Will you be my friend?
kesh 4 napja
What is your favorite 'oldies' song?
Blessed Ndhlovu
Blessed Ndhlovu 4 napja
How do you take care of you?
blobby fish
blobby fish 6 napja
Whatever I can lol
Damian Segobia Chacon
Damian Segobia Chacon Órája
billie wants to play roblox wtf ewwwww cringe.
B M 01
B M 01 Órája
I miss the old tomboy Billie fr
Simone Alyse
Simone Alyse Órája
I only noticed the dramatic music when she started talking about being vegan
pumasgoya Órája
those are 22 of the least talented people on earth.
Nathalie C
Nathalie C Órája
A question from Tim. Burton himself ? 😱😱😱😱😱
SammieCupcake! 2 órája
Um, excuse me?? Tim freakin Burton!!?
Jannelle Rodriguez
Jannelle Rodriguez 2 órája
Ok this was a great video. But the jazz in the beginning absolutely slaps. Anyone know the title of the song?
Jannelle Rodriguez
Jannelle Rodriguez 2 órája
i found it: Greene St by nocturnal spirits
Verlie Rawlins
Verlie Rawlins 2 órája
The thick united kingdom intrinsically disarm because appeal tellingly cross to a ready piccolo. aware, three ikebana
Lucas Figueiredo
Lucas Figueiredo 2 órája
imagine viola davis asking you a question. i would've died
Austricos 3 órája
She loves Portal ❤
Eric 3 órája
Billie Eilish is horrible. Her music sucks and she is as weird and gross as they come.
shaina Saleem
shaina Saleem 3 órája
Lots of love from India🇮🇳🥺❤️we love Billie eilish✨keep rocking more power,love and strength to you!!❤️❤️
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 3 órája
Stormzy's praises are BIG praises.
xXblueberry gachaXx
xXblueberry gachaXx 3 órája
omggg how is that girl so sweet?
eva 3 órája
LGBTQ+ REFERENCES 2:15 2:42 2:53 4:45 4:50 6:20 (I am not assuming whatsoever, it just seems like she’s dropping a few hints so I thought I’d point them out)
Valiece Davis
Valiece Davis 4 órája
She’s actually adorable
Cindi Kachnic
Cindi Kachnic 4 órája
Just wondering how a 19 year old can be called a legend. Oh I absolutely think Billie Eilish will be some day if she doesn’t burn out and doesn’t go the way of other extremely talented “legends” like Amy Winehouse. Billie has an extremely beautiful voice, but she’s very young. I hope she is able to handle all of this fame.
Ko Myint
Ko Myint 4 órája
Dr. Peter Grafe
Dr. Peter Grafe 4 órája
Vollkommen unwichtig !!! Langweilig bis zum Ende des Lebens!!!
Max Burkacka
Max Burkacka 5 órája
Even the way she speaks is different 🥺🥲
syd 6 órája
Ily billie, but, idk why, reactions seemed a bit fake to me
Nicol Serrano
Nicol Serrano 6 órája
Me gustaba la Billy de antes
mindyken 7 órája
I’m in awe of you Billie.... hoping and praying more people embrace life as you have! My question would be : How do you keep your focus and attitude on life? Do you do meditation or how do you refocus when things get out of control?
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 7 órája
Bruh, she's insanely gorgeous. This photoshoot is picture proof.
kenan yap
kenan yap 7 órája
loved it! ⭐
Jocelyn Rojas
Jocelyn Rojas 8 órája
I love her new song your power and I would ask her what’s her favorite songs she wrote 😁
Christy MacMillan
Christy MacMillan 8 órája
Billie : "idk why people think I am from London! " Channel name : You are now 😈
nightmisterio 9 órája
Did she say she would be vaxxed???
Innasafa 9 órája
16:55 this answer 😭 thank you! I wish i had this when i was your age
Futures Wizard
Futures Wizard 9 órája
Dude I'm 21
peter 9 órája
Am gonna admit, I didn't know she was gonna be this big when I first heard her
Nylasstuff 10 órája
I can't get over her voice
Jay O'Hara
Jay O'Hara 10 órája
This is delusional, if you can't be a REAL friend to someone unless you've known them for 10yrs, and you can't be a professional at something in under 15yrs, then you most definitely can not be a Legend at ANYthing in less than 25yrs. Is this person even that old?
Cory Cash
Cory Cash 10 órája
She looks super tired
Zee Kaye
Zee Kaye 10 órája
I literally screaaaaamed out loud when I saw Avril Lavigne asking a question to Billie Eilish!!!!! T_T My heaaart!
Fake Love!
Fake Love! 11 órája
She's a queen!
LucaCXI 12 órája
I love her so much omg
Markoni 12 órája
vega 12 órája
whats the lofi song that plays in the background while she answers questions
Ingridlosneslokken 12 órája
This is so cool!! Billie you are such an amazing woman. Your message, your songs and your lyrics are beyond everything. Love you girl! And, you can seriously rock EVERY SINGLE FREAKNG style!! Wow
Milo Pischedda
Milo Pischedda 13 órája
Billie akst 4 chief keef hahaha
doryk!¿ 13 órája
Is she really like Haley?!!!
IL0VERAP 14 órája
I love how she hates Hailey 😂
Emmanuel Giyani
Emmanuel Giyani 14 órája
If we get a jazz album. that, that would be my feeling of contentment
How no-one can see Billie is actually a Man, amazes me greatly.
dalu آدا
dalu آدا 14 órája
What's explicit billie??!!
Yvng_ sav13
Yvng_ sav13 15 órája
Idk what it was but the music and her vibe were making me wanna cry😭
Sbuder Man
Sbuder Man 15 órája
She looks like a cool person
R B 16 órája
I wonder what her “first” that she had recently was that she said is good explicit 😯
Petal Pusher
Petal Pusher 17 órája
Go back to dark hair.
Glacia Martin
Glacia Martin 17 órája
So happy that Billie loves Jodi cause, I love them both so hopefully you both will love me, so we can all love each other.
Teschia Givens
Teschia Givens 17 órája
I just love her so much... I just want to meet her and hang out! ugh
IamCharneisha 17 órája
Is nicki Minaj on here
CyB 18 órája
Billie's hairstyle is cool
xFabian1x 18 órája
billie is literally marylin.
King of Shadows
King of Shadows 18 órája
Research Donald Marshall on Human Cloning and Vril Lizards and More! After you read the info you have to spread it
Cynical -
Cynical - 18 órája
ngl, didnt expect to see jodie comer !
Jade 19 órája
OMG my vegan in pasadena/ la canada is sooooo good! I go all the time! It's so cool to hear her say this tiny restaurant
Hailey Kitzman
Hailey Kitzman 20 órája
i took the “hi hailey ... u beautiful thing” personally even tho i had no business doing so
Shrila Gowda
Shrila Gowda 20 órája
She is just gorgeous
John Solus
John Solus 20 órája
its a great video but whys the background music makin me wanna curl up in bed and cry slowly
sandy flores
sandy flores 20 órája
I would like to ask Billie if she plays roblox and if she does what's her username
anitcha 20 órája
Dominic?? 😔👉👈
Tyler Isaac
Tyler Isaac 20 órája
Tyler Isaac
Tyler Isaac 20 órája
daylan rada
daylan rada 21 órája
shes so pretty!!!
sebastien lenglart
sebastien lenglart 21 órája
Billie is super beautiful.
1faithMKnuggets 21 órája
Jesus loves you and cares about you! John 3:16
banny 112
banny 112 21 órája
You’re so beautiful 😔❤️
nidarko 21 órája
Who doesn’t have a crush on jodie comer
Kylie Hernandez
Kylie Hernandez 21 órája
i love this woman
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Quantum X Trading Strategy - 0 Red Days 22 órája
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iConoClast 22 órája
This girl looks gross, vogue has really lowered its standards
Jensen Freeman
Jensen Freeman 22 órája
i dont know why im crying
tomrexer 22 órája
I feel that Billie are undergrading herself;-;.. She seems like an okay person👌🏻
Just some Crappy youtube account
Just some Crappy youtube account 22 órája
i miss her
Oss Delmar
Oss Delmar 22 órája
She’s SO LA tho!!
Oss Delmar
Oss Delmar 22 órája
Did she totally ignore Halle Berry’s vocal training techniques?
Toffee 22 órája
I like how Billie went for a kind of e-girl theme but now she’s like idk pastel. Pls don’t attack me idk the word for it but yeah if you get what I mean.But anyways she looks go in all☺️ What a beautiful queen 👑👸
Hayleigh Asmr
Hayleigh Asmr 22 órája
Billie has such a good vibe and aura around her, she is literally the nicest and most humble celebrity there is!!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 22 órája
is the sad music due to all that’s currently happening in the world? that’s sorta the vibe i picked up :(
Gloria Ayala
Gloria Ayala 23 órája
I love you billie eilish 👉👈
Juss Did it first
Juss Did it first 23 órája
I love how she said “im the only person that need to like me “ 🤍 i felt that
moon light
moon light 23 órája
The fact that her own fans turned on her just because she actually found herself is just so crazy😱
woah she looks so happy
Sarah MacLeod
Sarah MacLeod Napja
her eyes look sad again
Jacob Beckley
Jacob Beckley Napja
Anyone else catch her saying she’s honored to be called a demon ummmm no thanks
Your Local Bully
Your Local Bully Napja
Billie,Ilysm,and Cardi b,but them nails tho😂
M i k k i
M i k k i Napja
i lost
Nina Haskovic
Nina Haskovic Napja
Ugochukwu Mgbemene
Ugochukwu Mgbemene Napja
She should have her own Wandavision show
Megan Brown
Megan Brown Napja
She’s giving me Marilyn Monroe vibes 🤩🤩
Freddie M
Freddie M Napja
I usually don't really watch young ones these days but I'm so happy I came across Billy Eilish and listened 👂🎧 She is absolutely amazing. ❣
Freddie M
Freddie M Napja
Billy is dazzlingly beautiful. I'm 45 & I admire her so much..
Don 71
Don 71 Napja
when Billie Eilish calls out you favorite game
Lea Gonzalez
Lea Gonzalez Napja
is the sad music due to all that’s currently happening in the world? that’s sorta the vibe i picked up :(
Amber Gray
Amber Gray Napja
You look stunning Billie!
Mika Mape
Mika Mape Napja
I love her outfit. Anyone know what brand it is?
This Baphomet is disgusting
BreetZy Napja
This is a man. Stop this nonsense
- elixxia -
- elixxia - Napja
@Rashi Menon Did you not just read anything I said? It all makes sense. I don’t see why you are confused.
Rashi Menon
Rashi Menon Napja
- elixxia -
- elixxia - Napja
Billie is a female, and was born a female. If she was born a male there is nothing wrong with that and why does that concern you? That is absolutely none of your business if she is or not anyways.
- elixxia -
- elixxia - Napja
cubonette Napja
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