Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer

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"We have unfinished business." See Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9. Additional fee required.
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Patrick Baron
Patrick Baron 12 perccel
Yes please.
Fandoms and Fantasy
Fandoms and Fantasy 43 perccel
HoW MaNy TimEs HaS tHis BeeN SeLaYeD
princy antony
princy antony 44 perccel
THE BGM IS PRETTY MUCH SIMILAR TO THE BGM OF PUBG a bit different from the original Avengers theme
Sharath Gowtham
Sharath Gowtham 46 perccel
Lol The comments section is simping for black widow
Emi Turner
Emi Turner Órája
I didn’t just watch that ending about 300 times in a row
Effy SWFS Órája
Black Widow is a great character..too bad Marvel decided to end Black Widow. Devastated.
Jairudius Fryar
Jairudius Fryar 2 órája
Why am I reminded of Totally Spies?
Galactic Eternal Forceuser
Galactic Eternal Forceuser 2 órája
After Shang Chi teaser. :)
Nirmala Sahu
Nirmala Sahu 2 órája
Am I da only one who watched this and watched the earlier trailers again ? 😂
Hamza Almatalqah
Hamza Almatalqah 6 órája
I love every single marvel movie I watched them all and I am psyched to realize red guardian and task master are gonna be there. go marvel
Adapa Hardhika Yagnavalkya Arya
Adapa Hardhika Yagnavalkya Arya 8 órája
If MCU is going to make a sequel on Black Widow, I recommend Olga Kurylenko to be the villain in this series.
Arun Rock
Arun Rock 9 órája
Hey what if iron man comes alive in this movie
Star Raptor
Star Raptor 11 órája
1:40. So Badass Taskmaster.💀🆚️🕷
JBX 12 órája
Looks really good, can't wait!
br1ann88 12 órája
I may or may not have forgotten that she died, but I realized that she was a really good character. Glad she is getting this at least.
Priscilla Brañanola
Priscilla Brañanola 14 órája
I'm so excited to watch this movie I can't wait 🥺🥰🥰🥰
Smelly Sock
Smelly Sock 15 órája
I am so glad she got her own movie, this was long overdue.
AbstractApex 15 órája
Well, it's about time.
Goeland Hargneux
Goeland Hargneux 17 órája
Not a fan of Tasmaster's helmet, I would have like it more terrifying, it's just a motorcycle helmet with teeth.....
Marek Bortnowski
Marek Bortnowski 17 órája
i cant wait to see taskmaster in action
Nick 18 órája
I know that Natasha's alive. Let me explain: So the infinity gauntlet allows anyone to have whatever they think of when they snap their fingers with all six stones. Thanos thought about wiping half the population, Tony thought about dusting Thanos' army. But Bruce. As well as snapping his fingers to bring the ones dusted in IW back, he concentrates the most on reviving Natasha. But she wouldn't magically appear right in front of them, she'd be where she last perished. We have proof of this because in Endgame, the portals for the dusted were from Wakanda and Titan. And everyone thought Natasha was dead, so she wouldn't have a portal for the final battle. Instead, she's stranded on Vormir. You also may be wondering : But Dr. Strange knew about all the possible outcomes, wouldn't Natasha have a portal? And to that I show you his lines to Wong after the scene. "Is that everyone?" "What, you wanted more?" He only forgot one, and that's Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow.
Veronica Sumitri Mayfair
Veronica Sumitri Mayfair 13 órája
natasha dead...move on this film she'll give the batons to yelena belova the new black widow
Gaming Knowledge
Gaming Knowledge 19 órája
This is what happens when you get a *STRONG* Female character Instead of a strong *FEMALE* character
Julianna Turchin
Julianna Turchin 20 órája
strxwbxrry xx
strxwbxrry xx 20 órája
Brill Logue
Brill Logue 22 órája
Keep sharon carter..give me NAT!😭
rupesh uv
rupesh uv 22 órája
my girls the toughest girls in the world....!!! well done mcu
julyo cesar
julyo cesar 22 órája
natasha deservesed more!
Angel Jade Chitandika
Angel Jade Chitandika 22 órája
I'm tired of waiting if I don't watch this, this year I'll cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩
Franbergh II
Franbergh II 22 órája
Always think marvel is super late giving nat her movie. If only she got her own movie after CA:civil war, there would be a bigger chance she's alive after endgame.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 órája
The reason for MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is to introduce new characters into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), especially Yelena Belova. That said, YB is going to replace Natasha Romanoff as the main BW of the MCU. And also, YB will make an appearance in MS' Hawkeye.
Cinema Encyclopedia
Cinema Encyclopedia 23 órája
Watch and subscribe
Odyss K
Odyss K 23 órája
I'm glad that the mcu now is going deeper instead of bigger. Wandavision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Black widow. That's what we love to see now.
Cbr Yn
Cbr Yn 23 órája
Kapan keluarnya ini filem 🙇🙇🙇
Anmol Lakra
Anmol Lakra Napja
Kab release ho raha hai marble walo 1 saal se ye trailor dekha hu
Khwaish Gauri
Khwaish Gauri Napja
Who else noticed David Harbour{who became el's father in stranger things} at 0:51
Khwaish Gauri
Khwaish Gauri Napja
@uncanny dcmarvelous Ohh Thnx for d info
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Napja
His character in here is named *Alexei* and is a russian Super Soldier, the Red Guardian.
anthios Napja
Does anyone know who made the background music? It's so epic!
Bharat Gore
Bharat Gore Napja
Nat is sooo beautiful ❤️
Daman Dip
Daman Dip Napja
Wait of only iron man
ธนา ธร
ธนา ธร Napja
Soul Crystal?
Kusum Lata
Kusum Lata Napja
Just lot of noise.
Maria Ovanezova
Maria Ovanezova Napja
I get goosebumps watching this! So epic!
Maria Ovanezova
Maria Ovanezova 6 órája
@stgeorge78 I can't wait to see it with you ❤️
stgeorge78 14 órája
I like your goosebumps!
James Williams
James Williams Napja
if it goes woke left i will not be watching
Sanjida Islam
Sanjida Islam Napja
With a suit and superpowers black widow would have been the most powerful one
Unik dan Nyata
Unik dan Nyata Napja
She has no powers like others
Tsii Glez
Tsii Glez Napja
@Unik dan Nyata and it doesn't matter if she doesn't have any powers is not the most important thing
Tsii Glez
Tsii Glez Napja
@Unik dan Nyata well Hawkeye doesn't have any powers and it is an avenger, she is one of the originals and one of the first created by the comics so yes, she should be an avenger, and she is
Unik dan Nyata
Unik dan Nyata Napja
@Tsii Glez She shouldnt become member of Avengers
Tsii Glez
Tsii Glez Napja
Marvel knows very well how to recreate the excitements and goosebumps again! Black widow title with avengers soundtrack 🔥🔥. Yeah btw love from INDIA!
Boong Boong
Boong Boong Napja
01:47 Seriously I watch this trailer everyday but I got goosebumps whenever I reach this point
Boong Boong
Boong Boong Napja
It feels strange to watch Marvel movie trailers without joking/funny scenes shown after the title logo
daboi cornelio
daboi cornelio Napja
Shock !! I think it's hawk eye. . 😶😶the ninja
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Napja
That ain't Hawkeye. This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War, during that Hawkeye is on house arrest because of helping Cap and escaping the Raft prison. Taskmaster has the power of copy/mimic anyone's skills, fighting styles, proficiency on weapons, acrobatics and etc with his photographic memory. That's why Tasky here has a shield, bow and arrow, customed Black Panther claws gauntlets and swings like Spiderman.
Vasudha Singh
Vasudha Singh Napja
Finally, she is coming back huh love too have you back NAT and can't wait to watch. Love you
DM Napja
Why did they remove spider man from civil war in this trailer
EJ Humphrey
EJ Humphrey Napja our girl still gone or did steve do the impossible and undo what Barton said couldn't be done?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Napja
This is a prequel, set after Civil War and before Infinity War
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Napja
Black Widow died in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Endgame. MS' Black Widow is set between the events of MS' Captain America: Civil War & MS' Avengers: Infinity War. EDIT: The reason for MS' Black Widow is to introduce new characters into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), especially Yelena Belova. That said, YB will replace Natasha Romanoff as the main BW of the MCU. And also, YB will make an appearance in MS' Hawkeye.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Napja
did anyone else notice when she said she got this family, it was her and steve. lowkey made me super happy as a romanoger stan lol
MonGuz 16
MonGuz 16 Napja
I hope they don't change the date again>: v
WpTV Napja
Thanks for your video ,I love you from India 🙏
Larson Samuel Roy
Larson Samuel Roy 2 napja
The Avengers theme with Blackwidow theme is just 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kamini Yogeshwar
Kamini Yogeshwar 2 napja
I am obsessed with this trailer music. How well they have mixed the two themes😲😲😲😲👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder Singh 2 napja
No part onle full movie year
Mr TZ 2 napja
Audience : abhi maza ayega na bhidu 😎💥
11alexMC 2 napja
Idk why everyone who died in endgame are getting movies
Jerry camillo Jerry camillo
Jerry camillo Jerry camillo 2 napja
Like I have watch the full movie in this trailer
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks 2 napja
I so badly want to see a new MCU movie again
Ravi Reddy
Ravi Reddy 2 napja
Just release it already, Disney/Netflix/Prime whatever platform it is... Given the worse situation of covid, theatre is not going to happen anytime soon
Epic Media English
Epic Media English 2 napja
Apu Lanka
Apu Lanka 2 napja
When the Russian version of he marvel them track played I cried enough water to fill the Mariana Trench
Kai V
Kai V 56 perccel
But it's already filled
Candice Narrandes
Candice Narrandes 2 napja
I honestly can’t wait anymore to watch this 😭
Syasya Ames
Syasya Ames 2 napja
When will be able to see this???!!!
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas Napja
July 9, 2021.
Wolverine Vlogs And Gaming
Wolverine Vlogs And Gaming 2 napja
The villain looks so sick
Erica Ruszin
Erica Ruszin 2 napja
this trailer lives in my head rent free
Ayaan Seth
Ayaan Seth 2 napja
But didn’t she leave the avengers cast
FrozenPheonix 2 napja
So when does this movie take place? Obviously before infinity war but when
FrozenPheonix 2 napja
@Alberto Rojas Ok, thank you
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 napja
I believe you meant Endgame, simply because Black Widow died in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Endgame. That said, you're correct, MS' Black Widow is set before MS' Avengers: Infinity War. And to answer your question, MS' Black Widow is set after MS' Captain America: Civil War.
Finally they make a movie about her ❤️
Putri Febrianty Khoirunnisah
Putri Febrianty Khoirunnisah 2 napja
Soo excited 😍
ilovebaby chickens
ilovebaby chickens 2 napja
This looks really good, and I'm not a huge black widow fun, I'm just obsessed with marvel!!
Pinoy Boi
Pinoy Boi 2 napja
I totally forgot about this movie😂
miraxterrik 2 napja
Well I see Budapest there
William HELLHASEYIS 2 napja
Smells like 💩 to me
Orangified 2 napja
Of course they wouldn't do a new trailer UNLESS THEY WERE EXTENDING THE DATE
Mateus Ferraz
Mateus Ferraz 2 napja
Phoebe Staples
Phoebe Staples 2 napja
It was supposed to be may 7th whyyyyyyyyy did u push it back 😭😭😭 july is so far away
Movie 2021
Movie 2021 2 napja
A film about Natasha Romanoff in her quests between the films Civil War and Infinity War.
Bombay Motorcycle Stories Official
Bombay Motorcycle Stories Official 2 napja
Should've done a Fast and Furious cross over with Vin Diesel... its all about extended family..
Rafsan Ahmad
Rafsan Ahmad 2 napja
I dont know about the comic.. But what superpower does black widow have?
yolol Napja
Im rich
Mangesh Nakhale
Mangesh Nakhale 2 napja
Fav character 😍😍🔥🔥😎😎😊😊
20PME017 Abhishek Dhar
20PME017 Abhishek Dhar 2 napja
Shame on Marvel for giving her a movie so late, she deserved it much much sooner.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous 2 napja
They couldn't done early because of Ike Perlmutter.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 2 napja
The reason for MARVEL Studios' Black Widow is to introduce new characters into the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), especially Yelena Belova. That said, YB will replace Natasha Romanoff as the main BW of the MCU. And also, YB will appear in MS' Hawkeye.
SmoothEmJay 3 napja
Oh my heart. This is going to sting but I need it.
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez 3 napja
The old good time of Marvel 😎 🔥
Cinnasamy Vijay
Cinnasamy Vijay 3 napja
Black Widow Come back iam waiting
Tricky Guy
Tricky Guy 3 napja
Failed attempts to keep up the hype.
Ashton Monteiro
Ashton Monteiro 3 napja
the background song sounds like PUBG Background tune.
20 Subscribers challenge with 0 videos
20 Subscribers challenge with 0 videos 3 napja
👆👆👆 surprise
Georgia Doherty
Georgia Doherty 3 napja
Omg yassss I can't wait to watch it
SHY KJKWM 3 napja
Even tho covid is still around/existing.. I would probably risk and watch the movie in the cinema/theatre.. Im so excited, been waiting for a few months.. now we gotta wait for 2-3 left! ^^
Blindluck92 3 napja
Yelena: "You're such a mom." Fury, offscreen: "Have you *seen* her coworkers? When we're not saving the world, we're running a daycare for gods and super freaks."
Spider Rocket
Spider Rocket 13 órája
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 órája
Marvel: See Black Widow on Disney+ Me: yay Marvel: wItH pReMiEr AcCeSs Me: NOOOOOO
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 órája
Marvel : Its coming out on July 9th Me : Dont do that Me: Dont give me hope
Hissein 3 napja
Hissein 3 napja
Marvel hold my beer 🍻
Bryan Osegueda
Bryan Osegueda 3 napja
1 Year and 2 Months... COVID-19 Chill The Hell Out
RAMYA S 3 napja
Nat 🔥🔥🔥
all serials
all serials 3 napja
Bruce Illest
Bruce Illest 3 napja
I just hope they give Chadwick a great memorial/ tribute in the next panther movie. They should also make his little sister Siri the next Black Panter. We need a black women as a super Hero!
Why is this giving me goosebumps? 😲
Willow Water
Willow Water 3 napja
You're right, we don't know anything about you, because marvel ruined your character. They gave you a weird outfit with heels that were not equipped in fighting, the worst twist about sterilization, and never showed you in the movies. the couple times they did they always made you flirt with someone. smh marvel
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