Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0 The Blues Reach The FA Cup Final🔥 Hakim Ziyech On Fire Reaction

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Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0 The Blues Reach The FA Cup Final🔥 Hakim Ziyech On Fire Reaction Analysis
Chelsea vs Manchester City 1-0

Fatima Azahra
Fatima Azahra 2 hónapja
Zeych c'est le meilleur
Mohamad za3ri
Mohamad za3ri 2 hónapja
Ziyech Hakimi leads Chelsea to the final ✌🇲🇦😍
Saber Saber
Saber Saber 2 hónapja
Ziyach 💎💎💎
Mohamed El Hamdi
Mohamed El Hamdi 2 hónapja
El mamoune Bouaicha
El mamoune Bouaicha 2 hónapja
Ziyach espane
abdellah dachouch
abdellah dachouch 2 hónapja
He is Moroccan players Hakim Ziyech the honor of Morocco, and Moroccans are more attached to it God willing
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz 2 hónapja
Man city just need Zinchenko and Walker but pep made it right choice. ma ncity need to keep the player fresh for Carabao cup final , EPL and Smei final UCL is better need to worry Man city already have 2 Trophys in hands EPL and Carabao .. they just need to fight UCL ..
Mohamed Lahfidi
Mohamed Lahfidi 2 hónapja
Ramadán Karim A todo mundo
Mark Kenna
Mark Kenna 2 hónapja
Jorginho has improved lately defensively he's better wins the ball back he isn't liability that was
Okechukwujoseph Uzoma
Okechukwujoseph Uzoma 2 hónapja
Can it be possible at the end of the season Manchester city will not win any trophy?
Emmaunel Gyau Ansah
Emmaunel Gyau Ansah 2 hónapja
For me Hakim he need to feel Happy in Chelsea some times Hakim is so cool
Farida top Sidi
Farida top Sidi 2 hónapja
Allah is grood hakim ziyech Allah maak ina Allah ma a sabirina alhamdullah soper tem Chelsea
yosf yosf
yosf yosf 2 hónapja
Me morac love you Hakim ziyech 🤩💪💪💪💪💪💪🧠🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲
Tazisong Falone
Tazisong Falone 2 hónapja
I love the way thiago silva control the defense without no tension
Benjamin Siru
Benjamin Siru 2 hónapja
Great Win blues
Hicham Athahma
Hicham Athahma 2 hónapja
Mkrahtch n3raf achno tay9olo hado
Farkh Neach
Farkh Neach 2 hónapja
Zeach wizard london🤴
mohssin mohsin
mohssin mohsin 2 hónapja
hakiim ziyach 💪💪
Nalusiba Caroline
Nalusiba Caroline 2 hónapja
Thomas came with love and players believed in him and he turned everything in good position and bringings more happiness in players together than lampard
belkaze abdallah
belkaze abdallah 2 hónapja
Ziyach wawwwwwwwwwwww
Dolapo Tella Attoni
Dolapo Tella Attoni 2 hónapja
Love his sincere response
Marouane nakkaze
Marouane nakkaze 2 hónapja
Hakim Ziyech 👑 l'homme de matche
Gregor Drizzle wing
Gregor Drizzle wing 2 hónapja
Mount is different class and the reason I say that is he played against palace with Kai up top and pulisic next to mount and today same formation with Werner and ziyech. He’s so well rounded and can fit anywhere put a proper striker in front of him and he’s gonna reap the rewards just as much as the striker. Top player as a Chelsea fan I’m excited
iicio 2 hónapja
HZ on fire??? wft the guy is wack
Mikael Moraes moreira
Mikael Moraes moreira 2 hónapja
This Chelsea team has the ability to win the Champions League..
Omar Amro
Omar Amro 2 hónapja
Despite his sideline from the coach. And whenever he goes to the stadium, he shows that he is a great player. Ziash will leave Chelsea this summer because he is uncomfortable with the coach
Kumar Gurung
Kumar Gurung 2 hónapja
Well done Chelsea guys & T T did Great job
asma Admis
asma Admis 2 hónapja
Mohamed Yusuf
Mohamed Yusuf 2 hónapja
Micah richards is a hypocrite
Mohamed Yuusuf
Mohamed Yuusuf 2 hónapja
Zidane is watching and so sad
Bobby Smokey Signals
Bobby Smokey Signals 2 hónapja
Typical BBCMOTD and Gary Lineker anti ChelseaFC. Nothing wrong with the game. Just ChelseaFC are on top and they don’t like it so they keep saying it’s boring 🙄
feliz massa
feliz massa 2 hónapja
Olze Ess
Olze Ess 2 hónapja
@Driss Thinker I never once compared him to them two, they've had even worse seasons, Werner 5/10 and only because he's improved a little since Tuchel arrived and Havertz gets about the same, for the same reason, I'm not blaming Ziyech for the lack of goals, that's on the whole team, mainly the strikers obviously but are you telling me that in 10 games this season Ziyech has blown you away? No, barely 5 times he's been outstanding, good/average alot but not that great, the original post was to call out the original poster for his ridiculous claim it was somehow discrimination from Tuchel to not praise Ziyech as much as the others but tbh I've not heard him licking the other 2 players arses either, they've all got to improve and I'm sure they will for next season
Driss Thinker
Driss Thinker 2 hónapja
@Olze Ess Bullshit dude. IF the strikers arent scoring, why blame the delivery guy? Guy should of had many more assists on his name this season but everyone kept messing his assists up. And no fcking way he played worse than werner and havertz, ever.
Olze Ess
Olze Ess 2 hónapja
I think the reason he hasn't had much to say about Ziyech thus far this season is mostly down to the fact that Ziyech has for the most part been bang average, yes pal I'm sorry but it's true, take off the rose tinted specs, yes he scored today but that doesn't gloss over the rest of the season where I'd say he's had a 6/10 year, I'm sure he'll be much better next season but to call out some kind of discrimination is a joke
feliz massa
feliz massa 2 hónapja
No ziyech 😎⚽ no victory 🏆 u can see it clearly he make difference and decisive all the time.. TT MUST LEARN.. ⚽
Patrick Okyere
Patrick Okyere 2 hónapja
I love Chelsea Blue is always the colour
Muhammad Amirul Harith Mohd Haizal
Muhammad Amirul Harith Mohd Haizal 2 hónapja
Chelsea can win two cup this season fa cup and ucl cup..💙💙💙
Jamal jamal
Jamal jamal 2 hónapja
Ziyech can be more performant, he needs to play every game and you will see ziyech ajax version
Michael Rowell
Michael Rowell 2 hónapja
The Blues bossed the game, for the majority of it anyway. City have no excuses today, Chelsea were the better side. Why Foden did not start is beyond me.
Ewere Adaikpoh
Ewere Adaikpoh 2 hónapja
The best chance fell to chiwell?
itongo elele
itongo elele 2 hónapja
Chelsea players you are brilliant congratulations what a happy day
Guede Gnahore Marius
Guede Gnahore Marius 2 hónapja
Bravo à toi grand artisan de la victoire... On attend cette même merveille contre le Real Madrid ... Éliminer le Real Madrid et on va quitter ici.
Marco 2 hónapja
the way Ziyech score the gol looks easy but it's not. he's experienced calm and very skillful
Anolf funki
Anolf funki 2 hónapja
Thanks to our team owner...
Anolf funki
Anolf funki 2 hónapja
Thanks to our team owner...
Enock rwodzi
Enock rwodzi 2 hónapja
Pep gave Thomas way too much respect for nothing, credit to blues for grabbing a free cake..
Abdlhak Sahara
Abdlhak Sahara 2 hónapja
ziyech magic joueur 2 bute avec ajaxe * Real madride
Jack Gcollins
Jack Gcollins 2 hónapja
This is warning shot for City. A team must apply new styles when the first doesn t work. Right back was horrible and nonexistent. Also Chelsea was better and could beat any team today.
Deriza Putra
Deriza Putra 2 hónapja
I love Chelsea. just wanna say sadly we wouldn't beat Real Madrid with this type of performance, sorry but really happy for the blues reached the UCL Semi final
I will come back to you
Yusuf sahid Conteh
Yusuf sahid Conteh 2 hónapja
Chelsea played well no doubt more than even the way we played City last season at fa cup semi... but trust me If KDB didn't have that injury it would have been a different story now.
Exposing Samsoor
Exposing Samsoor 2 hónapja
@Yusuf sahid Conteh I got worried when foden came on. What a talent he is , I hope he does well at Man City
Yusuf sahid Conteh
Yusuf sahid Conteh 2 hónapja
@Synthesizer 08 Do u realize dat KDB's absence was easily felt in the last ten minutes of the game uk y ? ......bcz the accuracy of the passes were missing especially the ones in the 18 yard
Yusuf sahid Conteh
Yusuf sahid Conteh 2 hónapja
@Raphael Normesi bruh uk it's the fact u just trippin
Synthesizer 08
Synthesizer 08 2 hónapja
Kdb did nothin in the first half... We could have beaten then even by more if he remained maybe... It sounds like kdb is messi... Comeon
Raphael Normesi
Raphael Normesi 2 hónapja
Highly nonsensical comments
Maxwell M. Ayera
Maxwell M. Ayera 2 hónapja
This was simply superb
Zakariae Bouatel
Zakariae Bouatel 2 hónapja
Ziyech goood . magic 👍👍👍👍
LS15 2 hónapja
Woo ! shove that quadruple up your ass City haha
Youness Anouari
Youness Anouari 2 hónapja
Ziyech best star for Chelsea good but good accecr
persie van
persie van 2 hónapja
Chelsea will win UCL this year!!
Cabinet Dentaire
Cabinet Dentaire 2 hónapja
Ziyech :magic
Cabinet Dentaire
Cabinet Dentaire 2 hónapja
Let's be honest, there is no player in Chelsea who has the skill and tact that Hakim Ziyech has
Lilly Dinah
Lilly Dinah 2 hónapja
That being said. Tuchel is not even using him properly. That's like only 40% of what he is capable of doing and it's so frustrating I want the Ziyech of Ajax to show 😩
Hamza Abajre
Hamza Abajre 2 hónapja
The same commet in different video.🤨😉
Khaoula K
Khaoula K 2 hónapja
Yes even of he doesn't play in his place
Reda vlog 123
Reda vlog 123 2 hónapja
Ys 👌🎩
Frank Hogan
Frank Hogan 2 hónapja
Man city will win the PL and loose everything else. Team needs a more consistent front line. No credible replacement for aguero. KDB Ederson Dias Foden .only players that should be untouchable. Everyone else is replaceable. Not enough talent to win CL. Rebuilding time has come
Damion Green
Damion Green 2 hónapja
Am happy that we win but we could get more goals
Gulaknikov 2 hónapja
Man City sold the game!
Harley Sushi
Harley Sushi 2 hónapja
says a ''manchester C'' supporter
la houcine Oujdaa
la houcine Oujdaa 2 hónapja
Ziyache 💪💪💪
Amah Remigius6
Amah Remigius6 2 hónapja
Good performance Ziyech on fire 🔥
Hussain Krubally
Hussain Krubally 2 hónapja
Congratulations blues
Jidu Hamad
Jidu Hamad 2 hónapja
Say quadruple one more time😂😂😂😂 😂
Said Killer
Said Killer 2 hónapja
Ziyhach 👍👍
3abd Eddib
3abd Eddib 2 hónapja
ZIyech best player nd T tuchel not coech prefered shelsea need coech shelsea have best players
jeremia sintong
jeremia sintong 2 hónapja
Lsmpard is god
AintWorried BoutNothing
AintWorried BoutNothing 2 hónapja
Did that prick Ashley Cole just say the FA cup seems to be Chelsea’s trophy, getting through to the final then loosing seems to be the only trophy they can claim from that competition..
Dada Kwadwo
Dada Kwadwo 2 hónapja
Athiletico will beat chelsea, we beat them, Porto will eliminate us since the beat Juve with CR7 in it, we escaped, oh Man City will destroy us, we damaged them, and now what else? guys let's dream on 2012 will turn to 2021 FA cup and Champions League. same same lol..
Tibo Yassir Mahazin
Tibo Yassir Mahazin 2 hónapja
Superb team work from Chelsea and Timo and Hakim in particular
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل 2 hónapja
if he get a chance against madrid you will see another man
Jones Jones
Jones Jones 2 hónapja
Blues chelsea 💙💙💙💪
Sardar Sahak
Sardar Sahak 2 hónapja
City was beaten all hands up and the Commentators were like city was winning. Such a shame they can’t stomach Chelsea’s success. Common You Blues .
J Ettayeb
J Ettayeb 2 hónapja
I am so proud of this squad💯👊
Hg Hg
Hg Hg 2 hónapja
When no team is "turning up" against us its maybe, just maybe because we are so good that the other teams just cant do it when they play against Chelsea eh. Someday even those pundits will recognize that, maybe. Expect RM not "turning up" either , end result from this encounter regardless.
whats in a name?
whats in a name? 2 hónapja
True. But sadly West Brom did. Still brooding. May be a double dose it silver along with a few shots of Speyside gold!
Nasim Belkacem
Nasim Belkacem 2 hónapja
Hakim ziyech best of chamions finale best man
Muxudin Kahiye
Muxudin Kahiye 2 hónapja
Iam so happy to night
kdzmatrr mat
kdzmatrr mat 2 hónapja
We need Lekaku
Omarie watson
Omarie watson 2 hónapja
Pep is a idiot
الأسد المغربي
الأسد المغربي 2 hónapja
Zyech hakim ✌👐
Arinze Ndulue
Arinze Ndulue 2 hónapja
This game should of been advertised as “El plastico’ 😆
Sajmon 88
Sajmon 88 2 hónapja
El plastico ?? Chelsea made history for so many years now ;) when Chelsea win champions league Man city was mid table team ;) and stop with all that plastic shit ewery club need money to win trophies Real Madryt buy players for millions too and why nobody call they "Money team" ? you are propably salty Arsenal fan hahaha
Abby Haddouche
Abby Haddouche 2 hónapja
Best player in the world
Abby Haddouche
Abby Haddouche 2 hónapja
Good luck
Di Cacci
Di Cacci 2 hónapja
Athletico ...werner to ziyech Man city....werner to ziyech
Yamato Naoe
Yamato Naoe 2 hónapja
@Di Cacci if they made to the uefa finals
Di Cacci
Di Cacci 2 hónapja
@Yamato Naoe wait...when did chelsea play psg? or u can see the future ..i like that
Yamato Naoe
Yamato Naoe 2 hónapja
Psg ......... Werner to Ziyech
Emmanuel Umoren
Emmanuel Umoren 2 hónapja
Werner is beautiful with his assists. And very unselfish too. 9 assists as a striker is great.
R S 2 hónapja
April month will make cheaty fc look like fools thinking they could win the quadruple......EFL cup coming up next then PSG first leg....more Poch Pain for Pep
Rashid Conteh
Rashid Conteh 2 hónapja
Some Pep is the problem in Man City. Why would you pick such lineup for Chelsea? Tures, Sterling, Jesus? Are you kidding me? You know Sterling is out of contest and you still forced him to play such magnitude game. Some Pep over think. This is Chelsea, not any how club from Some where. This is City worst performance of the Season. Am afraid for the champions league with PSG.
Mark Thuo
Mark Thuo 2 hónapja
So you would rather have him play his best players in a span of a few days and risk them having an injury or fatigue with the champions league semi finals around the corner? He cannot play the same players consecutively when he is trying to focus on all the 4 trophies (3 now).
Grace Wanjiku
Grace Wanjiku 2 hónapja
Well done Chelsea
OTeeBeat 2 hónapja
These fools only talk about English players..analyse the whole team
mff mff
mff mff 2 hónapja
Chelsea is ready for anything
zola1282 2 hónapja
I can only blame PEP for this... 💯 Setup to lose the game... Stupid lineup.. how can u start your weakest front 3 all at once in a game against a strong Chelsea defence... Was also so rubbish with his Sub..don't know y he left Sterling in the game..
Abubakarr Dumbuya
Abubakarr Dumbuya 2 hónapja
Ke Keep crying mate
Valentine 2 hónapja
Totally agree Zola, ... wrong team selection, by Pep play your strongest team, don't worry about the Villa game next week this was the bigger match. From back to front City were devoid of ideas, lathargic with and without the ball, slow to react to certain situations, ...Sterling should have gone off and Mahrez come on, KDB was not himself, and when he is not at it, the team often suffers, he then gets injured and has to leave the field, only Foden showed some spark and energy when he was introduced. Well done Chelsea you did what you had to do, which wasn't that difficult, Southampton or Leicester will present you with very different problems.
mo j
mo j 2 hónapja
Bro wants to win the champions league
Friend 2 hónapja
Jesus Christ is Lord!
Adiliolll09998765410cw The Don
Adiliolll09998765410cw The Don 2 hónapja
But the father is his god john.17:3
talented lady aaai !! okeyo
talented lady aaai !! okeyo 2 hónapja
Irepeat again chelsea will beat real madrid in ucl semis
Mbah Lawrence
Mbah Lawrence 2 hónapja
Chelsea were the better side
Kevin fitness media
Kevin fitness media 2 hónapja
"Limitations live only in our minds ,But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
stepping into greatness
stepping into greatness 2 hónapja
Lampard is too young I assume, tuchel is more level/cool.
Melai Rodrigo
Melai Rodrigo 2 hónapja
That’s my opinion before that Lampard is too young for big club like Chelsea fc to manage now its showing after TT took over Congrats to Chelsea fc
Ann Brubeck
Ann Brubeck 2 hónapja
It’s not about age it’s about experience! Lampard had huge selection of players, very good players but he lacked the experience to manage a very large squad like Chelsea. Man-management killed him
Orishaaba Harnningtone
Orishaaba Harnningtone 2 hónapja
J agree with u
pete shanley
pete shanley 2 hónapja
As soon as I saw Mendys name we were up against it. 95% of passes backwards and he’s as slow as fu&k. Hope we get rid asap
Oluwatomi Popoola
Oluwatomi Popoola 2 hónapja
Chelsea's midfield mix of kovacic jorginho and kante are sort of underrated to me. Arguably one of the best in Europe.
Gregor Drizzle wing
Gregor Drizzle wing 2 hónapja
@AintWorried BoutNothing your just jealous Chelsea’s takeover brought your success to a halt. Haven’t won a prem since Chelsea got paid. Sad prick
AintWorried BoutNothing
AintWorried BoutNothing 2 hónapja
It Wasn’t long ago all you Chelsea fans were screaming for Jorginho to be sold, fickle bunch of supporters aren’t you..
Solomon Ngao
Solomon Ngao 2 hónapja
They need to work on goals n assist to be fully complete
Gregor Drizzle wing
Gregor Drizzle wing 2 hónapja
Still need more output in terms of goals and assists but they’re doing great otherwise
Rushifer97 2 hónapja
Yeah I feel like a great midfield is a good indicator for the class of a team, like Bayern has Kimmich + Goretzka and Man City has Gündogan and De Bruyne. Chelseas midfield performing is one of the reasons for their success
Debebe Aka
Debebe Aka 2 hónapja
My brother you are right 100%
Edy Herman
Edy Herman 2 hónapja
We can beat anyone now right??? Quadruple my ass 🤣🤣🤣
Always knew we got it in us...message to TT, WAFFBOYZ COMEDY 💖's you
emmanuel louis
emmanuel louis 2 hónapja
Let the clueless pundits apologise to Chelsea. So annoying the way media is treating chelsea.
Karl Grant
Karl Grant 2 hónapja
Was always SO!!
Orishaaba Harnningtone
Orishaaba Harnningtone 2 hónapja
Thank u TT for making us smile again...
Rubis Gem
Rubis Gem 2 hónapja
This is what happens when MAHREZ is off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
uchenna Joseph
uchenna Joseph 2 hónapja
Come on Chelsea we can do it again we did it before in 2012 hunmmm 2021 probably yes we can
abbas abdrrahmane
abbas abdrrahmane 2 hónapja
@Edy Herman nest games you will see AH AH AH AH
Edy Herman
Edy Herman 2 hónapja
Fadi 2 hónapja
Ziyech is second player who made the most chances in premiere League after bruno with less games
Yamato Naoe
Yamato Naoe 2 hónapja
Finally Ziyech make the team to the final
Godwin Bridget
Godwin Bridget 2 hónapja
This is what you get when you have a good manager. This is the beginning Congratulations to Tuchel boys I'm so happy.💙💙💃💃
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