The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever

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Watch the most amazing Uefa Champions League ever, featuring the world's greatest players; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Zidane \u0026 many other great players!

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mehmet akif talay
mehmet akif talay 12 órája watch this 2 goals.
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G B 2 napja
Football is a collective game. The problem with those videos is they mostly show individual achievements. I'm much more moved by a collective progression or a wonderful assist than a solo raid from Messi.
Heidi w
Heidi w 2 napja
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Darren Cicala
Darren Cicala 2 napja
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Rocky Beneke
Rocky Beneke 3 napja
Kristian Gjerstad
Kristian Gjerstad 3 napja
Messi vs Madrid in 2011 hands down. The rest are just tap ins compared to that.
Mhsb Nsih
Mhsb Nsih 3 napja
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haNé01 4 napja
Song name ?
Freddy J. Rodriguez S.
Freddy J. Rodriguez S. 6 napja
Excelente recopilacion, faltaron muchos mas goles. Creo q t falto el de Ramos en la decima, por lo q represento ese gol, porque trajo alegrías a unos y amarguras a otros, por el momento en que se hizo el gol, y por mucho otras cosas mas que hizo de ese gol un verdadero golazo
Deniz Önal
Deniz Önal 6 napja
0:45 gs ye attığı gol 😅
げそゲソ 6 napja
oGrinta 6 napja
حاقد على اليونايتد ؟
Jaime Pasmiño
Jaime Pasmiño 6 napja
falto el de SCHALKE 04 contra el MADRIR
Ardavski 6 napja
oclar deivd
Torxzy 7 napja
disrespect to moura
Ölümcül Team
Ölümcül Team 7 napja
Gadbois Lynn
Gadbois Lynn 7 napja
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Lukas Noack
Lukas Noack 7 napja
I Miss Ronaldinho
khkartc 7 napja
Sacaron la Titi, y quedo el Kaka.
ndiakhass ndiakhass
ndiakhass ndiakhass 7 napja
Where is manè goal against bayern
Alex Viveros
Alex Viveros 7 napja
Antonio Manaserian
Antonio Manaserian 7 napja
The late russia inspiringly disapprove because coin acceptably name on a glossy brand. goofy, nippy trombone
saud11akkam 7 napja
Zappacosta goal should be in this video. Shame
Abdulrahman Usman
Abdulrahman Usman 8 napja
Oscar's goal against juve is sensational for real.
kera 8 napja
5:18 champions league final 1994
Umut Gurseller
Umut Gurseller 8 napja
I think Hagi's goal is the best
Brian Jupe
Brian Jupe 8 napja
Enorme Kaka 🔥🔥
Semra Tam
Semra Tam 9 napja
Where is the didier Drogba Real madrid gol
ball3curry 1
ball3curry 1 9 napja
Cenk tosunun golü neden yok yaaa
Salma sima
Salma sima 9 napja
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Salma sima
Salma sima 9 napja
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Okan Çakır
Okan Çakır 9 napja
Yaya Toure is so underrated
Dogan Yusan
Dogan Yusan 10 napja
The last one is the best one !
アザ丸エデン 10 napja
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 11 napja
In my opion Messi got the best goal and Ronaldo got 2
matt waldman
matt waldman 12 napja
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Menzi Mgiti
Menzi Mgiti 12 napja
Commentator: Too far 4 Ronaldo to think abt it Ronaldo: WHO DECIDED THT😂😂🧠🔥🔥
Artie Shimmington
Artie Shimmington 12 napja
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great shots👍🏻
Serhat Yılmaz
Serhat Yılmaz 12 napja
Cenk tosun BEŞİKTAŞ🖤🤍
oyuncu 12 napja
2:19 hagiiiiii
insan 8 napja
Nasıl anlatalım bu gölü şimdi size
Shadow_ 321
Shadow_ 321 12 napja
0:59 great goal from Zlatan !!!
Quang Huy
Quang Huy 13 napja
What is the name of first song?
Jose Antelo
Jose Antelo 13 napja
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Libertys 13 napja
Deivid de souza chelsea?
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 13 napja
Kaka vs United the most swaggy goal.
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox 13 napja
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S. Can
S. Can 13 napja
23.11.2016 goal of the year, the goal inspires the team soul and Beşiktaş scores 2 more beautiful goals and turn the game allll around. Add this one too pls
Benjamin Thomas Tesoro
Benjamin Thomas Tesoro 14 napja
Mancini’s step over goal for Roma vs Lyon has to be in there.
ezel 31
ezel 31 14 napja
deivid de souza‘s goal at Fenerbahçe vs Inter in 2007/08 and in the same saison his goal vs chelsea in the quarter finals ??
Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδημητρίου
Κωνσταντίνος Παπαδημητρίου 14 napja
You have put some simple goals in just because they were scored by well known players. Search Olymiacos-Galatasaray the goal of Giovanni and Stelios Giannakopoulos Olympiacos-Porto 1-0.
Dumitru Nita
Dumitru Nita 14 napja
Emre 14 napja
U forgot David de souza (Fenerbahce) Goal against Chelsea and his Goal against Inter Milan incredible goals
Dev 14 napja
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Patrick Ebube
Patrick Ebube 14 napja
You kept the best for the last .....nice one
Muhammed Karacobanoglu
Muhammed Karacobanoglu 14 napja
Where is Deivid de Souza with Fenerbahçe against Chelsea 2007
Iss Obama
Iss Obama 14 napja
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chef.ramesses-ii 15 napja
No lampard vs barca? No ramirez vs barca? Disrespectful video
Tunahan Ünal
Tunahan Ünal 15 napja
Deivid de souza goals against inter and chelsea
あちゅ! 15 napja
日本のサッカーじゃ物足りない自分がいる。 好きだけど
Gabor Pete
Gabor Pete 15 napja
For me, KP Boateng's goal from 4:18 is the best of all time. Pure genius: three extremely effective, surprising, difficult but direct moves. (Unfortunately, the first move is half cut in this video.)
Erich Bachmann
Erich Bachmann 16 napja
gheorghe HAGİ
princekiller1 16 napja
Way to end it 🐐
Luis felipe Teixeira
Luis felipe Teixeira 16 napja
music ?
Bilal Cicek
Bilal Cicek 17 napja
⭐️ 10:21 ⭐️
Duy Anh
Duy Anh 17 napja
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla 17 napja
Almost didn’t wait for last goal 🤣😂
-aziz 17 napja
10:08 it's lucky goal
levy Fernandes
levy Fernandes 17 napja
Messi >>>> Cr7
Phil Scott
Phil Scott 18 napja
Lol, showing deflected shots as great goals.....................
Christo Balriyanan
Christo Balriyanan 18 napja
bang soundtracknya judul apa bang?
Hasan Hima Behzat
Hasan Hima Behzat 18 napja
Ronaldinho dance goal😎
Mr ChocolateToast
Mr ChocolateToast 18 napja
What over taken from this video is Man United have had some fantastic goals scored against them
luca leardini
luca leardini 18 napja
Bryan Angon
Bryan Angon 18 napja
What is the second song called?
David Salaverry
David Salaverry 18 napja
Background music Name of the first one?
Dimitris Stoupakis
Dimitris Stoupakis 19 napja
``The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever only by big clubs``
Mhsb Nsih
Mhsb Nsih 20 napja
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WITTEK 20 napja
Cause of the PlayStation banner, we can always see which time the goal was
Halil 20 napja
Fenerbahçe-Chealsea Deivid De Souza
Kevan Brown
Kevan Brown 20 napja
You have to admit Messi and Ronaldo have been the two greatest players for more than 10 years, it's incredible. I can't stand Ronaldo, but I have to admit to his brilliance. I like Messi, he's not as egoistic as Ronaldo. They will both go down as the greatest players in history alongside Maradonna, Cruyff, Pele, Zidane, Beckenbauer
Asayiş Berkemal'in Güzide İzleyicisi
Asayiş Berkemal'in Güzide İzleyicisi 20 napja
Deivid'in Chelsea'ye attığı gol nerde la
Beg Zayn
Beg Zayn 20 napja
The quiet buffet acromegaly box because chord microcephaly launch except a gaudy shell. defective, understood heron
Witold Łachut
Witold Łachut 21 napja
where Lewandowski's goals?
LoL Fr3nkl1
LoL Fr3nkl1 21 napja
i remember when boateng used to be the best defender in the world and neuer the best goalkeeper in the world until they met messi that day
Ramazan Ersoy
Ramazan Ersoy 21 napja
Deivid gol is Inter and chealse where???
Sebastian Cholewa
Sebastian Cholewa 22 napja
Największe bramki? Naprawdę? A możesz podać wymiary
Huyền Vu Thanh
Huyền Vu Thanh 22 napja
Can I get the link of the music at the beginning of the video
Aissam Boutayeb
Aissam Boutayeb 19 napja
did you find it? so yes. can i have the namen?
dokanyon 22 napja
Where's Karagounis goal vs Werder, Paolo Sousa vs Juventus, Equi Gonzalez vs Arsenal (panathinaikos goals)
şükrü 284 ERGÜL
şükrü 284 ERGÜL 22 napja
Drogban nın golu
Signore Santino Burnett
Signore Santino Burnett 24 napja
Mandzukic goal vs Real Madrid is the best for me. 4 touches by 4 players, and never did the ball touch the ground.
JK WM 24 napja
It was worth watching 12 minutes and 20 sceonds !! Just loved the video as a football fan!
Omar Mariesel
Omar Mariesel 24 napja
Song ?
Dennis T
Dennis T 24 napja
8:15 what does "halla" mean?
TH3 R34L ON3
TH3 R34L ON3 25 napja
Where are Robben ? 2:1 vs BVB 2013
william martinez
william martinez 25 napja
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PrimoCalcio21 25 napja
Needs Insigne vs Real Madrid!!
Jesus 25 napja
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