Twenty One Pilots - Choker (Official Video)

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twenty one pilots

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Twenty One Pilots official video for "Choker" from the forthcoming album Scaled And Icy, available May 21st on Fueled By Ramen.
Twenty One Pilots - Livestream Experience
May 21 @ 8PM ET / 5PM PT
Tickets available at
Stream / Download "Choker" -
Pre-order / Pre-Save Scaled And Icy -
Directed by Mark C. Eshleman for Reel Bear Media
I don't bother anyone
Nervous when I stand
Choking on the circumstance
Only smoking secondhand
Cut us open, spread us out
Dry us in the sand
Lay the fibers side-by-side
And you'll begin to understand
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
...coming for me
I don't bother anyone
Never make demands
Choking on the circumstance
Self-sabotage is a sweet romance
Seems like all I'm worth is what
I'm able to withstand
Sooner I can realize
That pain is just a middle man.
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
I see no volunteers
to co-sign on my fears
I'll sign on the line
I'm gonna change my circumstance
I know I need to move right now
I know it's over
I was born a choker
Nobody's coming for me.
(only smoking secondhand)
Like a little splinter
buried in your skin
Someone else can carve it out
But when you've got the pin
It hurts a little less
and you can even push it further in
When your body's screaming out
Trust your mind's listening.
Like a silhouette that you can barely see
As the shadow casts upon the ground
where you'll eventually
lay forever, but the day goes on
the sun moves behind you
You get taller, bolder, stronger,
and the rear-view only blinds you
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Scott Dunn
Scott Dunn 9 perccel
This song speaks to me
Liz Tee
Liz Tee 57 perccel
POV: You've never met a rude/unsupportive TOP fan
Wanessa Turner
Wanessa Turner Órája
Já consigo imaginar todo mundo junto em um show do twenty one pilots cantando esse refrão
Just Check in
Logan Shaver
Logan Shaver Órája
that was weird. but great song!
Sayonara Órája
TheFire 75
TheFire 75 2 órája
Love the video, these guys are so funny. Would love to hang out.
Fo vlogs
Fo vlogs 2 órája
i love you above 2 m like soon!!!!INSHALLAH
Amelia Syvytska
Amelia Syvytska 2 órája
Niiicee 🥺🖤))
helmi niskanen
helmi niskanen 2 órája
I really love this song❤️❤️
T Law
T Law 2 órája
Wow man, that was a trip. I felt like the dragon in that vid, lol. Sorry. It's just, I used to use the screen name Blue Dragon.
Akash Pradeep
Akash Pradeep 2 órája
Last part was way creepy 😂
fmgsam 2 órája
Don't you hate it when you have to buy something but then the cashier has a net gun and chases you
Angeles Paéz
Angeles Paéz 3 órája
Cecilia García
Cecilia García 3 órája
Yea de lo mejor 😎😎😎😎😄
Arΐana- 3 órája
mhm the story of my life in a song
kim phi
kim phi 3 órája
The sour kidney spectacularly admire because denim undeniably hop via a synonymous bass. maddening, broken result
KP 3 órája
Has anyone not mentioned this is is a real toy store in downtown Columbus and now I'm so mad I moved away cause now I really wanna go 😫it's just an awesome store
vizii 3 órája
Smashy smashy egg men - Worlds End
It’s Beth
It’s Beth 3 órája
i lovw the vessel vibes omg i love top sm i like being a clikie
Fatima UC
Fatima UC 3 órája
Me gusta la musica like quien le guste
Ugetitall 3 órája
The first time I saw this video I thought that Josh was running after Tyler with a shotgun. I was like what
lorena cardenas
lorena cardenas 3 órája
por ustedes le echo ganas a la vida
Elijah Pyatt
Elijah Pyatt 3 órája
ive seen so many people on tik tok saying TØP "fell off hard" and how "everything theyre releasing now is a cash grab" and it makes me so sad because I'm absolutely obsessed with this song and everything twenty one pilots. I'm glad to be in the clique, but man it hurts when people crap on my favorite music :(
Evi Kokonou
Evi Kokonou 4 órája
Josh now has a lot of works from working to a vintage shop to working in chipotle
Сергей Бояров
Сергей Бояров 4 órája
Топ трек
Leon Rozman
Leon Rozman 4 órája
How did he get the dragon then?
Tristen Roos
Tristen Roos 4 órája
i'm gonna get a neck tattoo for this song one day 💙❤️
Maia Jasiura
Maia Jasiura 4 órája
Cringy boy bands: Get worse every album TOP: Just getting better
Yona Britos
Yona Britos 5 órája
I love you
James Hurley
James Hurley 5 órája
Love the way the one thing i get excited most by in the video is the Zen-Oh teddy :)
Sean Brogden
Sean Brogden 5 órája
damien 5 órája
Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez 6 órája
No puedo creer que ya los voy a verrrr
gavimations 6 órája
Is anyone else worried at these lyrics? Kind of reminds me of the cry for help that Chester Bennington had in his songs before he passed. I'm particularly concerned at "I know it's over" and "Nobody's coming for me".
ScruffyThe1st 4 órája
Nah, I think the song is about someone who is nervous and chokes a lot under pressure and feels like he is alone. But as the song moves along, he realises that he isn’t alone and that he can push forward through hard situations and grow as a human being.
Luechinger Marco
Luechinger Marco 6 órája
I lov this music
Indrajeet Das
Indrajeet Das 6 órája
I feel so sober hearing this song.
Cosmin Ciortan
Cosmin Ciortan 6 órája
It's crazy how underrated some of their songs are.
ElectroTunes 6 órája
all that for a little blue drsagon
Ray 6 órája
I know it’s over I was born a toaster
veggiet2009 6 órája
I love the image of a store clerk ignoring a customer by playing the drums...
Ruan MR007MR
Ruan MR007MR 6 órája
Já voltei aqui muitas vezes, estou eu viciado?
Davit Tsitsishvili
Davit Tsitsishvili 7 órája
Did anyone notice the drum set that is behind Tyler at 0:55 That is probably where Josh got those drums that he's playing seconds later.
xd preachrboy
xd preachrboy 7 órája
I love that this was filmed in columbus. I think it speaks a lot to where this album is heading given that is where it all started
Alberto Zaragoza Marcos
Alberto Zaragoza Marcos 7 órája
3;56 minutos pero duele toda la vida
• Dandi-Setiawan •
• Dandi-Setiawan • 7 órája
luna lovegood
luna lovegood 7 órája
¿Hay algo que no hagan bien?
Ecchi Empire
Ecchi Empire 8 órája
Wait....if he became a figure and the dog did too. Then that means that mf beat a mf dragon
clai3751 clai3751
clai3751 clai3751 8 órája
This is the best song ever! I love their music so much! I'm so excited for their new album!
AlanWalkerFan 1357
AlanWalkerFan 1357 8 órája
Me: i should probably study for our exam.. My mind: 2:36
AlanWalkerFan 1357
AlanWalkerFan 1357 8 órája
You're smiling.. Tyler got turned into a toy.. AND YOU'RE SMILING!
AlanWalkerFan 1357
AlanWalkerFan 1357 8 órája
Twenty One Pilots phase: WELCOME BACK!
Kimble Mori
Kimble Mori 8 órája
Naomi Garcia
Naomi Garcia 9 órája
Teamo Twenty One Pilots
Deniz_yucel124 9 órája
Tyler * grabs toy. * Josh * grabs gun *
Pavan Kalyan
Pavan Kalyan 9 órája
Getting bandito vibes ❤️❤️❤️
Ganesh 9 órája
good music no doubt, video concept is good too
Morgan Shaffer
Morgan Shaffer 9 órája
This feels really nostalgic. It gives a lot of self titled vibes
Carolina 9 órája
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Susan Cruzz
Susan Cruzz 8 órája
If I had not experienced this myself I would have said this is all lies but I've made withdrawals few days ago and that's one thing I find difficult and impossible with other brokers but Mr Randy Lucas makes it possible.... It was like magic when I I received my funds
Farret Samel
Farret Samel 8 órája
Thanks for his info, just texted him hope he replies me soon🙏
Mary Ann
Mary Ann 8 órája
Mr Randy is an exceptional B'roker and Lucrative at this time
James Hardy
James Hardy 8 órája
@Casin Broode Haha you don't have to be surprise Randy Lucas trading services are really good and everyone love love genuine services, they have helped me recover what I loss trying to trade on my own
Casin Broode
Casin Broode 8 órája
Wow ! I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommend Randy Lucas trading services, I thought people don't know him..He's really awesome!
breyder palacio galvis
breyder palacio galvis 9 órája
like those who do jobs or anything listening to their music
b̷t̷s̷ a̷r̷m̷y̷
b̷t̷s̷ a̷r̷m̷y̷ 10 órája
1:20 twerking
Alex Soto
Alex Soto 10 órája
No lie the instrumental to this made me think it was a Belanova track 😅
Jeffrey Hunter
Jeffrey Hunter 10 órája
I bet these 2 can put on a helluva show videos are always entertaining
rambo reddy
rambo reddy 10 órája
Tyler will you take me to your concerts and America. I came to the states to try to meet you. I was broke and went back to India. Now I came to Germany trying to reach you.
Pavlo Medvid
Pavlo Medvid 11 órája
собачку жалко
Lounqx 11 órája
Damn after all these years they are still bopping
Mathias Danso
Mathias Danso 12 órája
Twenty one pilots is on again🔥🔥🔥
Intro: Heavydirtysoul Vibe: Regional at Best Rap: Taxi Cab Tyler: Commit crime Josh: Getting revenge Hotel: Trivago
Kral 49
Kral 49 13 órája
Ama bu klip çok şeker olmuş .
Vinit Shikhare
Vinit Shikhare 13 órája
This is the best fucking band period.
PresψeΨ Widener
PresψeΨ Widener 14 órája
josh is dun with tyler
Unknown?? 14 órája
I know it’s over😔
AndriyLviv 14 órája
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie 15 órája
Such mainstream pop music they make suddenly 😕
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie 5 órája
@jess ica oh nice, I didn't know a new album is coming out😊👍
jess ica
jess ica 5 órája
@Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie hmm well i guess that’s your opinion. this is just one song and the album comes out next friday, and josh and tyler have said that some songs sound very different from each other
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie 15 órája
Blurryface had more interesting and complex melodies and rhythm, though. This one is so repetitive and monotonous.
jess ica
jess ica 15 órája
not really, blurryface was more mainstream pop than this (doesn’t mean it’s bad)
Linda Holečková
Linda Holečková 16 órája
I LOVE YOUU💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
kay s
kay s 16 órája
I don't know why but there is something so comforting about this song
Natalie Hickey
Natalie Hickey 17 órája
I love that they added Jim into this
Kral 49
Kral 49 17 órája
"Ony smoking second hand ." What kind of sentence is this my friend?? Wow.
Kral 49
Kral 49 16 órája
Kral 49
Kral 49 17 órája
Summary of my life:Nobody's coming for me.
masakrator 159
masakrator 159 17 órája
Wery god
*Siiri Sirviö*
*Siiri Sirviö* 18 órája
I.... wow
Dan Zamora
Dan Zamora 18 órája
Twenty One Pilots and NF should do a collab song.
ZED grg
ZED grg 18 órája
Twenty one pilots team
JJ Fry
JJ Fry 18 órája
I click to a different tab for ONE SECOND and when I come back Josh is chasing Tyler with a flamethrower?????
Doctor It
Doctor It 18 órája
Now the question is was the Dragon ever real before being an action figure
Ta 19 órája
Quien sos
Hotdog8921 19 órája
Shai Guy
Shai Guy 19 órája
How is this not on trending
Saitama o mais forte da ficção
Saitama o mais forte da ficção 19 órája
brasileiro aqui, eu sou fã das músicas dessa banda. Só música boa!
Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez
Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez 20 órája
Me encantan sus cansiones son las mejores
Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez
Andres Felipe Suarez Gutierrez 20 órája
No joss
rei fernandez
rei fernandez 20 órája
the way tyler ran away omg HAHAHAHAHHAA
Ricky Powers
Ricky Powers 20 órája
Anybody else notice the dema mug?
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 20 órája
i think that toy dragon is the same dragon in "Shy Away"
Paulina21 Cacahuate
Paulina21 Cacahuate 20 órája
Choker le gana
alejandro seferino aza
alejandro seferino aza 21 órája
9 dias para escuchar sai
sara 21 órája
can't imagine my life without them
Erin Bartlett
Erin Bartlett 21 órája
OMGGG!!!! :D
Erin Bartlett
Erin Bartlett 21 órája
I'm so happy
Jacob Anguiano
Jacob Anguiano 21 órája
Who else has lessened to this a million times
Mikey 22 órája
“You are loved.”
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