Mazepin Running Out of Patience With His Car - F1 2021 Spanish GP P1 Team Radio

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His engineer sounds pretty tired as well...
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CRAZYCR1T1C 4 napja
....... because I have no talent..... daddy buy me a Mercedes so I can crash it
M. Weise
M. Weise 21 napja
Anywhere ever *Mazepin spins again*
Da Vee Day!
Da Vee Day! 25 napja
what happened..... the sport of nerds and boys...... needs some bad asses with balls....... so glad I watch wsbk v.s. this shit
skater15153 26 napja
You think Mazepin is frustrated driving the car? Let's think about how the car feels sheesh.
Prima Mahardika
Prima Mahardika Hónapja
His engineer is the most patience man on earth. Doing his job while giving tutorial and parenting whiny boy
Masoko Tanga
Masoko Tanga Hónapja
I've never heard a pilot talking like this during a race. If he focused on the track; that would be a start..
jemimallah Hónapja
"its very oversteery" "it snaps on you when you don't expect it" sounds suspiciously like "i have no real grasp of the basic fundamentals of how to drive a race car"
Ocean's Blue
Ocean's Blue Hónapja
oh yeah, the car is the problem
BadDay - Lets Plays
BadDay - Lets Plays Hónapja
He is not only not talented enough, his car also doesnt fit his driving style, despite his Daddy being *the* main sponsor of the team. Thats karma baby.
hendeeze Hónapja
Daddy can't buy him traction control
Donald Fedosiuk
Donald Fedosiuk Hónapja
Of COURSE it's the car! What else COULD it be?
Matthias Hónapja
It’s the car who should be running out of patience with him
raymond goh
raymond goh Hónapja
Correct me if I am wrong .. Mick did a better job so far, patient, keep learning and very humble
N I N O N G Hónapja
It snaps cuz you're shit, mick is doing fine
Thad Meister
Thad Meister Hónapja
Same car as Mick, 1 minute slower every time... Shit driver
Ladislav Malák
Ladislav Malák Hónapja
I really hope that in the near future Gene Haas can somehow miraculously get more funding elsewhere, without having to rely so heavily on the rich Ruskie and having to tolerate his wild junior....
Greg Hansford
Greg Hansford Hónapja
When we all know he's just a shite driver
Ashley Johnston
Ashley Johnston Hónapja
Deadset more i hear this bloke on the radio the more i realise his a spoilt prick. And also the more i love his engineer
wastefellow Hónapja
You know, I don’t like Mazepin, but he’s right here. It isn’t ideal to drive a car that snaps on you when you don’t expect it
Blue Hónapja
@wastefellow yeah but did he spin as much as Maze tho? Mazepin is way older than Mick and yet Mick is more mature and way faster than that pretender..
wastefellow Hónapja
@Blue, Mazepin isn’t ready for F1 yet, but you can’t deny the car has that problem. The design itself is utter shit
wastefellow Hónapja
@Blue, he does. Watch the onboards
Blue Hónapja
why did Mick doesn't have the same problem then? I'm sorry but money can't buy you a talent
DRMET Hónapja
World champ in the making? LOL
Sara R
Sara R Hónapja
actually... he stayed very calm... Alonso would freak out 🤔
Darren Morris
Darren Morris Hónapja
How the heck is he going to cope with Monaco (And Monaco cope with him)?? If I were Gunther, I would sneak up to the car just before the start and unclip the distributor cap.......
Jonathan Dixon
Jonathan Dixon Hónapja
Mate, I don't think it's your car.....
iNFINITY 52 Hónapja
I mean the engineer dealt with k. mag for 4 yeard
Anh Quân Lê Bá
Anh Quân Lê Bá Hónapja
NO, in Russia the car runs out of patience with Mazepin
Tal256 Hónapja
Great feedback for the engineers: “oversteery”.
OmarXerach Hónapja
Why does he feel entitled to act like this?
Jason C P
Jason C P Hónapja
At some point he has to realise it's not the car
Toni Hónapja
This comment section is just sad and cringy
V Joob
V Joob Hónapja
Clearly his race engineer is a better driver than him at this point 🤣
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician Hónapja
I think Haas...and the rest of the field may be running out of patience for Mazaspin!
Comrade Oblivious
Comrade Oblivious Hónapja
What is it Martin Brundle says about ‘ambition ahead of adhesion’ and ‘running out of talent’ in the middle of corners?
DRager Hónapja
Yea the car is undriveable but look at Mick how he can beat Latifi in Wiliams
k richards
k richards Hónapja
Mazapin and tsunoda engineers should be given awards Haha rhy must drink alot after race day
Harshraj Jadeja
Harshraj Jadeja Hónapja
Well Mazepin, the car is running out of patience since it has had you as it's driver
BeeCee Hónapja
Driver gets the car he deserves, both suck.
Cesar Mora
Cesar Mora Hónapja
I think Mazepin is not a real driver, I think he is a F1's "jocker" to slow down the front when he gets lapped or to produce SC randomly
David Finding
David Finding Hónapja
Nicky Temazipam, what a waste of space!
SyNc Envy
SyNc Envy Hónapja
Its like another, worse Romain G. The dude isnt going anywhere in f1
Wong Lawrence
Wong Lawrence Hónapja
Change the seat ?? Or would it better to change the driver !?
Glenn Day
Glenn Day Hónapja
Engineer is thinking..OMG you dont know where the neutral button is on the wheel...what are you..... a Goldfish?
James Miller
James Miller Hónapja
More like running out of his license points
John E
John E Hónapja
Problem is not the seat, the butt sitting in it is
Keith Russell Berondo
Keith Russell Berondo Hónapja
Haas car running out of patience with Mazepin.
Sonu666 Hónapja
needless to say for a russian his english is better than most americans and uk people 🤣 something he's good at 😂
Sean B
Sean B Hónapja
Does he realize that a lot of the car setup comes from his input?
O Dawg
O Dawg Hónapja
If the car could speak... Car: “It’s really frustrating being driven by this fool”
piro4you Hónapja
Y do u all hate him?
D4nk0 Hónapja
to be fair, that car is a sh*tbox
XReflexian Hónapja
I think the car is out of patience with mazepin, not the other way around
Living Legend
Living Legend Hónapja
I wonder how Hamilton would go driving that car?
Scott P
Scott P Hónapja
It’s not the car, it’s the idiot behind the wheel
Dirty Joe
Dirty Joe Hónapja
Ah yes, the car being bad is the reason he's being lapped by his teammate.
Paul Spearman
Paul Spearman Hónapja
🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a cry baby 😭! “It’s the cars fault daddy”😟
hmico Hónapja
This is absolutely normal discussion between engineer and driver. You can have an opinion on him, but it's not a big deal when driver is providing feedback about his car.
wolfe1970 Hónapja
And people say these modern F1 cars are so easy to drive anyone can drive them.......LOL
Roberto Hónapja
I would love driver radio subtitles in yellow, they're hard to read for me. Great job!
dr bichat
dr bichat Hónapja
Someone skipped driving school
NukeMyHouse Hónapja
A bad workman always blames his tools...
Vanessa G
Vanessa G Hónapja
imagine having this much patience 😂
Mr. Crocket
Mr. Crocket Hónapja
Neutral... now put first... a litle gas... now 2nd... yes, you can do it... now 3... now Brake... now, enter the bank, transfer the money to gene... thats nice... Now, go to a bar and say to everyone "am a F1 driver" ;) Go for you boy
Sir Attengate The Slur Magnate
Sir Attengate The Slur Magnate Hónapja
Poor Mazespin
Ho Zhuo Feng
Ho Zhuo Feng Hónapja
But everyone is running out of patience with him
Sam Gray
Sam Gray Hónapja
"Press the neutral button, that will bring the gearbox back down to neutral" Engy really had to pull a hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor meme to get him to understand
Jeremy Frances
Jeremy Frances Hónapja
So to make it clear, are the HAAS' basically running last year's car with upgrades? In other words, are they the only team on the grid to not have an entirely new car?
Jeremy Frances
Jeremy Frances Hónapja
@Blue plus they signed two rookies bringing money, no wage?
Jeremy Frances
Jeremy Frances Hónapja
@Blue Okay. I think I heard that HAAS have done the least to save on budget. They may not even stay with F1 for the new cars. Or if they do, that's why they're hanging on to their money.
Blue Hónapja
Every teams on the grid is basically using their last year car, they only allowed to make a few upgrade to their car
John Abney
John Abney Hónapja
Did he just complain about his seat as an excuse?! Those are custom molded to your body, that shouldn’t even be a fleeting thought! This little twit will work himself out of Formula 1 and a deserving driver will get the seat.
Toasty Hónapja
His engineer 100% has a bottle of scotch next to him to keep his sanity
ArielAprillia Rachmann
ArielAprillia Rachmann Hónapja
He can leave along yuki tsonodo
BigMike Williams
BigMike Williams Hónapja
Should’ve signed Llott that’s all I’m saying.
Matt Farina
Matt Farina Hónapja
You millennials don’t have a clue about formula one
GrF Films
GrF Films Hónapja
“Driving this car it snaps on you when you dont expect it” yeah its a race car buddy
GrF Films
GrF Films Hónapja
@Groningeneoxide righto champ
Groningeneoxide Hónapja
@GrF Films you know that snap oversteer is always unexpected right? Thats why it’s called snap. The rear end snaps away out of nowhere. He probably can’t drive with Micks setup and wants hsi own setup that suits him.
GrF Films
GrF Films Hónapja
My point being you expect a level of oversteer from a race car, maz expects his engineers to just “fix it”. Whereas schumacher has said he has gotten the balance right working with the boys. maz apparently refuses to use mick’s setup.
Groningeneoxide Hónapja
A race car isn’t supposed to have snap oversteer.
FACrazyCanuck Hónapja
Daddy may have bought you the seat but skills have to learned but I’m not sure they have that much time or money to wait for you to gain the skills.
LaNone Hónapja
There is actually nothing bad with this radio. He's just trying to say what he think is wrong with the car then the mechanics and engineers are able to work and improve the car where its needed. Thats called backup and thats a big part of car development. People are mad only because it is mazepin in the radio but if leclerc was saying the exact same thing, everybody would say he have a good backup Dont get me wrong i really dont like this guy but i start to feel bad for him because of all the harassment he's taking and all the hate for no reasons sometimes. Yes he is not good, but man the hate and harassment he takes i would not wish that for my biggest enemy..
stuart mcmahon
stuart mcmahon Hónapja
He can’t handle the car, obviously not good enough/ready for F1 yet...
Richard Wyss
Richard Wyss Hónapja
Absolutely useless, last in every quali and race, if he actually finishes! He wouldn't make the top 10 in a Merc. Why does F1 allow people like him and Latifi to race? It's sad that the top motor sport can not survive on billions of income. Take a look at Moto GP!!
Yaya Pan
Yaya Pan Hónapja
Might be worse than Maldonado also complains about an f1 car😂
DJ St3rling
DJ St3rling Hónapja
Team needs a DriverMod..bcuz it's def NOT the car.
#sv5 Hónapja
He should be happy considering he doesn't deserve to be in f1
Dani Hónapja
That's called a Formula 1 car.. Maybe try a Porsche GT3
S Hawk
S Hawk Hónapja
Why is Gunther still team principal and Nikita cannot drive. At all
SweetFlexZ Hónapja
Mazespin: "complains" Mick: hardworking like a beast
Karben Feibar
Karben Feibar Hónapja
“It’s really frustrating driving this car because…” *Because you’re shit*
Stuart Cameron
Stuart Cameron Hónapja
Should be nowhere near an f1 car
Pablo Raemdonck
Pablo Raemdonck Hónapja
Do these guys even know how to drive? The instructions the engineer is given sound similar to what a driving instructor says on the first lesson
Tilo Frenzel
Tilo Frenzel Hónapja
Pls bring back Romain.
normantheforeman rety
normantheforeman rety Hónapja
Kid wants to be grateful he's got a seat while there's many more talented and more deserving drivers that should be behind that wheel... Ungrateful twat.
Antonin Hónapja
He should tell his dad to buy a Merc car lmao
BuzzLightYear93 Hónapja
Well F1 is all about the cars not about drivers at all...
Dave Hónapja
Nuhhhh it should be „Car running Out of Patience With His Mazepin“
A wanderer
A wanderer Hónapja
These rookies don't respect the sport. Yuki and mazepin both think that F1 is their right. But it's not you idiots. Respect where you are
Astoundingly Average
Astoundingly Average Hónapja
"driving this car is very frustrating because I'm not skilled enough to drive it effectively."
Francisco Gomes
Francisco Gomes Hónapja
People already disliked him before he started the season but his performance brought it to a whole new level
ACC Hónapja
First reaction: shock. Shock because...
Luis Bermudez
Luis Bermudez Hónapja
Yeah.. the seat.. right
Port Runner
Port Runner Hónapja
Probably wants daddy to buy him a new one...
Ivander85 Hónapja
Not even 4 races in and he might be my least favourite driver ever. Can't wait until he's out again in 1-2 years. Slow, reckless and brainless driver. I hope Mick destroys him for the rest of the season.
Sepp Seidl
Sepp Seidl Hónapja
But most importantly: Did he spin?
Stem Artin
Stem Artin Hónapja
Meanwhile Mick is challenging teams above them... even with his own car troubles
Beasty70 Hónapja
his engeneer is a saint so calm with this bold child
chumleyok Hónapja
All jokes aside, FIA, Liberty and FOCA need to agree to only allow people who have genuinely qualified through merit to get a seat in F1. Even if they come laden with sponsors. If a team cannot afford to set themselves up in this way then they shouldn't be allowed to run. Lewis would be shouting from the rooftops about this too if his argument wasn't too hypocritical based on his sponsorship. It all needs to be cleaned up of F1 will be the last sport with Victorian values.
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