My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Holy shift kids are trying to cross the multiverse just to be with Draco Malfoy. Second channel ➤
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

Digital Tailsmon
Digital Tailsmon 11 perccel
so James is simping for blondes with bad attitudes.....neat
Allen Simons
Allen Simons 23 perccel
Draco Malfoy sucks
almira siskartika
almira siskartika 27 perccel
Is this role play?
Jade Freeman
Jade Freeman 30 perccel
that ending i was like purr
Jade Freeman
Jade Freeman 32 perccel
thank you for speaking your mind it is very hard to do this year
Kenneth Jordan
Kenneth Jordan 35 perccel
Is James bisexual! I need a waifu pillow of him sat!
Dáithí Mullins
Dáithí Mullins 42 perccel
James I wanna ask you a big favour. There is this story time channel called Toasted Noodle who always makes great video after great video and he's trying to get to 100K before he finishes High school on May 20th which is in 2 weeks and he's been making videos since middle school. So if you cold please, please please, do me a huge favour and give Toasted Noodle a shout out #ToastedNoodle
Natarajan Jayaraman
Natarajan Jayaraman 48 perccel
I subbed
Rin Chawngthu
Rin Chawngthu 53 perccel
I like that he added Ed, Edd and Eddy were included
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Órája
Fright-Chan Órája
And this was James's last video he tried to reality shift and succeeded
ThePro1sOut Órája
Catch more: EXTRA: Catch more Jaiden here: HUload.Com/c/Jaiden
Anony YT
Anony YT Órája
So are we not gonna talk about the 3 month gap between this video and your last one?
Jinx 1234
Jinx 1234 Órája
Did anyone else not get a notification for the video until now??
xochitl Vasquez
xochitl Vasquez Órája
{aesthetic ocean}
{aesthetic ocean} Órája
I'm sorry but bakugou is mine 😔🤚
luxi pro
luxi pro Órája
I wonder who was your fitst subscriber(follower) I think no one can answer such a question
Red_X Animations
Red_X Animations Órája
I just bought his books me reading it is boring but going on HUload and listening to James is better
wasitreallythatfunny Shoto
wasitreallythatfunny Shoto Órája
Not the Bakugou 😂
Tyler TheTurtle
Tyler TheTurtle 2 órája
I like how Voldemort is the only one of his characters with nostrils, when he doesn’t have a nose.
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 2 órája
I'll be your friend
GooseKid 2 órája
imagine if reality shifting was real and all 7 Billion people's actions made a new reality then the people from those realities make actions that make even MORE realities which can make infinite realities? I have QUESTIONS!
Jason Shrader
Jason Shrader 2 órája
Xero 2 órája
Reality shifting : A fancy way of saying Imagination
phag0t pushy destroyer
phag0t pushy destroyer 2 órája
InverSkater 2 órája
I could explain all off that, but Idk if any of you care so just ask me if you want to
Gamer Games
Gamer Games 2 órája
James lets talk about your...... Ahem bakugou addiction?
nameless 2 órája
James you watch anime? If you do what's your favourite anime?
Beauty Sunflower
Beauty Sunflower 2 órája
Can we just appreciate how Cartoon James has a dump truck
Sharath Sreeni
Sharath Sreeni 2 órája
50% of the infinity is where i didn’t comment here.
Aland Khalil
Aland Khalil 2 órája
if my body was tooken over by someone i will just act like nothing happend because thats me right?
dārk 3 órája
I believe that, parallel universes exist and we travel through them at least once a day, we don’t notice because it’s only minor decisions that changed. We can’t travel on command, but we can still travel. Although there is no evidence for my claim, there is no evidence that disproves my claim, well not that I know of.
Mario Power
Mario Power 3 órája
I can help with this
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie 3 órája
Alternative Title: James Simping for Draco & Bakugo for 9 Minutes Straight
Calmgryphon S
Calmgryphon S 3 órája
Hey please James, share your thoughts about India
Cyber TW
Cyber TW 3 órája
Tny Jodan
Tny Jodan 3 órája
My_ A
My_ A 3 órája
5:53 me
My_ A
My_ A 3 órája
8:09 we can conclude that James is a Bakugou simp XD
My_ A
My_ A 3 órája
Ethelda Salazar
Ethelda Salazar 3 órája
Bakougu is actually mine
Zion Gabriel
Zion Gabriel 3 órája
dude James dis vid took al moths 4 mnths
Ethelda Salazar
Ethelda Salazar 3 órája
You know all the crazy people you are talking shit of must think that your the crazy person
Ominous Gaming
Ominous Gaming 4 órája
James: Like bucket hats look good on someone Ph1lZa: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Em_ sh3eeesh
Em_ sh3eeesh 4 órája
The ending xD
blazeplayzrblx 4 órája
How hard is making these vids you post like 4 times a year
blazeplayzrblx Órája
@Everiz oh ok i didnt know it was that hard to animate thx for telling me
koki’s cakery !
koki’s cakery ! 3 órája
@Everiz plus video ideas and stuff, writing the script for what he’s gonna say, editing
Everiz 4 órája
Very hard. Every single frame in this video has to be hand drawn whenever something is moving. Each movement of the characters throughout the video probably took several hours.
Noice69 5 órája
I believe in the multiverse theory but believing that you can just hop in different realitys is stupid every one know that you gotta get hit by truck-kun to get youself isekaied
LegendWar - Lucas Acosta
LegendWar - Lucas Acosta 5 órája
I am atheist and I usually am fine with people believing in god because it helps them go through bad events in their lives but when people spend a bunch of money on gold for churches it pisses me of and also when people do literally anything a religious leader tells them it is also annoying. I heard of this story about this guy in church that told everyone to drink bleach and many people did. God would say to give all that gold you build churches with to people in poverty. NO HATE TOWARS RELIGION, JUST DO NOT DO DUMB STUFF WITH IT
manny noneya
manny noneya 5 órája
This video is a lot more entertaining than your other stuff. It’s cool for you to tackle more serious subjects with ur own humorous twist.
Extreme Stats
Extreme Stats 5 órája
Premiering Now Top-5Most Subscribed Animation HUloadrs [2009 - 2021-5] - HUload
Extreme Stats
Extreme Stats 5 órája
Magnolia Longworth
Magnolia Longworth 5 órája
here is the link to the CIA doing research on reality shifting. this is most ppls sources
Everiz 3 órája
@Magnolia Longworth Well then I guess we agree on that. First time I’ve seen an argument actually end with two people agreeing on something in this comment section lol. (Still disagree on the credible part but I digress lmao)
Magnolia Longworth
Magnolia Longworth 3 órája
@Everiz I do agree with you on that part. In the video James said there was no evidence I am just providing some evidence that is credible. Of course it will take more than one simple document and more experiments to prove if “reality shifting” is real
Everiz 3 órája
@Magnolia Longworth I still don’t see the correlation since it’s part of the army, but let’s just move past that if you want. It’s still ONE document. Like I said earlier, you need many, MANY documents to even prove anything as law in the science world. If there was a bunch of other documents from people that I could actually find information about we’d be having a much different conversation. A single document is bound to have several mistakes in it, considering this is a THEORETICAL idea.
Magnolia Longworth
Magnolia Longworth 3 órája
@Everiz no I understand that part of it but the cia is for intelligence, so it would make sense if they where to do tests and figure out if it works. That’s only a small part of what the cia does. They also consulted a quantum physics scientist which they also helped in it. The cia was just the one conducting the experiment
Everiz 3 órája
@Magnolia Longworth I don’t think you get what I’m saying then. I’ll try to make an analogy then. Imagine you really want to believe in flying cars (Idk I can’t think of anything else we haven’t invented yet). You REALLY want someone to make one for you, but first you have to prove the it’s possible to make. But wait, a very well known chef has made the blueprints to the car. The chef is REALLY good at cooking, but they have absolutely ZERO skills in engineering. Would you still believe the blueprints worked because the chef can make a great crepe? It doesn’t make any sense, right? Replace the chef with the government and the flying car with shifting. They are not qualified for what you are saying they can do. They are amazing at knowing how to not crash the economy and protect their country, but they won’t have the first idea about how to handle inter-dimensional travel.
Alex Darvai
Alex Darvai 5 órája
who wouldent wanna- who- who wouldn- who wouldn't drop out muggle- OH MY GOD
Kritty Cat
Kritty Cat 5 órája
I think maybe dreaming is shifting...?
TheBeginningCHQ 5 órája
I saw that gir
Zoz McZozface
Zoz McZozface 6 órája
Muk 2 órája
@hidden moss2 well it’s a series of books original
hidden moss2
hidden moss2 4 órája
No, only a movie, pure fiction. I really hope you were joking.
Muk 5 órája
I really hope ur joking...
Jared Turner
Jared Turner 6 órája
this is just sad...
Nix Ashiato
Nix Ashiato 6 órája
I honestly think you just lost a bunch of fans
phag0t pushy destroyer
phag0t pushy destroyer 2 órája
@manny noneya d..did you just compare racists to shifters?? That's low asf
Everiz 4 órája
You’d be surprised at how few of his subscribers actually believe in it. The only reason there’s a ton of comments about it is because they are opposing the video, so they actually have something to comment. The people who don’t oppose it can’t really say anything other then “I agree” so there’s not nearly as many of those.
Nix Ashiato
Nix Ashiato 4 órája
@manny noneya I'm not either of those
manny noneya
manny noneya 5 órája
I wouldn’t want racist, or conspiracy theorist as fans anyway
MC14 FN 6 órája
Apparently I have the same birthday as the odd 1s out May 14th
Everiz 4 órája
Happy eight day early birthday! Lol
Katelyn Jackson
Katelyn Jackson 6 órája
Used to watch this channel like 2 years ago. So glad I finally found it again
Zapper Boy
Zapper Boy 6 órája
Love ur vids *Mr. Derp*
PizzackerThePlayer 6 órája
My brain is telling James is being a professor for a while, idk why lol
Arthur Lijewski-Lee
Arthur Lijewski-Lee 7 órája
if you were like, 6 dimensional you could reality shift
Enstarie 7 órája
In other words, they want isekai themselves
Alonso Cuevas Avila
Alonso Cuevas Avila 7 órája
Hi James, you make the best animation videos and I hope you succeed.
Fruktsallad 7 órája
So you're saying.. that you could be.. a clone..?
Everybody Drip frog
Everybody Drip frog 7 órája
6:22 is that Tenya Iida with the glasses and blue hair?
Mrcakesgamer 7 órája
Soo you mean there's is a reality that I'm rich
Shining FilmZ PH
Shining FilmZ PH 8 órája
Yes this is bad, and I do agree with you James
Kitty Ninja
Kitty Ninja 8 órája
I'd go to The Hunger Games
Rochelle Hehn
Rochelle Hehn 8 órája
Were will you James
Apex Zon
Apex Zon 8 órája
Guys stop attacking theodd1sout he did nothing wrong this is his thoughts not yours he wants to tell you what he thinks about but a couple of you who cant take jokes no more or get offended so easily or just saying one word thats not even that offensive so just stop ok god I watch his videos for 5 years and no word he said was offensive I saw his jokes and I get it it did kinda make me laugh ok yeah sure I dont really like reality shifting that much but its my thing not yours no stop hatting on and hate other people that actually did something wrong not him dont attack people for making jokes or say hello or said a cuss word attack people that are really offensive like someone like vegan teacher
Eva Nwosu
Eva Nwosu 8 órája
Fun fact: You watched this at least twice
Kawaii_ Cloudii
Kawaii_ Cloudii 8 órája
Bakugo is mine 👹👹👹
Shota Aizawa
Shota Aizawa 9 órája
I wanna goto hogwarts.... wait anime...... wait I’m late for school.... wait draco x reader..... where’d you get that..... wait bakugou? Wait there’s a world that I didn’t say all of this..... Eh this is odd who even started this reality shift
Trevor Houston
Trevor Houston 9 órája
Yea... the reality shifting loons are the "I hate reality" liberalism, while the "anti-vaxxer" is the opposite end of the spectrum who are old enough to see the Gov. kill people
manny noneya
manny noneya 5 órája
Wow ur full into conspiracy nonsense.
Klaus und Klaus
Klaus und Klaus 7 órája
show me ur research or sources.
Zach Jin
Zach Jin 9 órája
Well James.. We do have reality shifting in games so they are technically real?
KingJase29 9 órája
I made another reality by writing this comment
MishoSharva 9 órája
crocco doggo
crocco doggo 9 órája
You seem familiar
Kay Cee
Kay Cee 9 órája
Yeah James, but it is about REM sleep. Using Meditation and a whole bunch of stuff, and shutting down human linear thinking to dream into an alternative universe. You cannot literally go into another universe. this is New Age Psychic stuff. But it actually works, and there is a theorem that an infinite multiverse is in your brain. Plus it's just meditation, it takes practice and preparing, and is really fun, also like the only thing tiktok is good for.
JRumbix 10 órája
i still believe hogwarts
Muk 5 órája
I REEEEALLY hope this is a joke
SugarxSweet 10 órája
while i was watching this i saw a soobway add on tv😮😳
tamaki :/
tamaki :/ 10 órája
8:10 James drew bAkUgoU💥 so good
tamaki :/
tamaki :/ 10 órája
8:10 oMg 😳 James drew bAkUgOu 💥so fRicKiNg gOod
tamaki :/
tamaki :/ 10 órája
Who knew James is ✨gAy✨for bAkUgOu 💥
tamaki :/
tamaki :/ 10 órája
5:55 is that bAkUgOu?
Glitch Bot
Glitch Bot 10 órája
I was here
Діана Катрич
Діана Катрич 10 órája
Therandomlife Show
Therandomlife Show 10 órája
Hogwarts is real !!! I would be in Gryfindor people. I would hate Slyverin(I spelt it wrong 😑)
Everiz 4 órája
@Klaus und Klaus I don’t think it’s satire judging from the “recent comments by this person” thing on mobile.
Klaus und Klaus
Klaus und Klaus 7 órája
r/youngpeopleyoutube or im just too stupid for satire
Ben0104 11 órája
0:40 is that the Confederate flag ?
Cryonize Pyroniac
Cryonize Pyroniac 11 órája
Give james a ted talk
Kavi Abdllah
Kavi Abdllah 11 órája
Happy birthday to u happy birthday to you happy to james in 8 days
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek 12 órája
4:57 I'm sorry but thanos can turn to the dust only 50% of the one universe not all
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek
Jakparsadyk Nurlibek 12 órája
Sorry I'm not know the English sl good
Fender Saint Romero
Fender Saint Romero 12 órája
Back off Bakugo he's mine
Specialuset 12 órája
I’m pretty skeptical about reality shifting, but how is believing in reality shifting a dangerous belief? Comparing it to racists and antivaxxers is pretty extreme. Religion and spirituality are both beliefs, but we still respect them. The same should apply to reality shifting. If they aren’t hurting anyone like racists then just respect their beliefs and move on.
phag0t pushy destroyer
phag0t pushy destroyer 2 órája
NO FR?? it's not affecting anyone isn't it?🤨
Everiz 4 órája
Because it’s proving that the children who believe it are easily susceptible to believing something just because they want to believe it. There could very easily be a rise in something new on the level of antivaxxers, and they could easily be swayed by three people saying “It’s real trust me!” since that’s essentially what’s going on with shifting.
wajida amazi
wajida amazi 6 órája
i like this
xax is zay no csp
xax is zay no csp 12 órája
James can you make more videos
Godslayer Luigi
Godslayer Luigi 12 órája
Niranjan S
Niranjan S 13 órája
Your the weirdest and that makes you cool and very interesting as an adult
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 13 órája
The last part was really good
Lolli Da gamer
Lolli Da gamer 13 órája
The gravity falls reference is amazing
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 12 órája
my body when I'm in shifting: hay may I borrow ur body "sure man"
Elveera Syafina
Elveera Syafina 13 órája
I was watching your video and then a tik tok ad came out
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 12 órája
when u tell the truth and tell the truth: OML MY LIFE IS NO LONGER THE SAM IM SHOCKED
blurby 13 órája
O̸Cat 。KidO̸
O̸Cat 。KidO̸ 13 órája
BacK OFf BAKUgOU HEs MInE Nu uh he’s mine 👁👄👁
Reagan Miller
Reagan Miller 14 órája
Love this take on the shifting trend. I studied the multiverse theory in Physics class recently, and there's a lot of evidence pointing to it being true. However, physics likely still applies to those worlds as you said. Alternate universes only consist of PLAUSIBLE outcomes. This means Hogwarts, if it did exist in an alternate reality, would not be a magic school, and 2D cartoon universes can't exist for obvious reasons. The alternate reality doesn't have to make sense, like there could be a reality where I woke up and decided to wear a clown suit to school, but that happening is physically possible so it works. Another agreed-upon rule of the multiverse is that alternate realities can never interact, which kind of debunks the whole thing. Another universe can't change our reality, and we can't change theirs. Shifters claim it's your subconscious travelling between worlds, but I'm not really sure what that means. By the way, there aren't really infinite universes, because that would disprove the law of conservation (there's a set amount of energy in the universe), so there are just *close* to infinity. This is a relatively unexplored field of science, and I'm not a quantum physics major or anything, just a high schooler who thinks this trend is probs an unhealthy coping mechanism. No hate to anyone who believes in shifting, and feel free to add other info about it if you think I missed something :)
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