Bubble Gaming
Bubble Gaming 2 órája
“You can hear that one the doink special
Rythzzz 2 órája
nice fc
Manuel Pestana
Manuel Pestana 2 órája
2:20 Clayton i see you bro!!!!
Roscoe Charles
Roscoe Charles 3 órája
#25 Michael tutsie 💪
Joe Veitch
Joe Veitch 4 órája
Plus says we had best team in history 2019.....nick says hope my beer and watch 2020 lol
Joe Veitch
Joe Veitch 4 órája
Lsu says .......dang auto correct
ASCENT 6 órája
What Is a saluki?
Dee Hooks
Dee Hooks 3 órája
Look at the helmet
farley toussaint
farley toussaint 8 órája
What a Reachhhhhhhhh
Antbeast23 8 órája
How about put them in the fbs and see if they really can dominate
Cyclone Mama
Cyclone Mama 9 órája
Yes, Ames, Iowa IS the place!
Colby Garrow
Colby Garrow 9 órája
I’m confused why is there college football still on
Nazeer Curry
Nazeer Curry 4 órája
Spring football.
LaZy AL 9 órája
Why didn’t lance play?
A. T. Smith
A. T. Smith 9 órája
Go! Southern, Go!
Marquies Riley
Marquies Riley 10 órája
SIU came to play...respect to the coaching staff
Shaun McCann
Shaun McCann 10 órája
Shaun McCann
Shaun McCann 10 órája
Sad tho because of this it followed this player and 100% affected his career
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 10 órája
I thought this game was set up so lance could show off? He would not be cobra kai material.
Cody #Warhawk
Cody #Warhawk 10 órája
Maybe pay the refs next time or something? I dunno, take something out of Alabama's playbook.
BassasaurusRex 10 órája
It's remarkable that a guy who is as consistently wrong as Mel Kiper is still has a job. I'm not saying he's wrong about Fields, I'm speaking generally here.
SV DaGoat
SV DaGoat 10 órája
Why are they playing in February ? is this a spring game or regular season ?
Thunder King18
Thunder King18 11 órája
I hope the giants don’t get him I literally trade my self or release my self when I get drafted by the giants on madden
Dylon Burnett
Dylon Burnett 11 órája
Mac Jones is the number 2 Qb
Dylon Burnett
Dylon Burnett 11 órája
If fields was on BYU and Wilson was on osu would things be different
King Barnes
King Barnes 11 órája
Very different
Eric Makulu
Eric Makulu 11 órája
I guess no team will ever break Oklahoma's 47 game win streak
Zachary Rogers Sr
Zachary Rogers Sr 11 órája
When they played Ole Miss a few years back they were very impressive. They are coached very well
bigdap100 11 órája
The KKK of UGA is still mad at Justin Fields.
Ryan Human
Ryan Human 12 órája
Since when is it football szn??????
I'monit 12 órája
This is the mind game you see every year. Dysfunctional organizations are taken advantage of by smart organizations. Take a player and build him up to seem better than he actually is. Coax an anemic organization like lets say...Washington! Yeah.. fleece Washington of a bunch of picks by getting them to trade up to get a supposed super star. In the end Washington is fleeced, broke, with a bust and stays in the N.F.L. dog house. The smart team that traded down just got 5 extra picks to build depth on a roaster.
qbm3 alt
qbm3 alt 12 órája
John Smith
John Smith 13 órája
College football is still being played?
William Herring
William Herring 13 órája
Them losing just made Lance look even better
phoenix love
phoenix love 4 órája
@Ahmad Whitaker it shows he was the main contributor to their success. without him they lost. with him they went 39-0
Ahmad Whitaker
Ahmad Whitaker 6 órája
Blow' The Whistle
Blow' The Whistle 14 órája
Seahawks 2nd rnd
Agent007 14 órája
They said he was slow and unathletic. 1:16 was a beautiful block
Samir Pollard
Samir Pollard 14 órája
I think Justin fields gone b the best in this draft class
Caleb Skinner
Caleb Skinner 15 órája
😂😂😂 what a joke!!! "Justin Fields, depending on what game you look at" no duh dipshit. Why doesn't TLaw get that kind of criticism?? Field has more high QBR games than TLaw does. Did he know that? Does he care??
Denny Roman
Denny Roman 15 órája
dan kill it shut ur ''up------ bet he made machine noise too cris and mel should have draft show i wanted more of there convo
The wizard Of oz
The wizard Of oz 15 órája
Todd machay is rrrrrrrrrrr+arded
LOLMAN 9538 15 órája
Leatherwood with that title be like: "This is my baby, and no one's taking it from me!!!"
Savage Cabbage 13
Savage Cabbage 13 15 órája
this is the worst loss for the bison in like 10 years. we are witnessing the fall of a dynasty
DianeMarie Hedin
DianeMarie Hedin 16 órája
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Patrick Libunao
Patrick Libunao 16 órája
Why would the giants take another pass catching TE in Pitts 🤔🤣
Demetric Grant
Demetric Grant 16 órája
Weak school program scared to come to d1 glad they got whooped
itdoesntmatter 6 órája
They are playing D1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thanatos-RV 8 órája
🤣🤣🤣 thanks for the laughs, one of the dumbest comments I’ve read
Larry Fisher
Larry Fisher 16 órája
MAX -This is what the Giants SHOULD do. They should 1st Franchise Williams, than trade him for maybe a a 2nd and 5th or 3rd and 5th. They should trade pick #11 AWAY (not down). Maybe trade for a 2021 2nd, 4th, and a 2022 first. So now we have 3 second round picks. I'd like to sign a OL in FA. If we don't we draft one. Draft DL Jaylen Twyman, and one WR (WR's Terrace Marshall Jr. and Amon-Ra St. Brown look as good options)In round Three draft RB Rhamondre Stevenson unless RB Javonte Williams is available, take him. The next pick should be DB. The reason I wanted to get rid of pick #11 was because it gave the Giants two things. It gave them more picks in this years draft and a #1 next year. If Jones has a bad year or worse, gets injured AGAIN, he can't be our future QB. Now we have two first round picks to move up without forfeiting any future picks. We need a RB to help carry the load. Barkley can't do it alone.
Demetric Grant
Demetric Grant 16 órája
Jamar Quarles
Jamar Quarles 16 órája
They disrespect Justin field I can’t wait to see how they wrong again
Jabrony 16 órája
Is trey Lance playing ?
The spirit Of 76
The spirit Of 76 16 órája
Ahhh. Yes
Christopher Carlton
Christopher Carlton 17 órája
Good. Program needed a Gut check.
G. Money
G. Money 10 órája
After 8 titles in a row? That’s when you need a gut check? Come now
UncleRicoThaCheatCode 17 órája
Trey lance and Carson wentz that’s all
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV 17 órája
As a South Dakota State Jackrabbit alum. I approve this message ✊🏾
Jeremy Sheets
Jeremy Sheets 18 órája
Does anybody know what channel does spring football is coming on
flushed guy
flushed guy 17 órája
ESPN plus
fujiapple96 18 órája
5:16 Bless her heart! She thinks 185,000 is a lot of miles.
Devin mccampbell
Devin mccampbell 18 órája
What a record though....had to end at some point and at least it wasn't on their own turf
Dexter Monson
Dexter Monson 19 órája
They lost so much from the fall obviously starting with a top 10 NFL prospect that I'm not surprised they aren't quite the same. I think the problem is they lost anybody that was good to the NFL or transfer and didn't have a chance to bring in any highschool prospects or FBS transfers to replace those players.
Dennis Rice
Dennis Rice 19 órája
Alabama players are always humble. Nick Saban makes all his players super humble just going thru his process.
4EB Glizz
4EB Glizz 19 órája
This what happens when you don't have your quarterback but they still good this like Clemson vs nd
Jarrod Neely
Jarrod Neely 3 órája
Better be ready to play. That's on them for not having a quality backup
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 20 órája
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Anonymous Wombat
Anonymous Wombat 20 órája
I’ll just say what everyone is thinking: SIU made NDSt. look like a Div. 2 school. Congrats SIU!!! For those of you that don’t follow FCS football. Missouri Valley Football conference is the SEC of FCS football.
itdoesntmatter 6 órája
@Travis Nix stop being biased I can already tell you're JMU fan lol. Everyone knows MVFC is the best, well everyone besides biased CAA fan boys lol.
Thanatos-RV 9 órája
Must be why I only ever hear of NDSU, EWU and JMU when people talk of the FCS
Travis Nix
Travis Nix 13 órája
No. The CAA is the SEC of FCS
L R 21 órája
Jets would be retarded to not draft a QB at 2
aaron short
aaron short 21 órája
I hope Braxton makes a full recovery, Najee and Saban made him smile, terrific story I hope it has a Happy ending ROLL TIDE Braxton
DhowTo 21 órája
Auburn was dumb dumb dumb for letting Gus Malazahn go.... Dumb Dumb Dumb... He won & beat Alabama multiple times... Just doesn't make sense.
Richard Gentry
Richard Gentry 21 órája
Can't win them all. Go Bison
Jacob Aaron
Jacob Aaron 21 órája
Have no scouts realized that qbs from top schools in the nation very rarely pan out? Every once in a while you get lucky but for the most part they can't make the transition. The reason they were throwing 4 TDS a game in college is bc their offense was twice as good as the defense they were going against every Saturday.
Dees Nuts
Dees Nuts 21 órája
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Totally not Depressed
Totally not Depressed 21 órája
The FCS is competitive again! WOOOOOOO!!
popp sosa
popp sosa 15 órája
😂😂😂😂😂 on god
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 22 órája
Justin Fields will be a bust 🤫 doesn’t anticipate any throws
William Santiago
William Santiago 17 órája
Neither did Josh Allen Justin Herbert Sam Darnold and Tua were the ones who threw with anticipation in college who’s the better player in those drafts?
DJ Avery Jr
DJ Avery Jr 22 órája
Y’all forgot about the 2017 Georgia Bulldogs
Gary Tucker
Gary Tucker 22 órája
Coach Sanders, congrats and THANK YOU for giving back to the community! Prayers for much more success down the road!
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 22 órája
Wait..they played a game in February?
Dexter Monson
Dexter Monson 17 órája
@Mark Douglas ya not all conferences and/or teams are having a season but quite a few are. I live in MT and both Montana and Montana State aren't playing this spring but most of the big sky conference which they are a part of is having a season.
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 19 órája
@Dexter Monson i go to a D2 university and I havent heard anything about us. Didnt know FCS was moving forward with spring football. Wish I knew about it, id watch it on TV if its all thats on.. year round football sign me up
Dexter Monson
Dexter Monson 19 órája
They didn't play in the fall. I don't think there were many FCS teams at all that played in the fall so most are playing a spring season
Emari Carter
Emari Carter 22 órája
Dayum Gina.
Reid Erickson
Reid Erickson 23 órája
This would be a great pick by the giants
Andrew Lykins
Andrew Lykins 23 órája
2021-2022 NFL MVP! Book it!
Chris Caruthers
Chris Caruthers 23 órája
big boy todd
big boy todd 23 órája
worst commentators i’ve heard
Aidan Watson
Aidan Watson Napja
Dawg his daughter was not salary cap friendly is savage
Balyeet Bhagaloe
Balyeet Bhagaloe Napja
Justin fields is literally almost the same as tlaw watch him being the herbert of this years draft
Golden griZZ
Golden griZZ Napja
What if somebody had the bright idea to put Alabama in division 2
David George
David George Napja
NDSU will have to increase the player's monthly stipend to get better athletes. Plus after the success of Jabril Cox at LSU, potential recruits who don't play QB know the road to the NFL isn't thru NDSU.
itdoesntmatter 6 órája
The have multiple offensive tackles in the NFL and had a few defensive backs and linebackers too. Not just their QBs but they are just the most noticeable.
Thanatos-RV 8 órája
I wouldn’t say Cox was a success at LSU but he does get to put LSU next to his name in the draft. Although I don’t think it helped his draft stock any if at all
Cole Converse
Cole Converse Napja
Better fire that coach 😅
JarOfSnokes Napja
I guess no explanation to why they play in feb:March
Dexter Monson
Dexter Monson 19 órája
They didn't play in the fall...
Thomas Opdahl
Thomas Opdahl Napja
They had a bad day. There is a reason it is hard to win every game and it isn't entirely because of the other team being the better one. NDSU is good at their level because they are geared toward that level. They've never said anything else. Just the same as Alabama being good at their level because they are geared toward their level. They aren't a joke because they would be bounced off of the field against Tampa Bay. People need to quit pitting others against each other just to push their own need for an argue. Most FCS teams would love to have the NDSU culture. Winning teams year after year regardless of changing players or coaches. There is something good going on there and it not just that they come in with the best recruits. The culture advances potential. For those of you that haven't, watch the past ten championships. Great games and real playoffs, not a popularity pairing like the bowl system. Every team with any chance has a chance to be there. The FBS level seems to have less of a corporate smell to it. Just kids playing a game while they are growing up and learning to be something bigger.