BlizzConline Day 2
BlizzConline Day 1
The Future of Diablo
ImmA 16 perccel
It really seems like they’re doing this right. They catch a lot of flak for WC:R (and rightly so) but they totally nailed Starcraft Remastered, it was nearly perfect. Plus they made a great choice bringing on Vicarious Visions as a partner. I’m so hyped for this.
Iinkubiss 27 perccel
I smiled :)
David Carlton
David Carlton Órája
Was he anything else but an old scholar?
Themovie Edition
Themovie Edition Órája
I thought it would have better graphics than DOTA 2. Disappointment just like reforged ... Such a company should outperform any other company with RPG gameplay.
Lost Cosmos
Lost Cosmos 2 órája
Please, for the Love of Diablo... do not make me wait until October for the release! Please be sooner!
Todeswalzer 2 órája
Every scene to look like a death metal album Now thats a dream
TruthMC 2 órája
I watch the whole video :)
doli prane
doli prane 3 órája
pvp with p2w...
5thhorsman 4 órája
Well looks like I have to find my assassin and necro build sheets again
Alex Carrick
Alex Carrick 4 órája
Cringe 2d personality. Cringe chinese animation style. I thought this was D4, not a chinese mmo.
Ingsoc Puppet
Ingsoc Puppet 6 órája
Remind the world what a real Diablo game is. I'm all in on this. The only thing D3 had going for it were the seasons. Every other thing in D3 was pale imitation with the lore butchered. Especially insulting was thay the online was originally designed around trying to constantly milk money out of players via a RMT auction house and a disgustingly designed loot table system, I could never see D3 in the same light. Blizzard, as it was, is long dead, but let's hope they can get a remaster right this time. I want to be totally hyped, but I still remember the Warcraft III: Reforged cashgrab, so I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way.
Thallius 7 órája
Diablo immortal 👎
Thallius 7 órája
Won’t be getting this.
Johannes Krasner
Johannes Krasner 8 órája
thx guys for this work!
Omega Alpha
Omega Alpha 9 órája
Diablo team, please include controller support! Yes we all have phone. But, we all have TV and or monitor too. We want to have game otg, we also want continue the experience on large screen back home.
Goric 9 órája
Overly excited soy boy 😀. Does blizz has nothing better to do then sponsor those very cheap ppl.
PenguinTamer 10 órája
I'm so ready for them to release this.
Brandon OBrien
Brandon OBrien 11 órája
This was awesome
ace gear
ace gear 11 órája
does he even know cain died in D3 due to blizzard wants a female diablo
shark cartoon
shark cartoon 12 órája
is this video talking about world of Warcraft??????
Chiptendo 12 órája
As long as I can summon 30 skeletons I'm good.
Swackle T
Swackle T 12 órája
Don't you guys have Phones?
min wu
min wu 12 órája
Neckbaster 13 órája
I am glad they learned from Warcraft 3's dumpster fire.
Vanquish Audio
Vanquish Audio 14 órája
Adr805 14 órája
I'm wondering if it will possible to move saves from the original Diablo to Resurrected
PyroLoo 14 órája
Can't wait to see how the Arcane Sanctuary looks in this remaster! My favorite area in the game and it will be in 3D!
Lucas Barros
Lucas Barros 14 órája
are the original characters still going to be playable in D2R?
Lucas Barros
Lucas Barros 14 órája
are the original characters still going to be playable in D2R?
niamhnyx 15 órája
So... Demon Hunter. Right. I know what I'm playing. XD
hypt0ny 18 órája
I love the fact that D2 remaster is as dark as the original. D2 should be dark and spooky. Great job blizzard.
Y2K Blackout
Y2K Blackout 18 órája
Is it racist that I thought the black guy was Tyrael?
Daniel Pedersen
Daniel Pedersen 18 órája
ye live in the past.. u give us d2 so u can slack on d4
Nemesis 18 órája
I am soooo glad people are upset that he was killed by a butterfly. I once wrote a post a on the Diablo 3 forums a long time ago that spread like wild fire... It got me banned but in it I talked about all the things wrong with Diablo 3. Including the story, the game play, graphics, etc. In this post I talked about how Deckard Cain was killed by a butterfly and the only character that should be allowed to kill him was Diablo. I'm sure thousands of people had the same idea about Deckard being killed before my post but it's just so nice to see other people say the same thing because it makes my feelings feel validated; that I not the only one who is still upset from Diablo 3.
Noble Phantasm
Noble Phantasm 18 órája
This almost as much dislikes then likes because no one clicked on this to hear guys talk LOL
Nananea 18 órája
When the framerate dips in the announce trailer that's something to be worried about. Gonna play it regardless~
Blueberry Poptart
Blueberry Poptart 19 órája
Horse speed upgrades are a slippery slope and would not like to see this happen. It will make it easier to add more stuff like this more and then pay to win features.
Nemesis 19 órája
Blessed remake the Diablo 3 story. How they killed Deckard couldn't have been more disgraceful.
xDannyboo 19 órája
The talks felt a bit too forced imo but i'm still excited to hear about the game!
wolfen23d 19 órája
Alright, I have seen no one ask this question: Will the Secret Cow Level be in D2R?
wolfen23d 19 órája
Alright, I have seen no one ask this question: Will the Secret Cow Level be in D2R?
E137enFingers 9 órája
There is no cow level..
Michael S
Michael S 19 órája
The blood cape is GENIUS! great job!
KaiserShyvin 20 órája
It took me until now to realize it... But is anyone else getting Doc Brown vibes from his voice? "We've got to go back, to the FUTURE!"
싸넬 20 órája
After seeing this trailer now i understand why they finally pushed D2 remaster. Yeah graphics are nice but the gameplay is too D3-like for players who played D1 and D2 but it's alright, you enjoy what you enjoy and we will enjoy what we enjoy :)
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 20 órája
*Press X to DOUBT!* I only believe it WHEN i see it! *Reforged won't be ever forgotten* Neither Mobile nor the garbage called 3<.<
Armand WolfGang
Armand WolfGang 23 órája
anyway to watch this video w/o Mr Llama in it?
centaur 23 órája
my designed curse for necro curse name: bittersweet - your hurt just only heal me, but if you want close your wounds, you must do that. so, when cursed enemy damage you, that heals you, but at the same time that heals cursed enemy too. this is sneaky curse and i want to see that at diablo cursed enemy must do more damage than necro if cursed enemy want stay alive. cursed enemy cant kill necro, only heal themself and necro.
Francisco J. Diaz
Francisco J. Diaz 23 órája
Thank you very much to Antonio Cobos, the actor behind Deckard Cain in
Jo Zh
Jo Zh Napja
Pls blizzard. Don't pull CDPR on us!
Jo Zh
Jo Zh Napja
Can cross play?
Dartaen Napja
You could say that was... earie. Hehehe... he...?
Mitch Proulx
Mitch Proulx Napja
So pumped!!! Let's go!!!!!
ethdsth thwethr
ethdsth thwethr Napja
Heads up I watched a vid with the devs saying deckards alive in D4 and D3 will not follow the same storyline
Positive Vibrance
Positive Vibrance Napja
I would rather prefer that they keep the auction house in Diablo 3, rather than making this pay to win game (Immortal)
ً Napja
Did you guys have phones to dislike this video? -Yes. We will
Le Christine
Le Christine Napja
"Not enough Hatred", . . . 😂😂😂
deepstrasz Napja
Darkly enlightening.
Dany89 Napja
Deckard because he is always at his DECK, right?! Hahaha...haha...
Excalibur Prime
Excalibur Prime Napja
Looks like a reskinned Diablo 3 - same cartoony artstyle. More looking forward to Diablo 2: Resurrected.
Kevorka Napja
Is it sad that this is my biggest motivator in life for staying alive?
Bromon Diction
Bromon Diction 3 órája
Only a little
Inside Looking in
Inside Looking in Napja
why does the amazon look so bad? what have you done to her face? are you laughing?
Hypogonadism Napja
Excited about D2 Ressurected, and eventually D4.. But i just hope they tone down the "mobile look" of D4.. Dont need fancy numbers flying around on the screen, or over sized healthbars of monsters.. Tone it down, make it blend in way way more.. It needs to be dark. If you are unsure if you got it dark enough, tone it way way more on the darker side...
James Bond
James Bond Napja
Will it be released in 2021?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Napja
Still can’t get over the sound of that hook piercing the ear cartridge. Wearing headphones makes me feel like I felt it myself.
Alek Krstevski
Alek Krstevski Napja
$40 for fancier graphics? no ty greedy goblin kotick.
peter dang
peter dang Napja
Hi, does anyone know where i can get Rod's Tshirt ?
Freedom Forever
Freedom Forever Napja
They seriously need to get rid of the dodge and damage text. It's stupid af and ruins the esthetic of the game.
Dennis Jakobus
Dennis Jakobus Napja
Oh my Goodness!
Cáo Melody
Cáo Melody Napja
Có anh em Việt Nam nào đặt Dép chưa
Sergio Airaldi
Sergio Airaldi Napja
OK thanks Blizzard, at least now u are trying to take the right choices, that means something already. Hope u keep making good decisions < 3
Timmy Boy
Timmy Boy Napja
Well, maybe this time they fix Amazon's Fend bug :D
Raziel Napja
looks like the pillars of eternity engine
J Willis
J Willis Napja
I almost feel bad for the team working on bringing a PC game originally designed to be played on consoles, to consoles to mobile. dialbo 3 was so broken in somany ways, trying to port it anywhere , one has to ask why you would even attempt to? Diablo 3 is like Blizzards version of Microsofts Windows ME.
Farfig Noogan
Farfig Noogan Napja
Diablo Reforged
Rezatera Eilolsiân
Rezatera Eilolsiân Napja
Gothic world? You mean Rainblo 3?
Linda Maloy
Linda Maloy Napja
Very earie!!!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 órája
soundtrack <3