Dave Rosenberger
Dave Rosenberger 15 órája
Black Statues Matter
glizzy gobbler
glizzy gobbler 15 órája
bruh justput a statuie of a glizzy
jeff broadway
jeff broadway 16 órája
Urban Explorer 260
Urban Explorer 260 16 órája
BLM 100% does not deserve any sort of positive recognition, no statues, no celebrations, just a pure fucking wake up call.
saggia99 16 órája
That's the scariest vídeo I saw on HUload
Grey Dominguez
Grey Dominguez 16 órája
And yet the statues all around the country that glamorize traitors and murderers are left standing?
Dexter Vlug
Dexter Vlug 16 órája
This is a disgusting "statue" that means nothing to no one. What a fat statue too
showbizroxs 17 órája
Who's the actress at 1:15?
andrew kruth
andrew kruth 17 órája
Darwinism in action.
sock3t 17 órája
Your next 😈
ANN Garber
ANN Garber 17 órája
Why not donate it to Washington D.C. African American Museum?
proud to be a simp
proud to be a simp 17 órája
They should replace it with the founder buying a brand new home in a rich area in LA
SIM 740
SIM 740 17 órája least sum1 ther has sense
hans meiser
hans meiser 17 órája
Wtf 🙄🙄🙄
James Waldo
James Waldo 17 órája
Dam right if we cant have Confederate statues from our history we sure donr need a blm statue either I still support the confederacy 2021 I will never support black history month or blm bs period
Conrad Hermann
Conrad Hermann 17 órája
Good should never been there
Some Dude
Some Dude 18 órája
Every time I see a statue for living people I cringe. Statues are for celebrating history not the present
Péter Gosztonyi
Péter Gosztonyi 18 órája
Yeah Sure
Yeah Sure 18 órája
Good fuck your blm bs
mojavedc10 18 órája
Black Lives Matters protestors spray painted "No More History" to the side of a building in Portland, Oregon in the United States yesterday. I get the opinion that some in Bristol feel the same way after watching this piece.
Anthony Cox
Anthony Cox 18 órája
Bunch of fools.
Barbara Gilmore
Barbara Gilmore 18 órája
And then they killed him
Nakoda Franklin
Nakoda Franklin 18 órája
That’s that you were so pretty if the girl I wish you stayed up there longer😣
Nakoda Franklin
Nakoda Franklin 18 órája
Bruh I hate ppl
Heavy Joe Chipman
Heavy Joe Chipman 18 órája
Throw that thing into molten metal or lava and forget it ever was. "Thou shalt make NO graven image!" God's words, not mine.
Nathan Corley
Nathan Corley 19 órája
Basically karma since they removed the political statues
Rollo Tomasi
Rollo Tomasi 19 órája
So um, the BLM folks got fooled, huh?
Elle Madara
Elle Madara 19 órája
F*ck u reptilians
Time Out
Time Out 19 órája
Jay K
Jay K 19 órája
BLm is a organized gang to burn, loot, murder look at Minnesota
J Hume
J Hume 20 órája
this is what we want.
Metaleps 20 órája
Some day, all those rioters will be punished and everything will get back to normal.
MTB MATT85 20 órája
Fucking wankers protesting for something that doesn’t apply to them! Celebrate where you come from, don’t rip down the truth. It’s like the silly cunts weren’t happy with that fact their ancestors faced real prejudice and suffering so they could be the pampered little snow flakes they are today! I think it’s an insult on the black history and how they over come slavery, always remember many cotton farm owners were also black, and there were white and Asian slaves too. But hey that doesn’t meet the narrative does it? It was just another insult to black people, Black Lives Matter, white lives matter, Asian lives matter etc etc all lives matter. All the BLM movement does is shows the fractures in their racism towards anyone that isn’t black. BLM is a racist movement.
Say NO to Communism
Say NO to Communism 21 órája
Put up a straight white conservative Christian male. That'll get em going.
Hattu Neula
Hattu Neula 21 órája
Impeach and remove Maxine Waters.
A AK 21 órája
Throw the original statue in the river and they'll restore it better. Whereas they throw your ugly blm statue in the garbage. Lol.
Silaz Meerkat
Silaz Meerkat 22 órája
hope the a* holes who knocked it down get punished.
Andrew Burley
Andrew Burley 22 órája
A facist looking statue for a facist cause 🤣 Got no issue with black people but they have an issue with white people. Reversed racisum at its finest. A reminder that only white people can be racist 🤣 That's irony btw. Either way you look at what ever colour you are were all prisoners of today
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle 22 órája
South Carolina didn’t go for obama
Kiz Epic Journey
Kiz Epic Journey 17 órája
Yeah it did in the Democratic primary.
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle 22 órája
DAY_NYC 22 órája
This comment section smells like klan sheets and adult diapers
DAY_NYC 22 órája
White people are mad they are losing their freedom of speech and freedom to oppress others. You will lose your job career wife pets businesses. Your time has come racists
Bondayz! 22 órája
Lucky kids
M N 22 órája
How about this all lives matter but no But I think I only black lives matter
Muspelling 23 órája
One day was too much.
Dennis Yost
Dennis Yost 23 órája
Good. Phuk them.
Stephen Neathery
Stephen Neathery 23 órája
What was this dude doing before the scene was shot?
nile pax
nile pax 23 órája
God help us.. she is beautiful, radiant...I think of you and pray for your hopes and dreams, my darling. May you know peace, tranquility and the love you desire and deserve so much.
King Heart
King Heart 23 órája
Plot twist, they replaced it with a statue of hitler doling the sig heil.
Sarah Hunter 1997
Sarah Hunter 1997 Napja
0:14 when the beat drops
Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper Napja
Feel good story
Marilyn Stewart
Marilyn Stewart Napja
Thank u for taking that horrible blm statue down enough is enough
MaxPSVR Napja
The other day a white kid with his hands up in compliance was shot dead by police officers. The kid did nothing except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where's the white lives matter?
R Napja
Turn about...IS FAIR PLAY!!! You BLM - 'Mo-'Fo's remove my historical statues...and Yassah... we remove y'alls.
Rick Bane
Rick Bane Napja
Make her look like buckwheat
Binoj George
Binoj George Napja
The shots are so similar to the ones from Immanuel Lubezki (The Revenant)
B Bryant
B Bryant Napja
Now theres a racist statue.
Cool Whip
Cool Whip Napja
Nice it was put where it belongs!!! Blm is a fraud!!!
Thordan Napja
These people need to stop putting wood on a 400 year old fire that was suppose to go out over 150 years ago with president Lincoln.. This will never go away until we all are grown up enough to admit is must go away. Life as a non white in the USA is better than some think. Color of skin or race doesn't matter. .Its the respect and love that people show to each other that does.
Ryan Mendes
Ryan Mendes Napja
And then they complain about protecting the environment when they themselves threw the statue in the water body. Hypocrites
Mobile Writing
Mobile Writing Napja
Put up Adolf.
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb Napja
Spankygfunk 11
Spankygfunk 11 Napja
Wtf is wrong wit the uk... every body wants to be american...watt they got like a 3% black population...n there making statues....smh....go drink some tea n be grateful u live in a country that has less murders a yr than one of our small towns....weirdos...
SM Smoof
SM Smoof Napja
Put up a big dollar sign along side of whatever the BIS uses as it symbol ... that way everyone knows who their real Overlords are. Too soon?
s b
s b Napja
Should have thrown it in the canal. Apparently that's where we store statues nowadays.
Saito Hiraga
Saito Hiraga Napja
I just find it hilarious how they cheer and act like they think they are doing something amazing. You can't change the past. Putting your fingers in your ears ain't gonna change what has happened hundreds of years ago. You look at the past, and you learn from it, not forget about it. Otherwise, guess what? It repeats, and the pendulum of stupidity cycles around and around like a broken record player.
Karan Jeet Singh
Karan Jeet Singh Napja
That statue looks so good. Don't destroy it
Wolfsmaul-GER Napja
rekt xd
David Niles
David Niles Napja
Should have tossed that stupid racist BLM statue in the moat too!
She will disappear soon
yourmom Napja
looks like slaves are still being hung in 2020
Gerardo Vásquez
Gerardo Vásquez Napja
First, wtf is doing BLM on England??? Second, the BLM statue is supposed to look like a female? It looks like male lol
Chandrakant Arakale
Chandrakant Arakale Napja
Kab badaoge Indian ke States Akbar lakshman bhakre ke 29 sal pure Karne pe Taki aghe aur 2 sal shaitani karo
Chandrakant Arakale
Chandrakant Arakale Napja
Tum India ke aur states bada sakte ho Taki Akbar lakshman bhakre ko 31 sal Tak rokh sako .Bharat aur 2 states bada sakta hai abhi tho 29 states hai .31 ke aghe India states nahi bada sakta hai limit 31 states ki hai
Stefan Eilenbrock
Stefan Eilenbrock Napja
Wow ...😲
owen5660 Napja
very good i enjoyed this very much
SEAshley Napja
Dear god..its time to send the meteor.
lockingfine Napja
there is an investigation on where Jen Reid got the money to buy all of the homes that she just recently bought for a lot of money - might be using the black lives matter to buy her some real estate and other items --- this could get ugly for her really fast just like it did for Jim Baker back in the day.
amsterklan tv
amsterklan tv Napja
0:07 0:14 good fucking good