Diana Cris
Diana Cris 10 órája
Guys what compact was she holding?
Ayesha 10 órája
She's beautiful but it's important to remember that she's gotten work done on her face and so have 90% of all celebrities. Expensive treatments, implants and skincare will have good results, so don't compare yourself to these people 💗
karen deruyter
karen deruyter 10 órája
So composed for such a young lady...the nails??? Well, I’m old so those are a hard no for me🤷‍♀️
David Geertz
David Geertz 10 órája
Serena is a washed up big time drama queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ChaRliE YT
ChaRliE YT 10 órája
Dee Gee
Dee Gee 10 órája
The thing about this video I don’t like is that this video don’t tell you what she uses ..I think that’s what most people watch for ..she is beautiful though and other than that it’s a wonderful video 💗thank you
Tayzzle 10 órája
shes so prettyyy
Maxine Go
Maxine Go 10 órája
Step 1: have good skin and be pretty
Nusrat Kazi
Nusrat Kazi 10 órája
Like her eyes have been lifted to the heavens and this gives the woke look.. this seriously affects young minds.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 10 órája
Self absorbed and shallow .. Typical hollywood ..
Wow 10 órája
She doesn’t need these she is already gorgeous.💓💓💓
Nusrat Kazi
Nusrat Kazi 10 órája
Bro she got hella filler and Botox can you guys not??
Wania Talha
Wania Talha 10 órája
Ausheys Way
Ausheys Way 10 órája
Blending in the surroundings perfectly.
Chrysa Mak
Chrysa Mak 10 órája
she's so elegant
Nylasstuff 10 órája
I can't get over her voice
Christina Wickens
Christina Wickens 10 órája
key ingredient: youth and acne free skin
Stella Stefanidou
Stella Stefanidou 10 órája
Early 😍
Lil Lol
Lil Lol 10 órája
With a forehead like that she can beat any ram She can TKO any pro mma with only one headbutt 😂 🤣
Descendants lovers
Descendants lovers 10 órája
She is nice with makeup and without 💄💋👑💄💋👑💄💋👸😍
Kinjal Lalge
Kinjal Lalge 10 órája
Hi I am soooo early ahhh
Sandani Fernando
Sandani Fernando 10 órája
She has such a hypnotizing and ethereal beauty about her! I think her face fits almost every decade's aesthetic :)
Susan Robinson
Susan Robinson 10 órája
I know right 🥰💕
Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee 10 órája
Okay but low-key love dove with brown hair!
Joana Magro
Joana Magro 10 órája
Who else loves Dove????
Descendants lovers
Descendants lovers 10 órája
Meeeee! My favorite celebrity
Ida Lucia
Ida Lucia 10 órája
What a beauty she is ❤️❤️❤️
Ichbineinbaum 2
Ichbineinbaum 2 10 órája
You are so so cool I loveeee youuuu❤️❤️❤️
Suhasini Bhattacharya
Suhasini Bhattacharya 10 órája
So prettyyyyyy ❤
Daniela Diaz
Daniela Diaz 10 órája
omgg early!!
Jay O'Hara
Jay O'Hara 10 órája
This is delusional, if you can't be a REAL friend to someone unless you've known them for 10yrs, and you can't be a professional at something in under 15yrs, then you most definitely can not be a Legend at ANYthing in less than 25yrs. Is this person even that old?
Cory Cash
Cory Cash 10 órája
She looks super tired
Zee Kaye
Zee Kaye 11 órája
I literally screaaaaamed out loud when I saw Avril Lavigne asking a question to Billie Eilish!!!!! T_T My heaaart! <3
alyna mee
alyna mee 11 órája
this is so unrealistic. I mean you carry every day a crossbow with you?
Fake Love!
Fake Love! 11 órája
She's a queen!
LucaCXI 12 órája
I love her so much omg
PATKAI T.V. 12 órája
Am i not one of your fan .....why i can't sleep when i see you in any videos😊😁❤️
Markoni 12 órája
vega 12 órája
whats the lofi song that plays in the background while she answers questions
Ingridlosneslokken 13 órája
This is so cool!! Billie you are such an amazing woman. Your message, your songs and your lyrics are beyond everything. Love you girl! And, you can seriously rock EVERY SINGLE FREAKNG style!! Wow
Abisak Lalnunnemi 2001
Abisak Lalnunnemi 2001 13 órája
Missing those days😭
Milo Pischedda
Milo Pischedda 13 órája
Billie akst 4 chief keef hahaha
doryk!¿ 13 órája
Is she really like Haley?!!!
The Melody Fair
The Melody Fair 13 órája
You are really gorgeous Halima
G Skn
G Skn 14 órája
What an unbelievable selfless woman. BUT A.J. you did wrong during BP and u know this. Hope u heel and understand your part And realize u both were selfish at that time. Anyhow love what u do. Very inspirational.
Gigi Malley
Gigi Malley 14 órája
Not the title of the video only highlighting tayce & bimini ☠️ like yes they’re obviously my favourites too but its so dismissive of ellie & lawrence 🥴
IL0VERAP 14 órája
I love how she hates Hailey 😂
Emmanuel Giyani
Emmanuel Giyani 14 órája
If we get a jazz album. that, that would be my feeling of contentment
How no-one can see Billie is actually a Man, amazes me greatly.
dalu آدا
dalu آدا 14 órája
What's explicit billie??!!
Spare Time Novels
Spare Time Novels 15 órája
Spare Time Novels
Spare Time Novels 15 órája
Yvng_ sav13
Yvng_ sav13 15 órája
Idk what it was but the music and her vibe were making me wanna cry😭
Sbuder Man
Sbuder Man 15 órája
She looks like a cool person
R B 16 órája
I wonder what her “first” that she had recently was that she said is good explicit 😯
Reena B{NA
Reena B{NA 16 órája
I wish someone would contact me for a modeling deal. Lol I need a car
Such a gorgeous girl! 💕
Rachel Ortiz
Rachel Ortiz 16 órája
The ramp slayer gigi hadid!
Spare Time Novels
Spare Time Novels 17 órája
Spare Time Novels
Spare Time Novels 17 órája
Hameem Shameem
Hameem Shameem 17 órája
Yov Anna teach a thing or two
Petal Pusher
Petal Pusher 17 órája
Go back to dark hair.
Benice Joy
Benice Joy 17 órája
Sabrina and Olivia are both benefiting from the issue, except for the death notes that Sabrina's recieving.
Glacia Martin
Glacia Martin 17 órája
So happy that Billie loves Jodi cause, I love them both so hopefully you both will love me, so we can all love each other.
Teschia Givens
Teschia Givens 17 órája
I just love her so much... I just want to meet her and hang out! ugh
IamCharneisha 17 órája
Is nicki Minaj on here
the Sententious Vaunter
the Sententious Vaunter 18 órája
I'm betting her earrings double as bottle openers.
CyB 18 órája
Billie's hairstyle is cool
JA G 18 órája
Funny how she said Hillary Clintons purse to switch with... so would probably the FBI :)
xFabian1x 18 órája
billie is literally marylin.
khivya sajjan
khivya sajjan 18 órája
APART FROM THE DRAMA, sabrina's song SKIN was an amzig masterpiece like litreally her vocals and music were on point..that song didnt recieve recognition due to the ongoing DRAMA and ppl only cared abt LIV's song drivers licence and started to spread hate on poor song deserves all praise and absolutely no hate..
Yi Bu
Yi Bu 18 órája
This makes me dizzy
King of Shadows
King of Shadows 18 órája
Research Donald Marshall on Human Cloning and Vril Lizards and More! After you read the info you have to spread it
Cynical -
Cynical - 19 órája
ngl, didnt expect to see jodie comer !
Minnie Hillbrook
Minnie Hillbrook 19 órája
How could anyone dislike such a wonderful person as Angfelina?
Andrew HG
Andrew HG 19 órája
She is not only Smart but Sensitive to other persons and that is very Rare not only in normal People but specially on Celebrities, She is on the Path of deep Spirituality, in 20 Years her speech will be.................dont have the words but You will see.
whizzard blizzard
whizzard blizzard 19 órája
I didn’t get the hype on her when she was in her prime, but now I see it,
Jade 20 órája
OMG my vegan in pasadena/ la canada is sooooo good! I go all the time! It's so cool to hear her say this tiny restaurant
Hailey Kitzman
Hailey Kitzman 20 órája
i took the “hi hailey ... u beautiful thing” personally even tho i had no business doing so
April Suelo
April Suelo 20 órája
Throughout this video I'm just smiling! She's my all time favorite Hollywood actress 💛
Andrea 20 órája
I'm writing this comment on May 13th 2021 and I don't know what is going to happen to Celeste's career but I think she'll go far. In just a year she won a Brit award and got an Oscar nominee while releasing her first album (a true masterpiece). Not everyone manages to do that. Many singers or amateurs singers are able to sing technically, but a very small number is able to express feelings through their voice. Celeste is one of them. She's yet not as famous as she should, but fame isn't equal to talent and nobody's gonna take that from her. Great artists like Celeste deserve global recognition: she has a great voice, she has a great style, you can see that she knows what she is singing and you don't need to speak or understand English to catch those emotions. I was about to write "a star is born" but to be honest she has always been here, we're just here discover and appreciate it. I'm sure the world will get to know her in the near future. I can totally see her winning an Oscar for the next James Bond soundtrack, she seems made to fit that role. Is Celeste the kind of singer that dominates the Billboard Charts or has the most streamed song on Spotify for two months in a year? Probably not, but great artists don't really need that. People will always remember singers like Lady Gaga, Adele, Elton John, Amy Winehouse or George Michael. Are they gonna remember someone that gets viral on Tik Tok? I don't think so. Probably nobody's gonna read this comment, but just in case she gets the global fame she deserves I want to be the one that "predicted" the future 🤓