Nicholas Singer
Nicholas Singer 17 órája
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Nicholas Singer
Nicholas Singer 18 órája
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Hello 18 órája
A local club in my area lost a championship final because the keeper barely took half a step over the line with one foot. The ref called back three penalties he saved because of that. Keep in mind that this was before VAR, so the ref was making tigh decisions that should not have been made. Needless to say we lost, and the refs had to be escorted out by security.
contra tempo
contra tempo 18 órája
Por Favor cara fala em português do Brasil
Lümmel 18 órája
if you are interested in crazy defending i would recommend to watch a Philip Lahm highlights compilation ;)
contra tempo
contra tempo 18 órája
Este vídeo é completamente em inglês é porque não é futebol é futball
Minh Nhật
Minh Nhật 18 órája
name music . plsssss
Ishaan Srivastava
Ishaan Srivastava 18 órája
3:15 the moment Ronaldo decided to join Juve.
Johnny Feavelen
Johnny Feavelen 18 órája
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Leonardo Barrientos C
Leonardo Barrientos C 18 órája
Bien Gary!
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma 18 órája
Score 90 never disappointes me
Улик Мамиров
Улик Мамиров 18 órája
4:52 )
Heisenblargh 18 órája
The music at the end of the video reminds me somehow of International Superstar Soccer for Super Nintendo xD
Walid Bin Reja
Walid Bin Reja 18 órája
what is the tune name please
i am lyric
i am lyric 18 órája
insists on taking penalty misses penalty
sai sujal shamarthi
sai sujal shamarthi 18 órája
6:42 it wasn’t the players fault , he hit the card by mistake 😡
HeͥΐsͣeͫภbeRg 18 órája
Ejjathi Celebration aanu 2:15
nikola jojic
nikola jojic 18 órája
2:09 best diving in pool for me🏊‍♂️
Κωνσταντίνα Παναγιωτοπούλουρ
Κωνσταντίνα Παναγιωτοπούλουρ 18 órája
Isaac Broughton
Isaac Broughton 18 órája
Do you guys remember that time when neymar took a penalty but all the opposition were in the goal?
0:43 and 3:22 😂😂😂
JME-666 18 órája
Wenn manche Sportler dieses Fußball-Gen nicht hätten, würden sie auf den Hof sch**ßen 😅😅
# NINJA 18 órája
It's real I am a big fan of Ronaldo also I love the others ❤️
Omar Elyoussfi
Omar Elyoussfi 18 órája
3:59 giggs : don't look at me He's the one who lost it.
Joeri Van De Weyer
Joeri Van De Weyer 18 órája
in the womens football they needed some acting there to make it work lol
Onuh Rita
Onuh Rita 18 órája
The goal keeper would never forgive ronaldinho!
Aldistha Pratama
Aldistha Pratama 18 órája
Song intro?
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 18 órája
1:11 this is why Messi has 80 heading in FIFA
Vivian Amaya
Vivian Amaya 18 órája
The shot tho
Sports 90
Sports 90 18 órája
5:37 Pogba style
Laura G
Laura G 18 órája
pepes crazy
Onuh Rita
Onuh Rita 18 órája
We were watching one euros match when I was little ( can't remember the year) then a defender whose name was Smith cleared the goal from the line. It was so amazing. Since the anyone who clears the goal is called clearance Smith 😅😅😅 been shouting clearance smith throughout the video
The Flat Earth Society
The Flat Earth Society 18 órája
They are better than half the other players at their own game
Bishar Gellow
Bishar Gellow 18 órája
5:25 when you decide to clear the doubt😂😂
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 18 órája
Usain Bolt edit was masterpiece 🤣
Yesicek 18 órája
music name?
Veronica Balfour
Veronica Balfour 18 órája
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Alexis ballen
Alexis ballen 18 órája
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Sakib Ahmed
Sakib Ahmed 18 órája
What a feelings.. I can't forget, after a goal of Argentine player, well all just hugged each other. & tears came to our eyes
Mr Official 🅥
Mr Official 🅥 18 órája
I spent most of my time recording , editing and uploading I need all my brothers and sisters to support me 🙏🏻 Your mother and father leave in peace more than 💯 years
Slippin' Jimmy
Slippin' Jimmy 18 órája
You got 1.66 million subscribers. Can you please stop with the click baits already? All of your videos has click bait images. It's annoying and I won't subscribe till you stop doing it.
Andreas Kivett
Andreas Kivett 18 órája
The tart cave evocatively reign because bra selectively miss throughout a abashed drive. dangerous, fascinated spike
Shumi ali
Shumi ali 18 órája
3:32 Hahahaha Nobody Mess With Zlatan
Jinzo 18 órája
hope Mourinho gets fair shot at Roma, he deserves respect
Bishar Gellow
Bishar Gellow 18 órája
Gabitriel Gaby
Gabitriel Gaby 18 órája
kkkkk falo nada
Said King
Said King 18 órája
suarez crying is not in the video (clickbait)
ZimaMotoKitaalamu 18 órája
2:14 I heard of Swahili commentator .. Ahsante studio🤣🤣 much love from Tanzania
Shumi ali
Shumi ali 18 órája
Shital Khati
Shital Khati 18 órája
Intro song please....🙏🙏❤️
Asif Nahin
Asif Nahin 18 órája
Noah belly button
Noah belly button 18 órája
WI remember when u can have the hole team on the line
Mfiso Mngomezulu
Mfiso Mngomezulu 18 órája
What a great goal for Oscar Masuluke
Snup Dog
Snup Dog 18 órája
Maaaaan junge alle 20 sec werbung ihr geldgeier
Vanessa Aparicio
Vanessa Aparicio 19 órája
Benzema: look Modric: oh, ok lol
Nyedex othmane
Nyedex othmane 19 órája
What is the name of the song please 🔥
Flavio Subacchi
Flavio Subacchi 19 órája
Vardy is 🤡🤡
Mattéo Padou
Mattéo Padou 19 órája
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TheRobberik 19 órája
Samir Emadi
Samir Emadi 19 órája
3:21 - "You'll miss or I'll save the penalti".
Jordy Nino
Jordy Nino 19 órája
Why it's children 😂
summer*-* 19 órája
5: 53 was so funny I think 😂
2_cqn 19 órája
Bonita Deveau
Bonita Deveau 19 órája
The ten guitar coherently overflow because daughter rahilly heap unto a gamy power. supreme, rare asparagus
Pradumna Bhaskar
Pradumna Bhaskar 19 órája
1:00 respect❤️ for both:-)
Vanessa Aparicio
Vanessa Aparicio 19 órája
2:20 -Wait, where did the-? - ok lol
Rabia Naureen
Rabia Naureen 19 órája
Ozils hair is dancing Lol
S N 19 órája
Great vid, what’s the song for the intro?
CR7 KM7 19 órája
Lol the pogba one was so funny I like it🤣🤣🤣
Vanessa Aparicio
Vanessa Aparicio 19 órája
Head Boy
Head Boy 19 órája
2:31 Can someone tell me why Sterling got the red card? Because of the tackle?
Chanchal Bari
Chanchal Bari 19 órája
Pogba vs boult best 😂😂
wavy 19 órája
The Usain bolt run is faster than pogbas pen run up
kemal aygun
kemal aygun 19 órája
The possessive fiber family warm because desire weekly need about a coordinated cheetah. jazzy, efficacious france
wavy 19 órája
PritamK Tigga
PritamK Tigga 19 órája
How did the referee didn't see gk is so far from line🤦‍♂️
Darren Callahan
Darren Callahan 19 órája
The courageous cable electrophoretically press because waterfall terminally retire like a demonic river. royal, internal helium
Emmanuel Olayemere
Emmanuel Olayemere 19 órája
does anyone know why pogba takes pens so slow
TeamINDABHI : 19 órája
Cam u stop clickbait pls? Btw love your video
Mellow 19 órája
Whats the song at 1:30?