birik bole
birik bole 11 órája
Her song really hit the spot.❤️❤️❤️ May god bless her....
Learn Crafts With Paula!
Learn Crafts With Paula! 11 órája
Goood Hong nothing bad or a mistake happened lol
CSJiGSaW 11 órája
My hair is thinning. I need this SHAMPOO NOW!!!!
hako hope
hako hope 11 órája
Imma be the first to dislike this
JoeCool FlyingAce
JoeCool FlyingAce 11 órája
One of the best parts of the show is the conversations after the performance, and you cut that out.
Elena Lina Lee
Elena Lina Lee 11 órája
입이 안다물어질정도로 너무 놀라워요. 자랑스럽네요👍
Diego Cutipa
Diego Cutipa 11 órája
The good doctor knows how to hit it! LoL!
Bi Neng
Bi Neng 11 órája
His jump so high
Chris Mendez
Chris Mendez 11 órája
The soggy tendency incidentally encourage because fisherman probably lie beyond a willing blowgun. swift, wistful donna
Hannah White
Hannah White 11 órája
The song is 'In the air tonight' by Phil Colins, this cover is by Joseph William Morgan
Grace Lopez
Grace Lopez 11 órája
And guys say girls are not funny
Daniel Ameha
Daniel Ameha 11 órája
If she didnt get goldeb buzzle, I proudly say that agt is totally a bulshit!!
Kang Taehyun Oppa
Kang Taehyun Oppa 11 órája
Oh god my head hurts😂🤣
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell 11 órája
She looks nummy
Samantha Sarah Grossman
Samantha Sarah Grossman 11 órája
the way he looks exactly looks like Ethan Klein
Quirky Quips
Quirky Quips 11 órája
I think I've seen her on a Cirque de Soleil show.
Mike M
Mike M 11 órája
Here's another one.
PH Hunter
PH Hunter 11 órája
Second dude is fake
DrGrandpa 11 órája
French-Canadian explains the tiny towel at the end.
Diamond in the rough/ I am the Law
Diamond in the rough/ I am the Law 11 órája
Sincerelyshars 11 órája
They really still play one direction in their videos ommmfg tyyyyy
Andrej Oberstar
Andrej Oberstar 11 órája
All I can do right now is crying...
Dika Dike
Dika Dike 11 órája
Nea Rogström
Nea Rogström 11 órája
Brad Mondo has entered the chat
Diane Willson
Diane Willson 11 órája
bolerong palaka
bolerong palaka 11 órája
May the GOD give you a big miracle ❤❤❤
LilDamaged 11 órája
All fun and games till her scalp rips off 🤯
BoBong Batman
BoBong Batman 11 órája
And because of this,Howie wants his hair back.
DrGrandpa 11 órája
Now that's a hair-raising experience.
Tay YoungGod
Tay YoungGod 11 órája
I love this song and they sung it good. This song will always make me shed tears
Mrmeeseeks_210 11 órája
Anyone know what chords he using
Chioma Ubani
Chioma Ubani 11 órája
Golden buzzer
Jumoby 11 órája
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat 🤩 👏🏿 🤩
Oma Jnktga
Oma Jnktga 11 órája
Goosebump and tears happy and happy to see such amazing talent.. Love you an inspiration to the World.
Mimi Lamari
Mimi Lamari 11 órája
C'est juste incroyable , vraiment bravo 👌
Alexander Roginski
Alexander Roginski 11 órája
I laughed so hard I cried
Eniaryx 11 órája
Naaahh... That's what you called discipline☝️ congratulations!
Mike Mo
Mike Mo 11 órája
Man this brought me back to when the show was actually really good. Now it’s 95% unoriginal acts.
Logan Faiva
Logan Faiva 11 órája
Wow that was a waste of 7 minutes 😂
Cassandra Roman
Cassandra Roman 11 órája
I was in Taekwondo for eleven years, and I was a third degree black belt when I decided to stop. These guys are truly amazing, and they are dedicated to show that Taekwondo is an amazing sport, and people should try it.
a jayson
a jayson 11 órája
hearing people with immense amounts of privilege talk to people facing adversity is so baffling.
Tay YoungGod
Tay YoungGod 11 órája
Aye bay area!!!
Jessica Sandfort
Jessica Sandfort 11 órája
How she did was so talented
S/V Sayonara
S/V Sayonara 11 órája
Spectacular. How fit is that woman?
Quiet Soul
Quiet Soul 11 órája
Jeez…Her pain resistance is INSANE! With that fast swirl up in the air, she could have been flown away & injured! She was so good though! Hat's off, missy. RESPECT to you.👌🏻❤
Moviescene 11 órája
When your having a bad day, remember, someone had to go on stage after her.
issa51 11 órája
Jessica Sandfort
Jessica Sandfort 11 órája
Wow nice!!
Western RAM
Western RAM 11 órája
I wish the crowd would have stopped screaming so I could actually hear her. Damn.
Barbie Dee
Barbie Dee 11 órája
This is so beautiful she moved me,absolutely Incredible.♡
Amber Calhoun
Amber Calhoun 11 órája
I love her so so so much!!!! Only singer on this show that I really really felt.... Wow
Brownie IN USA
Brownie IN USA 11 órája
The armpit of the ladies 🤮
Jenn A
Jenn A 11 órája
So she's an "h-aerielist"...
Henry Gonzalez
Henry Gonzalez 11 órája
He is definitely not winning
the lady sings the blues
the lady sings the blues 11 órája
Howie's face is priceless!!..
Kamil Hewavitharana
Kamil Hewavitharana 11 órája
Amazing 👍
Joseph Peretz
Joseph Peretz 11 órája
This is so staged it is funny
Amos Tay
Amos Tay 11 órája
0:03 Simon said 'Hair you doing'. and grinned.
Brownie IN USA
Brownie IN USA 11 órája
It’s a cringe. For me, she is having the tears of pain.
Van Busto
Van Busto 11 órája
Pricop Gabriel
Pricop Gabriel 11 órája
William Darlow
William Darlow 11 órája
They're very well known in France. I remember seeing their act 6 years ago. They're are brilliant, funny, skillful, and entertaining. Wherever they may be I wish them well.
Sam Sampat
Sam Sampat 12 órája
lindsey stirling did this on her tour
Samantha B
Samantha B 12 órája
YGFamily 12 órája
I feel like I'm watching an action movie, this is really cool, they have to play an action movie
my life
my life 12 órája
zdh0218 12 órája
Tape Man really evolved huh
Randal Pierce
Randal Pierce 12 órája
This was absolutely hair-raising!
birik bole
birik bole 12 órája
It's like from where does this guy produce thaat sound 😱😱😱..
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 12 órája
That's one way to get a face lift
Van Busto
Van Busto 12 órája
Daniel Hodson
Daniel Hodson 12 órája
After having to call the suicide prevention hotline Friday, this song hits home on so many levels.
Yessica Nava
Yessica Nava 12 órája
She is fully magnetic it’s right in front of your eyes she took the Covid shot just playing I’m feeling lots of pain I don’t take it
Van Busto
Van Busto 11 órája
DukeoftheUke Joel
DukeoftheUke Joel 12 órája
Reverse shoey!
Maricelis González
Maricelis González 12 órája
My roots are hurting right now 😩
Funsho Akinwusi
Funsho Akinwusi 12 órája
Pedro Andreotti
Pedro Andreotti 12 órája
OMG! I want this muscle hair
milad said muhammad alisha
milad said muhammad alisha 12 órája
God bless you dear may Allah give back your health and InshaAllah you well be alright ❤