why not
why not 7 órája
I cant believe those kids appearing on VOUGE!god its vouge it was reserved for the elites.sad
Tasnuva Kanij
Tasnuva Kanij 7 órája
Oh ma god "His Voice"😭I can't take it😭
Blair w
Blair w 7 órája
La gente que la crítica alguna vez vio un capítulo de las housewives de Beverly Hills???
Unemployed TV
Unemployed TV 7 órája
good mom for her child.. I'm sure she knows cook
Valentina Saenz
Valentina Saenz 7 órája
omg, please stop sending so much hate, who are you to judge? she is a very good singer and all the things that are happening to her it¨s beacuse she deserved it. if you are not going to comment something nice, keep it to yourself.
Blenda Shala
Blenda Shala 7 órája
idk why people are getting mad over her bc of drivers license
Mayra Jaramillo
Mayra Jaramillo 7 órája
Love her ❤️
Daily Dose
Daily Dose 7 órája
Alexa Puckett
Alexa Puckett 8 órája
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Alexa Puckett
Alexa Puckett 8 órája
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I himk nick jonas makes her nervous and gives her butterflies…thats so cute😭😭😘😘😘
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 órája
how did they leave out the 2018 met gala look!
Pranto Paul
Pranto Paul 8 órája
The conscious government psychophysically irritate because fight separately beg amidst a guiltless tailor. complete, spotty viscose
Yasmin Isabelle
Yasmin Isabelle 8 órája
Eu sem entende nada:perfume em ingles se escreve perfume!!😱😱 😂😂
Tatiane Santiago
Tatiane Santiago 8 órája
I like her a lot
Patience Hall
Patience Hall 8 órája
I wish she wouldn't wanna "hide" her double chin because that makes it seems like everyone should hide it instead of embracing it
Владимир Волков
Владимир Волков 8 órája
Is she realy happy? As far as I can see she is so sad
Adam Miller
Adam Miller 8 órája
She makes the show high school musical I love her so much 😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍
Talia Nicole
Talia Nicole 8 órája
They both look gorgeous
Paola Castro
Paola Castro 8 órája
Y Z 8 órája
Lmfao I'm the same way with bags (even tho I only have 2) I have my huge backpack purse for traveling and a mini phone/wallet/keys holder bag I wear daily
Stormy 8 órája
You are a beautiful! Thank you for tilting the world a little more every day!
tabua muakalou
tabua muakalou 8 órája
Love Itt.
Y Z 8 órája
She's so tall and lean 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 gorgeous woman
Patricia Helms
Patricia Helms 8 órája
The open italy holoprosencephaly pull because mother fittingly fence by a subdued flesh. abnormal, ignorant hedge
Erika Reyes Montero
Erika Reyes Montero 8 órája
😂 Yo pensaba que ella misma ni de bañaba con esas uñas pero OMG HACE DE TODO
rihanna doppelgänger
rihanna doppelgänger 9 órája
Proelite 9 órája
Protect these two at any cost 😂
tinaj sews
tinaj sews 9 órája
Repent , the kingdom of God is at hand , read your bible for yourself, and pray , there is nothing our there in the world ,as God to guide and protect you ,if you have any question please ask me,.
TheJeenbeen 9 órája
I love her she so charming .... Why are brits so charming ...😂😂💞😂😂
Emma Kyle
Emma Kyle 9 órája
the best so far
Cameron Morris
Cameron Morris 9 órája
Why did that Saint Laurent runway pic make me tear up? She is literally a valuable asset so beautiful and so lovely, may she never go away
Doc Kutter
Doc Kutter 9 órája
I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. what I don't understand is why anyone in their right mind would want to go out in public looking like they'd gotten drunk and passed out at a party and their "friends" has scribbled all over their faces with a Sharpie. This isn't "beauty".. this is an advertisement for a freak show wannabe.
J. A
J. A 9 órája
Can someone explain to me why she's even popular
Chad Drake
Chad Drake 9 órája
So funny asking the actress "real" questions when there are not one, but two assistances going through her wardrobe at 12:28 ? I still love her but she will never be "normal"
star 9 órája
We got the same toothbrush
Chad Drake
Chad Drake 9 órája
The most attractive part of Gal Gadot is not her figure, wealth, or popularity (which help, but to a lesser degree). It is her humbleness, charm, and realism. This combination is incredibly attractive. I married my wonder woman, and I hope all you guys out there find yours!
NotAlina 9 órája
Bella and her have the book fact same bathroom
Origami With KKJ
Origami With KKJ 9 órája
Simone, you look amazing. :)
soso 9 órája
they're so sweet and this video make feel really happy and comfort <3
laura bruno
laura bruno 9 órája
Una genia ❤️
Kk Cc
Kk Cc 9 órája
3:52 wtf is that…don’t just slot that in like it’s normal 😂
Luz maria Restrepo gonzalez
Luz maria Restrepo gonzalez 9 órája
Que vieja tan fea!!
roadrunner 3
roadrunner 3 9 órája
Shes lovely.
Team Couples RC tiffany and eric
Team Couples RC tiffany and eric 9 órája
Love his everything
Miyamoto 9 órája
I have never watched a makeup/skin care routine with so many products. I have a hard time committing to the four products I use daily.
Ximena Ruiz
Ximena Ruiz 9 órája
14:08 amo
Fate 9 órája
I love her and how real she comes off
Bennett 9 órája
Kris Joseph
Kris Joseph 9 órája
love it
BrattyBabey 9 órája
She has the face people literally pay for
Belinda Pinzón
Belinda Pinzón 9 órája
What a beautiful girl!!!! She is beautiful inside and out!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹
Jennifer Delgado
Jennifer Delgado 9 órája
Kanye looks really depressed. Kim looks really tired and she looks like she has a lot on her mind
Sandra Turajlich
Sandra Turajlich 9 órája
The tattoos don’t match the prom dress. But she’s beautiful.
H L 10 órája
Ethnic cleanser
Sandra Turajlich
Sandra Turajlich 10 órája
No Michael in these kids. Thank goodness.
Sharmin Akter
Sharmin Akter 10 órája
The dazzling heat prominently invite because china roughly sprout next a foregoing aftermath. abusive, charming fact
Braskayy 10 órája
I wonder what its like to be that pretty 😩😍
Merralee Jolina
Merralee Jolina 10 órája
The soggy british emotionally request because sphynx gully plant across a rough day. unaccountable, mixed instrument
Roisin Walsh
Roisin Walsh 10 órája
I love saoirse ronan but gurl shoes with no socks ....... :/
Jana ___
Jana ___ 10 órája
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 órája
The blonde hair makes you pop out like a little are amazingly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Will 10 órája
Can't believe that Bieber idiot ditched Selena for this trash. But he is trash himself, so it makes sense.
Alexis Blair
Alexis Blair 10 órája
This was awkward and insincere
Noe Mariel
Noe Mariel 10 órája
Encantadora 😂💕💕💕💕
K.A.S. 10 órája
I've watched this video at least 30 times and it's on my favorites....don't even know why, I think it's my version of ASMR
Liv M
Liv M 10 órája
김서연 10 órája
김서연 10 órája
Sue Lynnda Cheng
Sue Lynnda Cheng 10 órája
Hi, I adore. Cool and humble.
Caroline Selman
Caroline Selman 10 órája
Petition for Monsta X to be Chanel ambassadors. Also, had to laugh when Minhyuk fell in his chair!
김서연 10 órája
DesertHobo 10 órája
that was kinda weird and creep how she said she would do anything for that designer dude....
Nikel De Dios
Nikel De Dios 10 órája
*"OH DIOS MÍO"* *"esto es lo que necesitas"* *"**FfX.MoNsTeR**"* *"No hay límites aquí, ¿verdad?"* "完璧"
Christal Davis
Christal Davis 10 órája
YG’s daughters are so cute 🥰 😍❤️