Fatima Mohammed
Fatima Mohammed Perce
I will die if you didn't do a face revel Dream 😅
Siddarth M _ 5 B_35
Siddarth M _ 5 B_35 Perce
Any Tamizhans that have seen 'I'
Dobos Rubina
Dobos Rubina 7 perccel
I would have maid Maid Padildochan step on me/jk In reality please step on bad people
-WF- WEIRD STUFF 12 perccel
if both of her ears wheir gone how is she can listen or hear stuff?
Morgane Bessadet
Morgane Bessadet 12 perccel
Please make a video about misophonia. I’ve had it since 2015 and i feel like not a lot of people know about it. I’d be glad to talk about it myself.
Priya Bhayani
Priya Bhayani 13 perccel
I support you Anthony
c0r41 •
c0r41 • 14 perccel
I’ll have mine step on my dog
Suryansh 21 perce
Sam Ford
Sam Ford 21 perce
°•ɪɪᴄʜᴇƦƦʏᴘɪᴇ•° 22 perccel
Dream looks fully Animated-
AnnBloom 24 perccel
Can it step on not physical things like a um broken heart or does it not have the power to heal thoes wounds because if it can the yeah definitely Put on my broken heart or fucking trauma ya know just step all over it and kill it😀
bacon the buff man
bacon the buff man 30 perccel
Pov: Anthony saw Dreams face
Ava 31 perce
I just realized.. Maid Padildochan That name is a bit sus ngl
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 41 perce
Autism spectrum is a sphere
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 42 perccel
Functioning labels are harmful
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 44 perccel
You neurotypicals can never understand what autism is like, because neither do we
Commit_Die 44 perccel
How many times do you build your ceiling back up?
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 45 perccel
Autism is difference, not a disorder
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 45 perccel
If you refer to us as people with autism, it makes autism almost seem like something that isn't part of our personality. And that's wrong because without autism there would be no us.
Aleksi Siltala
Aleksi Siltala 47 perccel
Even asking if autism needs a cure is ableistic.
~Ashe~ 50 perccel
I told my mother that I'm pansexual and she said "so your straight then, everyone should like anyone" I didn't know what to say
iChewsU Gaming
iChewsU Gaming 50 perccel
This gives me old smosh video vibes, when it was just him and ian
༺NoSc0pe༻ 54 perccel
Līga Ozoliņa
Līga Ozoliņa 55 perccel
I would have it step on me every night before bed 💕
Colin Rawson
Colin Rawson Órája
Spend a day with ex drug addicts
Jack Yap
Jack Yap Órája
Everyone: Trying to find Dream's face Me: Noticing why Dream isn't moving
Aziz Alfares
Aziz Alfares 11 perccel
J Dalton
J Dalton Órája
I love his giggles he's so cute and sweet 💗
Joel Jackson
Joel Jackson Órája
Can you do a video where you spend a day with people with or who have gone through depression, it would really help me as i am going through it and don’t know how to describe to my mum how it feels
XReil Órája
But James don't make animation his videos are a slide show
Kaloyan Dachev
Kaloyan Dachev Órája
I feel like the guy that said "Hit the like, it's flat" at the end was just joking
Blin Berisha
Blin Berisha Órája
The only person who knows what dream looks like is Anthony
E Chen
E Chen Órája
Nasa: "we have descovered outer space" Time travelers: *inner space intensifies*
Layla _242
Layla _242 Órája
I'll have my Padildochan step on that one bitch in my class who talks behind my back so much :))
Bro the biggest proof that planets are not flat and are round is the horizon.if they are flat then you should see statue of Liberty from Asia 😂.But we can not because it is flat. Science failures 🤣🤣.
zaidin Sauer
zaidin Sauer Órája
Holy shit, I leave for a few years and this dude has left smosh and doing cool shit like this
Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions
Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions Órája
Omg the old yt nostalgia is kicking in thank you
HeadphonesHQ Órája
this was before quarantine lmao
Existing person yes
Existing person yes Órája
I never knew that people could think of how stuff feels without feeling it
Sugar The Nightfury
Sugar The Nightfury Órája
Ooooo Pretty chan
equazion Órája
He cheated lloolloolloolloollolloolloololololooll L
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 2 órája
Corpse needs to realize that these haters are just shitty people who don't understand and aren't worth the worry when you have so many more amazing people liking you for you. I guess it's not so easy for a person like him :(
Tanith Isaacs
Tanith Isaacs 2 órája
Ok can we just take a moment to appreciate how Anthony makes the intros so interesting
Dhruva R
Dhruva R 2 órája
XxxkaliWolfiexxX 2 órája
Dweam and George😫🤌🏼
raizel`s fidget review and vlogs uberita
raizel`s fidget review and vlogs uberita 2 órája
That's what the mask is that was the point of the mask is?!