Z356 3 órája
Welp. That game will decide it
THC Atomicjuice
THC Atomicjuice 3 órája
Orlando Mendez
Orlando Mendez 3 órája
You also said that the clippers were going to be NBA champions for the first time this man is losing all his credibility year by year should just retire
Daniel G
Daniel G 3 órája
KD just made a new burner account called Ankle James
The Kraken
The Kraken 4 órája
Shannon just said the patriots are a better football team..........
Leisure 4 órája
Chiefs vs bucs rematch
AJ Southward
AJ Southward 4 órája
Shannon forgetting about the Rams 🐏
Jered Steadman
Jered Steadman 4 órája
Jesus Christ it's like this show is written by JRR Tolkien a bunch of descriptive b******* words and really it's just two trolls talking to each other
Joshuah Ensign
Joshuah Ensign 4 órája
Lakers shut the Knicks down in OT.
TitanPardy808 4 órája
Bills vs Niners
Jeff Léger
Jeff Léger 4 órája
Skip is more upset for LeBron not playing last night than actual LeBron and Lakers fans.
Xavier Jabbar
Xavier Jabbar 4 órája
@8:55 “It was the guy standing on the sideline with the cut-off hoodie, doing the subway commercials now Skip that ran him outta town” Shannon 😂
Cruddy Reynolds
Cruddy Reynolds 4 órája
Bucs will lose at least 3 games
Jay Durant
Jay Durant 4 órája
" you can't play 12 guys in a game come play off time." Yes you can, Shay Shay. Toronto Raptors did it in 2019 and won the chip.
Konnor Chen
Konnor Chen 4 órája
5:42 "Re-injured his pride" 🤣 made me spit out my water.
Like a long tailed dog in a room full of rocking chairs 🤣🤣🤣
SelfMade Clothing Owner
SelfMade Clothing Owner 4 órája
Skip said the rockets are the worst team he’s seen in a decade lmao
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce 4 órája
LeAnkle James that was funny asf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J Peach
J Peach 4 órája
Well we all know that baltimore will never win anything with slow in the head lamar as qb.
Pat4Clippers 4 órája
Cleveland Browns, Skip? Is this another Bill Walton argument? It's going to be Chiefs vs. Bucs. Skip just refuses to pick Mahomes. It's because the Chiefs are Nick Wright's team. Skip hates LeNick.
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 4 órája
Belichick made Brady. Without Bill brady would be above average
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown 4 órája
Skip you just lost me play when you try to explain that Magic Johnson what's the reason three success I doubt it cream is already successful Corrine already had a resume already had a winning Spirit if Kareem had not went to the Lakers the Lakers with the one with just magic in Chains worthy enough no no way
Team Takeover
Team Takeover 4 órája
I will bet any amount of money that they bucs do not go 17-0
J Peach
J Peach 4 órája
They wont go undefeated but they will repeat. And I am not a Bucs fan.
rob 4 órája
Never seen someone average 32 and be called inconsistent. He is way more likely to go 10-15 besides every superstar has a handful of bad games , during g a 72 or 82 game season that's nothing yet he brings it up like it means something
kingdomdominionalc 4 órája
9-8 as usual
Johnny Alcala
Johnny Alcala 4 órája
I’m saying the niners
Vla D
Vla D 4 órája
Horace was not a Dennis Rodam
Future Hall Of Famer
Future Hall Of Famer 4 órája
Lmao these lebron names LeAnkle, LeGm, LeBrick bruh yall help me out🤣
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 4 órája
I agree with skip on one thing: I don't always bet on Tom Brady to win, but I never bet on him to lose. Shannon lost lots of credibility by picking the Patriots to win. All his criticisms about Tebow are now in question.
Aronposner 4 órája
Cam Newton for MVP watch..
Pat4Clippers 4 órája
Tom Brady gets his perfect season. Wow!
Ivan Puzjak
Ivan Puzjak 4 órája
With that schedule yea
Jonathan Pryce Jr.
Jonathan Pryce Jr. 4 órája
Does Skip know there’s other players on the Bucs or no?🤦🏽‍♂️
RealGamer 4 órája
Shannon got me there for a second I was thinking, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!! WHAT IS SHANNON SAYING. LOL AND THEN HE REVEALED
Shane661 4 órája
Man, it is hard for some of these dudes to directly admit how incredible Brady is performing at his age. It's like pulling teeth, lol.
Hemi vs. Ninja
Hemi vs. Ninja 4 órája
Don’t sleep on my 49ers if we stay healthy we are a Super Bowl team. We were just there 2 years ago
Xoazaja 4 órája
49ers are boring, so they will put you to sleep.
Tubo TTG
Tubo TTG 4 órája
Chiefs v Dallas
Ángel Rodriguez Jr
Ángel Rodriguez Jr 4 órája
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez 4 órája
My boy Shannon looking older today
Jm j
Jm j 4 órája
The only person that should be able to take off any games would be Lebron. Everybody else should be playing if they're not hurt
Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson 4 órája
Lol Dak Prescott in the banner. Their super bowl this year is just winning the NFC East. Nobody but Cowboys fans think they’ve got a shot at the actual super bowl.
Davian Clarendon
Davian Clarendon 4 órája
Ya'll really love Dew..
LB J 4 órája
Skip most have forgotten the Bucs got in the playoffs because they changed the format. And their defense played a broken KC offense.
Andres Columbus
Andres Columbus 4 órája
shannon so savage
Gran Thurismo
Gran Thurismo 4 órája
This woman is there because of her knowledge
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums 4 órája
Shannon Sharpe is beginning to look like the late Ray Charles.
FrankyB 4 órája
The Browns and the Bills are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. THE BROWNS AND THE BILLS
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 4 órája
Shannon: "you're taking the insurance salesman" 😂😂
Black Blue
Black Blue 4 órája
The LAKERS got all the HATERZ in the Comments Terrified & Trembling Deep down inside because they know if Fully Healthy there Team goes Bye Bye 😂
Seam Keen
Seam Keen 4 órája
So many casuals in this comment section....
Slyvester Stallone
Slyvester Stallone 4 órája
“You make it seem like the man was Crip walkin “ 😂 lmaoo
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown 4 órája
Skip you're right about one thing Clyde Drexler couldn't carry Michael Jordan's job and I said Clyde is a little bit feeling guilty or jealous if everything that Mike got so much attention and he got none well if I recalled and I watched both of them sometime and came out of college do they played Frozen retired Clyde Drexler when you played against Michael Jordan was scared of you Berkeley who else played Little League was scared of her only play out your credit that took it to Michael Jordan with Joe Dumars Reggie the Killer Miller so you're right Clyde Drexler played in fear Michael Jordan whenever they played each other
Michael Sniperbead
Michael Sniperbead 4 órája
I love uncle shay with his old man sayings!
Pat4Clippers 4 órája
My San Francisco 49ers will go like 11-6 but will lose early. Not this 2021 season, Niner Empire. Wait until next year. Same applies to Skip's 10-7 Cowboys. None of our teams will make the SB next year.
Tajae King
Tajae King 4 órája
Aye Shannon almost had me in the beginning with 14 wins 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😂😂
Michael Torres
Michael Torres 4 órája
They really think they slick adding Dak to that picture 🤣🤣🤣
Muiz-za Elang
Muiz-za Elang 4 órája
Simply does not want to face clippers in the first round
Richard Alfaro
Richard Alfaro 4 órája
Man I'm a Lakers fan .. but this play in game is nonsense ... Might as well just change the league and let the best teams by record go
Meartu Aschalew
Meartu Aschalew 4 órája
Can we get my guy Shannon’s lighting right!
iluvcakes19 4 órája
LeAnkle James 😂😂😂
NeverNotHoopin 4 órája
Nice teammate LeBron is. More important to him is to put up something from the past then helping his mates get in the playoffs. Oh, how he likes to turn everything around so he can be in a spot light.
Jason Shampansky
Jason Shampansky 4 órája
The Lakers want that 7th seed so they can play the Suns in the first round and a much easier opponent than the clippers or the nuggets in the first round but don’t expect Lebron till the play in game
Pat4Clippers 4 órája
Pat4Clippers turns into Pat4Niners after my Clippers loses to the Nets in the Finals in July. Perhaps even against Doc's Sixers. I got Bucs vs. Chiefs too and Bucs will repeat. Congrats to Tom for #8.
limeygal1 4 órája
So will Belichick go nuts when everyone cheers when Brady takes the field because you know it's going to happen.
kejhmaster 4 órája
tampa has one of the most stacked team, and the easiest schedule
tyhee ivey
tyhee ivey 4 órája
Lebron just average 36,13,9 i like how he casually threw that in😂😂
Marcadia DD
Marcadia DD 4 órája
The Cowboys “bring in a guy that’s replaced a guy that had a worse defense where he was than the guy that they replaced him with that he was where he was at!”
Zico Money
Zico Money 4 órája
Lebron just trying to duck the clippers. That man ain’t hurt. Lebron was hoping the lakers lost those 2 games without him
deon brinson
deon brinson 3 órája
U sound like tickettv lol
Kudah Kudah
Kudah Kudah 4 órája
Yo Shannon the 🐐 for the way he started this segment 🤣🤣
Stephen B. Smith
Stephen B. Smith 4 órája
LeAnkle strikes again
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 4 órája
Skip talks like Baker don't got a mind of his own obj can't make Baker play and or force feed him.
Anthony Creates
Anthony Creates 4 órája
Another year of the NFL helping Tom Brady win another superbowl. The refs are already paid up and the D lines are ready to fold for 17 games.
Alex C
Alex C 4 órája
Pats gonna win. No chance bill will let all these "football expert analyst" take away his credit for what he has done.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 4 órája
Look at your social awareness right now. age of retirement 65. Lebron James Goat Mask. Tebow Time. Jordan brand on the Football Field. Good Offense beats good defense.
Mysterious Man??
Mysterious Man?? 4 órája
Stop talking about the Bucs pls... we’re a small market just like the browns
K B 4 órája
3:42 Skip admits he's a casual
Djayfeel 4 órája
Pats niners 🤣