PINK WHALE 19 órája
Lana look more beautiful while fliming
Karina May
Karina May 19 órája
i suck at YouTube
i suck at YouTube 20 órája
I didn't noticed that that was bella throne
Ruta Ozoliņa
Ruta Ozoliņa 20 órája
Wrold is not flat its found we arent falling cose theres a shild
DrRamz 20 órája
Who thinks Logan should bring the throwing plate meme back only ogs remember 😭🤣
Andrei Osh De guzman
Andrei Osh De guzman 20 órája
Jesus is coming soon Accept him as your Lord and Savior before its too Late🙏
FaZnonStop 20 órája
Who's here after mayweather fight ?
Supriya 20 órája
My true feeling
FSHSTCK tf up 20 órája
Floyd gon knock him out no prob
viggo 20 órája
i am not sure about were i have seen the girl in the sofa in 1:44...
Supriya 20 órája
Goodness why am I getting this 3 years later
Bsm bizzare Adventure
Bsm bizzare Adventure 20 órája
13:55 bro i couldn't even recognize u wtf u look so different
murat karanfil
murat karanfil 20 órája
THIC GAMER 20 órája
I know he lost but the song is fire 😂
Ti papi
Ti papi 20 órája
my parents are vorking fore 3 dollar for 1h
Interprise YT
Interprise YT 21 órája
I love how Logan just dodged every single punch in second round
IsaacDraws 21 órája
Broley vlogs better than anyone else
funk bros o my god
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad 21 órája
I miss the ayoo good morning logang so much
MrCreeperPlayz 21 órája
bro u said i'm out like u were on shark tank
living life in dubai
living life in dubai 21 órája
Bro I have 1 box of thise
Edgar Silverio
Edgar Silverio 21 órája
Iogan paul is better then jake paul
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago 21 órája
This is actually in watchdata most disliked videos
13 Trouts
13 Trouts 21 órája
ohohliquor 21 órája
Can't stop laughing at that last scene with Logan's lifted by Evan.... Daaaamn, that was so funny!!!
Jesse 21 órája
Anyone here in 2021?
T.Arca13 21 órája
Try Manny Pacquiao I'll definitely going to pay to watch you get beat up..
1M00N 21 órája
This was on my birthday
Nav Nav
Nav Nav 22 órája
Who’s here after the maywether fight
Mr Edrick 132214
Mr Edrick 132214 22 órája
7:46 Yo! I just realized the first time we sew Spencer, was logan and the parachute incident but no! it's this video
Gold Gold
Gold Gold 22 órája
Ha ha he hit him and he got on the ground so hard
Riley Cuthbert
Riley Cuthbert 22 órája
to this day that fight was topped way to early
Unthinkable 22 órája
I’m getting a gold first addition charzard and a Vmax gold rainbow charzard
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad 22 órája
depi steiner
depi steiner 23 órája
Logan has the perfect male body !!!
KEVIN 23 órája
This is the first thing i saw on my recommendations when i opened HUload.
Dum Ngwe
Dum Ngwe 23 órája
Says he like the kid never brings him back tho
LegitAsh 23 órája
Pasa putki nunu haga What i said it is in bangla Translate it it will show amazing things :,)
Hangover Chat
Hangover Chat 23 órája
yeah but like how do you know it's round
SkeelsYt. ,
SkeelsYt. , 23 órája
Logan barely tried
Chris Brian
Chris Brian 23 órája
This was surprisingly hilarious
Giovanni Diciero
Giovanni Diciero 23 órája
Come back to Toronto pls
Abhishek Gusain
Abhishek Gusain 23 órája
One of the few video of Logan heaving more likes than dislikes.
reshmi prathap
reshmi prathap 23 órája
Chris Brian
Chris Brian 23 órája
Can imagine all those people been like wow, we just recruited a celebrity
Benjamin Valdez
Benjamin Valdez 23 órája
3:39 scared the living shit out of me 🤣
Marc Copty
Marc Copty 23 órája
I never seen you cry
Cook Ing
Cook Ing 23 órája
Miss Builder29
Miss Builder29 23 órája
Don't tell me you hide him
Miss Builder29
Miss Builder29 23 órája
Can you reply the video I saw him
no one
no one 23 órája
logan really thought he would get 20 millions viesw again😅😅
Zayed-437- Team
Zayed-437- Team 23 órája
Jayden Bergh
Jayden Bergh Napja
crazy how far you’ve come ❤️ congrats bro 👑🔥
Anas wajih
Anas wajih Napja
Logan Paul you suck why did you do that you suck I just don’t like poop
Maribel Sanchez
Maribel Sanchez Napja
He should fight Austin Mcbroom
Anthony Villa
Anthony Villa Napja
You will be missed long ur gone but not forgotten and rip maverick ur both gone but not forgotten Logan I hope ur felling good and sorry for ur loss it could be hard losing the 2 best and coolest animals ever and most famous rip we all love u kong and maverick ❤️
Doodle Miss Noodle
Doodle Miss Noodle Napja
im not gonna lie ... read more
s16LACK Napja
This song slaps even tho he lost it still does slap
s16LACK Napja
Im still here after all this song slap ngl
Rayfeb Buhe
Rayfeb Buhe Napja
Logan the boxer
1saniye Napja
Türk yok mu lan
Da chilli
Da chilli Napja
Aged like fine wine
nonya business
nonya business Napja
Fight meeeee
nonya business
nonya business Napja
What even are you 🤣🤣 come fight me boyyy
Abu Sarah
Abu Sarah Napja
which song did he use 2:25
reshmi prathap
reshmi prathap Napja
Carly Adams
Carly Adams Napja
this was the best day of my life
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Napja
Why dont we was on drugs when they agreed to this 👍
Ruairi Doyle
Ruairi Doyle Napja
Elon Musk ✓
Elon Musk ✓ Napja
I am Elon Musk
Linda Wold
Linda Wold Napja
Does Jake smoke
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Napja
I miss when they didn’t fight
unaeK K
unaeK K Napja
36:46 Shadowless First edition error bulbasaur with the card showing length twice
Fulu Mukwevho
Fulu Mukwevho Napja
I feel so stupid for wasting my view 😡
*Imagine telling your inmates that you got tazed in your ass by jack paul*
Jack Groves
Jack Groves Napja
He’s gotta he over 120 full grown prolly
Thegamingkay Napja
when you are born thats your chance to change the world . And that is what you did. thank you