Sadia Ramzan
Sadia Ramzan 14 órája
Illuminati puppets at it again
Alex Hough Saturday
Alex Hough Saturday 14 órája
CUPER SONG !!!!! Ура 😁😁😁👍👍👍😘☝️😃😃.... And Singer Super 😊☝️👍👍👍!!! Очень весело спел ! Весело и красиво Интересно и романтично ! СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ!
Lan Quyen Ly
Lan Quyen Ly 14 órája
i love ur voiceeeeeeeeeee!!!
Yancy Jiménez
Yancy Jiménez 14 órája
God I love this song fucking much
Kigi Pz
Kigi Pz 14 órája
Dumb song n this guys dress like manager of target 🤣
Jekaterina Javljanskaja
Jekaterina Javljanskaja 14 órája
Look at my hat, my hat is amazing.
Sytijinx 14 órája
2nd Street Tunnel needs some serious restoration work done. It hasn't looked good since the 80's, but even when James Cameron used it in The Terminator, the tunnel had a little graffiti.
Ojaswini Kharga
Ojaswini Kharga 14 órája
So proud ❤
Suraj Thakur
Suraj Thakur 14 órája
His voice is soo relaxfull🤤🤤
Partha Dey
Partha Dey 14 órája
We all should thanks OPN for adding a different vibe too this song...🖤
Nur Syakirah
Nur Syakirah 14 órája
omg its boom and goosebumps me all the time!!
Greyster 14 órája
Got Shinsuke Nakamura Aura there!
Samuel Mattson
Samuel Mattson 14 órája
if only ariana was with him
Rasha Jaber
Rasha Jaber 14 órája
Genarally I listen to Arabic music, and hardly any english song would stop me or catch my attention, but this song simply it is an amazing one!! I keep listening to it!! it is incredibly unique and sensational!! one of the best songs ever! The Weeknd performance and voice are flawless with the lyrics, the music and even the video, all put together perfectly❤️
アリン - ありんAline
アリン - ありんAline 14 órája
ever closer to 2,000,000,000 views
BR Séries
BR Séries 14 órája
Cadê os BR?
MyTNMtn Home
MyTNMtn Home 14 órája
Weekend needs to sort places, people & habits into two piles…old and new. Then, don’t look back. You don’t have to keep anything or anyone. It’s your life.
Purbasha Patri
Purbasha Patri 14 órája
Waiting for Ariana, You and the iHeart Radio awards ❣️
RockyDavis 112
RockyDavis 112 14 órája
Bruh how many times did he sing this song
Jason Homab
Jason Homab 14 órája
Video By: Adult Swim
PriceXNHL 14 órája
This song.... Gives me different vibes......
Henry Chongloi
Henry Chongloi 14 órája
My favorite face is Back 🔙
zain Ejaz
zain Ejaz 14 órája
Eid Mubarak
Kym O'Driscoll
Kym O'Driscoll 14 órája
Great lip-sync
Kenz Laps
Kenz Laps 14 órája
agh my favorite song in this year so far
Bernie Kennedy
Bernie Kennedy 14 órája
Addicted to you Mr your just an ammmmazing Artist well done in all your hard work🔥🔥
Mᴀɪsɪᴇシ 15 órája
Can we just appreciate how he has done so much for us. He cares about his fans and just wants to make people happy with his music, he has also donated lots of his own money to struggling people. He is such a kind man doing this.
StaurosM 15 órája
Great Presentation ! Thanks for the entertainment
Krishna Music
Krishna Music 15 órája
Zeineb Ayed
Zeineb Ayed 15 órája
Darth Vader Vibes
HarrisIkhwan M
HarrisIkhwan M 15 órája
Andy Giovana Paredes Pe#a
Andy Giovana Paredes Pe#a 15 órája
the perfect remix if it exists thanks guys 🖤
Andy Giovana Paredes Pe#a
Andy Giovana Paredes Pe#a 15 órája
El remix perfecto si existe gracias chicos
Frank G
Frank G 15 órája
The weeknd "I know what you did last summer."
Irak Li
Irak Li 15 órája
He can SING.
Fazle Rabbi
Fazle Rabbi 15 órája
I get strong Michael Jackson vibe
Cmoth040 15 órája
I'm a metal head... I absolutely love this song. His voice is amazing.
Chanon Choochai
Chanon Choochai 15 órája
Best of every V.
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 15 órája
Só lembro das três espiãs demais 😍😍
Sawan Kumar
Sawan Kumar 15 órája
Save your vibes bcoz it's full of vibes not tears
Hi 15 órája
Have a nice Day guys!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 15 órája
Thank you Abel. They didn't even say you were going to perform when they broadcast the show. So when I came back from the ad break and heard you singing this I was so happy! Master at work! Love from the UK Xo
Daih Al-sakaf
Daih Al-sakaf 15 órája
Why did he fuck up his face like that 🤔🤔🤔
Andrea Batavick
Andrea Batavick 15 órája
Hell yes. Phenomenal.
Ha He
Ha He 15 órája
His voice just whoaw no vocoder still pleasure to listen it 😊💯👌
Hmyy 1831
Hmyy 1831 15 órája
Onetwo Seeu
Onetwo Seeu 15 órája
This version sounds even better. We got the hey heys at the end .
Hiris Jamal
Hiris Jamal 15 órája
The Weeknd isn't a singer. Is a felling.
SAGWAAN 15 órája
Ur no1 fan from india ❤🇮🇳
アリン - ありんAline
アリン - ありんAline 15 órája
The Weeknd Otaku
Ashif Ameer
Ashif Ameer 15 órája
The music video is as good as the song
Afaq Ahmad
Afaq Ahmad 15 órája
daftpunk vibes <3
Walkerz Gamer
Walkerz Gamer 15 órája
Captain jack
Jonh Teth
Jonh Teth 15 órája
Stacy 15 órája
Jonh Teth
Jonh Teth 15 órája
Ralph Wilson
Ralph Wilson 15 órája
Abel u joke man😂😂 this fit is ridiculous
Jonh Teth
Jonh Teth 15 órája
stillpaints 15 órája
To me this guy exists on a line between Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. What a talent!
Chen Enri
Chen Enri 15 órája
#LeeSooHyuk brought me here #이수혁
Beautiful song
sergen ozan
sergen ozan 15 órája
my maaaaan
Justin Gari
Justin Gari 15 órája
He controls his voice just like God control the universe...
Yesenia Lopez
Yesenia Lopez 15 órája
Kanna Kamuy
Kanna Kamuy 15 órája
2:22 pog moment
Ди ма
Ди ма 15 órája
Он так стильно выглядит)) причём всегда!! 😁
NoisyDanny노이지대니 15 órája
My phone battery: 1% Me: play this song My Phone: I Will Wait
정동민 15 órája
Wow, he is her father. I didn't know that. Really fabulous 🤣🤣
Geovana Zamora
Geovana Zamora 15 órája
Mi amor cantándome ❤💃😎😍 100% enamorada😘😘😘
Ari-imaginator 15 órája
Don't're not the only one who is listening this masterpiece in may 2021
Queesa Munk
Queesa Munk 15 órája
Back to the 80ies❤️
Taeyong te chupo las patas mmm
Taeyong te chupo las patas mmm 15 órája
The weeknd te amo en esta vida, y en todas las vidas que existen, eres arte
Justin Gari
Justin Gari 15 órája
Hoped Ari was there with him...
Ksenya music
Ksenya music 15 órája
ОМГ! Как же я люблю эту песню!
DamienS027 15 órája
Awesome song, also definitely vibing a lot more with the Jeepers Creepers suit over the "Stung by bees" look from the other video.
Michael Schirmer
Michael Schirmer 15 órája
This song has been played into the ground. It’s the modern Macarena at this point.
Rahulkrishna 'DJ'
Rahulkrishna 'DJ' 15 órája
i am Blinded by The Lights!
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 15 órája
Vr chat dancing
murat aitmamatov
murat aitmamatov 15 órája
I know what are you do in last summer
L.T. Moore
L.T. Moore 15 órája
Imagine disliking someone because they thought of suicide
Simay 15 órája
Nomadic Sapien
Nomadic Sapien 15 órája
മലയാളികൾ വന്നാട്ടേ 😎
Jotham Paffa
Jotham Paffa 15 órája
Don't know why i feel like i have heard this melody before but just can't remember where..🤔🤔🤔