First Meeting [Dream SMP]
I Ruined Skeppy’s Video
It ends today. [Dream SMP]
Tanner Vandecoevering
Tanner Vandecoevering 11 órája
Chill guys he's block hitting
NotStormYT 11 órája
upgrade people upgrades
ツItsDaivikPro 11 órája
What a dramatic intro
Shaun Ardee Cruz
Shaun Ardee Cruz 11 órája
Techno's sister is cute and hes voice
the random one
the random one 11 órája
i think techno would have won if it was just him and calvin lol
Moises Jerry
Moises Jerry 11 órája
1:46 quick mafs also I said mafs instead of math for no reason
13 Kaldera Ababil
13 Kaldera Ababil 11 órája
getting set on fire is stressful, i agree
Omqizz Playz
Omqizz Playz 11 órája
The true flex is that he has minecraft but i don’t
Wolf 11 órája
Ngl I didn't notice at all that he swore so I had to get a timestamp from the comments
HappiestTick234Playzz 11 órája
Why does Bill Nye need to be gifted so many explosives? He can probably make his own XD
Lin XianLong
Lin XianLong 11 órája
Skeepy suck at mINE craft
xXxCloud’s LullabysxXx
xXxCloud’s LullabysxXx 11 órája
*b o n k*
AyvanRender 11 órája
Technoblade watch gravity falls
Strawberry Goat boy
Strawberry Goat boy 11 órája
what does Techno's face look like? The world may never know..
Tempest Inferno
Tempest Inferno 11 órája
The laugh is still the same
Loupy Loup
Loupy Loup 11 órája
“Well guess, I am more powergul than 2 seconds ago”
Dev Popoy
Dev Popoy 11 órája
ahh 4:56
Jordan Haley
Jordan Haley 11 órája
*the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny*
Sandd__ 11 órája
alternate title: Doing karate on random orphans
OP Neyo
OP Neyo 11 órája
Technoblade didn’t in fact “got this”
•clxud :D•
•clxud :D• 11 órája
he hates flies
Dylan Gaming
Dylan Gaming 11 órája
Yuri 11 órája
At 12:50 technoblade straight up trickstabbed that poor green guy in minecraft. He truly did play tf2
8M 29 WANG Christopher Ruxuan
8M 29 WANG Christopher Ruxuan 11 órája
MehitaPlayz 11 órája
alternate title: rare clips of techno's ''edit swearing''
13 Kaldera Ababil
13 Kaldera Ababil 12 órája
honksofia 12 órája
why is he so aggressiive\
onion luigi
onion luigi 12 órája
stop showing me old technoblade
Firewolf6005 12 órája
R.I.P dog
CoolboyEthan 43
CoolboyEthan 43 12 órája
Ignorant cross-teamers
Theo Robins
Theo Robins 12 órája
I would like to join your crusade I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen soon...
SwizzleDrizzle 12 órája
problem is fix >:)
Zaquito Vasquito
Zaquito Vasquito 12 órája
just saying I think Harpocrates is going to be voiceoverpete because Only two of the three members of the antarctic empire are there!
Axequazar Minecraft
Axequazar Minecraft 12 órája
This all started because he wanted to upgrade his armor... wow.
I do things
I do things 12 órája
GrandMaster Bruh
GrandMaster Bruh 12 órája
Ten bucks says this will get recommended to everyone in 4 months.
Cr_tical 12 órája
this must be where minecraft manhunt came from
Fatal Athlete
Fatal Athlete 12 órája
I am seriously scared for you
꧁Levi’s tea Cup꧂
꧁Levi’s tea Cup꧂ 12 órája
Five years late (nothing new) but wouldn’t it make more sense to use and ender eye or ender pearl 😗✌️
Mista Topi
Mista Topi 12 órája
Zero_Blades1215 12 órája
Catherine Pham
Catherine Pham 12 órája
8:21 I wanna say to all of these people, if you think Technoblade's SO bad, why don't you do it yourself?
Wow what a trick you used from boats to troll me.beast
Jagannath Patil
Jagannath Patil 12 órája
Please hyperx skyblock new video
Catherine Pham
Catherine Pham 12 órája
7:47 This person is a disappointment to all of us.
I subscribed you because google says you are the best player of minecraft.
Song Eng Heang
Song Eng Heang 12 órája
The dog:wakk I'm ded
Catherine Pham
Catherine Pham 12 órája
Technoblade's fanbase should be just like Dream's, proud of him no matter what, being supportive, not putting so much pressure on him.
Catherine Pham
Catherine Pham 12 órája
(I'm a Dream fan)
King Wonder
King Wonder 12 órája
7 years now, my gosh Techno.
Top1cs 12 órája
2:25 theres a siren
Natalija Mitrović
Natalija Mitrović 12 órája
POV: its at your recommended after 5 years
Itz _ TheEvilBoxy
Itz _ TheEvilBoxy 12 órája
technolade never dies
GrandMaster Bruh
GrandMaster Bruh 12 órája
It’s so surreal hearing a 14 year old kid with the accent and laugh of Techno.
Lilith_FireHawk 12 órája
Any 2021 peps??
ZachBaum 12 órája
youtube recommendations really do be giving us the newest and latest drops from our favorite youtubers
Ethan Ross
Ethan Ross 12 órája
He said heart of the cards techno is a TTS watcher confirmed
jaslyn ziegler
jaslyn ziegler 12 órája
“If you’re name is to be remembered in history, make sure you can profit off of it by any means possible, even if that means you name a wither skeleton ‘subscribe to technoblade’” - Sun Tzu, the Art of War
Jtwuqi 12 órája
I read somewhere that Technoblade is the Minecraft youtuber equivalent of Tony hawk and I never read something so accurate
[TIGER GAMING] 12 órája
This 100% fake and you click 30 times
Isaac Radish
Isaac Radish 12 órája
"Cause I wasn't sure if intentional sleep deprivation was legally considered torture or not" Not for morals, not for fair play, Technoblade didn't sleep deprive Squid for potential LEGAL reasons.
Casey Chapone
Casey Chapone 12 órája
Tom Scott did a video about why automated text filters never work right lol
Babyhippo 5151
Babyhippo 5151 12 órája
Techo about to go John wick
Jayden Basister
Jayden Basister 12 órája
omgg hand reveal!?
Parth Verma
Parth Verma 12 órája
remember... techno never dies...
kaylawasbored 12 órája
A great question
Simione Fonua
Simione Fonua 12 órája
Song says swearing but when?
Quito Vargas
Quito Vargas 12 órája
It was jiraya That died
Etko Watches
Etko Watches 12 órája
Techoblade: The year of the Pig and Pig Rank, I feel some sort of spiritual connection here. Maybe this is the year. Me: How do you feel about foreshadowing?
Himynamespro 12 órája
Money pog
•Lemon_Child• 12 órája
Floof: OoOoOoO a box oh wait is that art toy?! Sorry techno :) I must go to the toy Techno: X-X
Gomes 341
Gomes 341 12 órája
Did you make like 24 hunger games video ?
Joseph Kalaj
Joseph Kalaj 12 órája
its recomended 3 years later lol
sans the skeleton
sans the skeleton 12 órája