PISTØN ff 10 órája
Hoje esse vídeo completou 6 anos ⚡
Minesweeper /e
Minesweeper /e 11 órája
6 years anniversary
alejo pelotudo
alejo pelotudo 11 órája
dou 6 años ya
Oli the Orange
Oli the Orange 11 órája
This is one of my mom’s favorite songs
Gerson Aguilar
Gerson Aguilar 11 órája
Literal todos los latinos "el wey que dice ou ou ou" like si no miento 😅😅
Felipe Prigol Crestani
Felipe Prigol Crestani 11 órája
Today make 6 years
Lounqx 11 órája
Damn after all these years they are still bopping
Lounqx 11 órája
This gives nostalgia damn
Roberto Sanz
Roberto Sanz 11 órája
Que gran Tema, La primera vez que vi el video me quede en shock por el final eso fue un año. Otra vez regreso a verlo y esta vez estoy en lagrimas, tengo un hijo unico y espero que su mama y yo le duremos muchos años 🥺😥.
Mathias Danso
Mathias Danso 11 órája
Twenty one pilots is on again🔥🔥🔥
Intro: Heavydirtysoul Vibe: Regional at Best Rap: Taxi Cab Tyler: Commit crime Josh: Getting revenge Hotel: Trivago
Josphat Ndhlovu
Josphat Ndhlovu 12 órája
precious over new
Crunchy Pickles
Crunchy Pickles 12 órája
hello it's me!
hello it's me! 12 órája
All. I hear is :"when I gay"
Tim Stilwell
Tim Stilwell 13 órája
Legit cried when I seen this, being a My Chemical Romance fan as a kid. Love these guys 👌
Tim Stilwell
Tim Stilwell 13 órája
TROUNiX 13 órája
I’m just in love with you and your music guys ❤️🙌🏻
Kral 49
Kral 49 13 órája
Ama bu klip çok şeker olmuş .<3
Vinit Shikhare
Vinit Shikhare 13 órája
This is the best fucking band period.
Eva Solis
Eva Solis 13 órája
♈ . UnLeasHT· ·✨ · . · ♋ .MeRGoViaN·. ♦️ ° . · 🅱️. · ⚙️.♉·⛓️. ♐· . HeY SiR KNiGHT ! AuNTie LoVeZ The BaBy ! 🍿· °
TRY Serban
TRY Serban 13 órája
Almost 6 years later this music is still a legendary one
PresψeΨ Widener
PresψeΨ Widener 14 órája
josh is dun with tyler
Unknown?? 14 órája
I know it’s over😔
Charmey Pappitson
Charmey Pappitson 14 órája
First time hearing this music loving i. no one told me this,only me ❤️❤️
AndriyLviv 14 órája
mr_flawlesstaco 14 órája
This song dropped on my birthday (:
Noob at CODM
Noob at CODM 14 órája
Powta naala ko tuloy nung nagtuko ako
wak_nator 14 órája
thank you blurryface for me not to be insecure since i was little because i didnt want my neck to be black LMAO
Baxter Lean
Baxter Lean 14 órája
Trash the dragn is now my spirit animal
Татьяна Бронштейн
Татьяна Бронштейн 15 órája
this video was filmed in Kiev!
RBLX_Gamer 15 órája
is tht Chlorine?
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie 15 órája
Such mainstream pop music they make suddenly 😕
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie 14 órája
Blurryface had more interesting and complex melodies and rhythm, though. This one is so repetitive and monotonous.
jess ica
jess ica 15 órája
not really, blurryface was more mainstream pop than this (doesn’t mean it’s bad)
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 15 órája
are those real prisoners, or just prison people?
Linda Holečková
Linda Holečková 15 órája
I LOVE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Linda Holečková
Linda Holečková 15 órája
I LOVE YOUU💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
EVPHORIA 15 órája
One of my favourite twenty one pilots songs for sure
Arya Chaudhary
Arya Chaudhary 16 órája
E phobia hatau. Je natak challae. Haan haan. Chaliye . Ki bhetal. Eha ta. Aae me kani feeling chae. Hisab brabar. Attau sa. Attau sa.
Bemyside Bem
Bemyside Bem 16 órája
Wow happy 6 years in advance Ride!
Arya Chaudhary
Arya Chaudhary 16 órája
Last me akkar e bachbake ta chae. Ki kellau ta. 25 +7 aenkh muen ka. Marae ta nae bus dellauha.
kay s
kay s 16 órája
I don't know why but there is something so comforting about this song
Carlos urias La voz de la razon
Carlos urias La voz de la razon 16 órája
Sentado y tomando fabuloso o pinol 😭❤️😎👌
Victoria Olekaibe
Victoria Olekaibe 16 órája
The Way he plays those Drums, Hypes me Up🙂🙂
MaArting SLapSoiL
MaArting SLapSoiL 16 órája
Nice cover and voice, but mcr got me crying... more intense and emotional. Mcr❤️
Kristofer :D
Kristofer :D 16 órája
Liked them Seinfeld I was 5 :)
Edu Enríquez
Edu Enríquez 16 órája
Mayo 13 2😍21!!!
Estrella Ibañez
Estrella Ibañez 17 órája
Si, pero hagan tendencia los 6 años de esta Joya😔👈🏽
Natalie Hickey
Natalie Hickey 17 órája
I love that they added Jim into this
Estrella Ibañez
Estrella Ibañez 17 órája
6 años de Ride!!✨🕶️
Kovin Sanford
Kovin Sanford 17 órája
I hate the genres you guys do but you make me love them
Alisson Mateo
Alisson Mateo 17 órája
6 años ya Feliz Aniversario
Kral 49
Kral 49 17 órája
"Ony smoking second hand ." What kind of sentence is this my friend?? Wow. <3
Kral 49
Kral 49 16 órája
1srael 17 órája
No mames, pero si está es la canción que ponen de fondo en el Pes xdxd
Melani Yatsiri Diego Leal
Melani Yatsiri Diego Leal 16 órája
Qué? 😳
saani Nani
saani Nani 17 órája
I cant help falling in love with you miss you:)
Arya Chaudhary
Arya Chaudhary 17 órája
72 gorre sab abiyau. 10th grade liyau. Duplicate liyau. Respect sa abiyau. Baaki kaaj hinkar. Bujhal aae.
Gravity Gamin269
Gravity Gamin269 17 órája
Still a great song in 2021
Kral 49
Kral 49 17 órája
Summary of my life:Nobody's coming for me.
Alma Yaneth Núñez Ocotán
Alma Yaneth Núñez Ocotán 17 órája
Oliver Hassan
Oliver Hassan 17 órája
One of the hardest rap of that year
*Siiri Sirviö*
*Siiri Sirviö* 17 órája
This is møre like an asmr "touching your face" btw I LOVE THIS SONG!!
masakrator 159
masakrator 159 17 órája
Wery god
*Siiri Sirviö*
*Siiri Sirviö* 17 órája
I.... wow
yeferson mendez
yeferson mendez 17 órája
Gracias por existir 🥺❤ los amo
daniel amirul
daniel amirul 17 órája
Imagine when you walk in the forest alone and saw TOP playing ride in the forest
MrRich Plays!
MrRich Plays! 17 órája
0.75x speed 2:16
Dan Zamora
Dan Zamora 18 órája
Twenty One Pilots and NF should do a collab song.
ZED grg
ZED grg 18 órája
Twenty one pilots team
Ensalada De Pollo
Ensalada De Pollo 18 órája
lacaderalacadera semeneasemenea
Bandino 18 órája
god im gonna miss this era so much
Jeffrey Gerber
Jeffrey Gerber 18 órája
I'm a 49yr old dude that loves all types of music from Metallica to Ac/Dc to Korn to John Denver to Gorillaz to slip knot to Gwar to Evanescence to well you get the point. Any way I can remember when I first heard 21 pilots back when they did there first 104.5 block party and I heard Car radio for the first time and Blame I was hooked Put talent and the coolest nicest dudes ya could Imagine. and can we get some serious respect for Josh on those drums I just love to see this dude play cause he always puts such energy into it
JJ Fry
JJ Fry 18 órája
I click to a different tab for ONE SECOND and when I come back Josh is chasing Tyler with a flamethrower?????
Carolina 18 órája
Esta canción es hermosa
Alexander Agüero
Alexander Agüero 18 órája
6 years later, this song is legendary, you're legendary
Brian Parthemore
Brian Parthemore 18 órája
i'm falling but idk about the time on my ride it might end soon this year is trash 🥺
BUM FF 18 órája
Samir Jung Khatri
Samir Jung Khatri 18 órája
How did they get all these concepts of Chlorine ?Must be science student but chlorineis gas at normal room temp so I was confused a lil bit
Moon Paradox
Moon Paradox 18 órája
I’m so obsessed with how the drummer drums when the beat drops after the chorus omg!!!! I be turning up like aaaaayeee!!💃🏽 especially in traffic blasting with all the windows down I instantly have the need for speed 🤣🤣like best drummer ever!
muffin •
muffin • 18 órája
Sera q llegamos a los 30m antes del 21 o se fresean
Doctor It
Doctor It 18 órája
Now the question is was the Dragon ever real before being an action figure
Shevon Ponniah
Shevon Ponniah 18 órája
Those dislikes are the people who thought TOP stole this song from tiktok
Tdavid G
Tdavid G 18 órája
Sipping on straight chlorine, so is this where the Donald Dumster got the idea from? 🤔 hey it will cure Covid!! Heck 21 Pilots were way ahead of the curve on this!