Diana kesl
Diana kesl 5 órája
I think that's what they do right before they eat you.
Nigel Cummings
Nigel Cummings 6 órája
Okay what happened to the suspect.. head shot..??
King Creole
King Creole 6 órája
The neighbor has better instincts than the cop!
RedCore !!
RedCore !! 6 órája
They're not using the ramps because, I'm sure a lot of the accidents happens where there is no truck ramp.
Nicholas J Heinz
Nicholas J Heinz 6 órája
The US Supreme court is a Joke!. It always will be as long as John Roberts resides!
J Pena
J Pena 6 órája
Nepotism has been successful in keeping up the old fridge
J Pena
J Pena 6 órája
Denver's biggest problem is the State's health and justice department
g2macs 6 órája
We all know that if this Doctor wasn't a whiter shade of pale he'd be riddled with lead within seconds of beeping his horn.
Trujillo Tohsonie
Trujillo Tohsonie 6 órája
I have 8 payments that I haven’t received wtf!!!
Connie Heitz
Connie Heitz 7 órája
That girl has problems far beyond being arrested.
Jano 7 órája
3:51 ayo my man rockin them corcs bruh
Goj 7 órája
This is where a gun would be a good idea. Not to kill it but simply to shoot to make a scary sound
Thom Thomas
Thom Thomas 7 órája
Sometimes doctors go bad
a z
a z 7 órája
Bad ass Queen lioness 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Say What?
Say What? 7 órája
I'd like to see his two long time childhood friends interviewed.
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful 8 órája
Uncle Fester started smoking crack
the KANDEEGURL 8 órája
& I'm still wondering if this vaccine has been tested on diabetics ( type one & 2)... I'm. Type 1 & I'm scared it may do something to my diabetes.
Jeannine Godwin
Jeannine Godwin 8 órája
There are no coincidences!
MrYoumitube 8 órája
Nice family, a murderer and the other a drug dealer.
WideAwake *
WideAwake * 8 órája
Before the video starts, he typed on his phone why he was gonna be seen at his truck.. he is reading off his phone. Trying text it all down so he could get his head straight.. well, try
Casey Kirschenmann
Casey Kirschenmann 8 órája
So it was a truck that lost his brakes going down I-70 westbound into Denver co .. so that the real story....
Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection 8 órája
All the world is a stage....
Sneat 8 órája
Orange County is one of the most racist areas in the country. It’s one of the most Red areas in California. The parents so-called guarding the family know exactly who those racist bastards are.
Michael O'Briain
Michael O'Briain 9 órája
I was "surprised" to find the name of the one assailant caught was named Jahlil Meshesha, a 17 year old. It must be "racism" that makes cops jumpy around a certain demographic, nothing more then "racism." Does anyone else hear how stupid that sounds?
Diane Shelley
Diane Shelley 9 órája
I have underlying health conditions and my Dr ask me about taking the vaccine. My answer was a definite NO I DON'T WANT TO. I DON'T TRUST THE VACCINE.
Paul Bianchi
Paul Bianchi 9 órája
You can tell from the pain in his voice that every thing he saw overseas is burned into his memory for life, veterans don’t get enough respect or benefits they deserve, this man was a kid when he deployed and lost many friends just as young or younger, that itself would change any person forever, seeing things at that age I couldn’t even imagine, so much respect for this man, you are a true hero
Harry Perry
Harry Perry 9 órája
I’d just kick it
Harry Perry
Harry Perry 9 órája
And run
Roxanne Gutierrez
Roxanne Gutierrez 9 órája
Death Penalty
Lake Blackfeather
Lake Blackfeather 9 órája
Fuck cops
Haley B
Haley B 9 órája
You could not pay me too live there!!! Awful
Dead Serious
Dead Serious 10 órája
"They wouldn't let us talk to him at all... and then we got to talk to him through a screen (like every other jail)"
Dead Serious
Dead Serious 10 órája
"That marriage should have ended a long time ago" Yeah... well at least before the whole murder spree..... would've been nice.
Honcho Allen
Honcho Allen 10 órája
Marshall Zelinger, you're a socialist simp who supports disarming its citizens for a government that could give a rat's ass about you.
James Medina
James Medina 10 órája
How’s that defund the Police shit working out for y’all lmfao 😂
Justin Sane
Justin Sane 10 órája
One of Joe's boys
Simon Z.
Simon Z. 10 órája
Her screams are so satisfying and delicious 😂
Aaron Owings
Aaron Owings 10 órája
Have at least a small amount of respect for God. You used the Lords name in various forms, a absurd number of times.
Phantom 10 órája
I thought they were renting out some millionaires empty house.
joe joe
joe joe 10 órája
Fuzzy Flick
Fuzzy Flick 10 órája
I hope you don't kiss your mom with that mouth ,🐕🐕🤯🐾🐾🤸🤸🤸🙃✌️
cndrage ??
cndrage ?? 11 órája
Watched men die.
phthartic 11 órája
Today: “Citizen Journalists” Twenty years ago: “Rubberneckers”
leslie sorady
leslie sorady 11 órája
But addicts don't hurt anyone but themselves...
Mansa Here
Mansa Here 10 órája
Who said the suspect was an “addict”?
Jayson Gaines
Jayson Gaines 11 órája
The shut bangladesh really stop because circle fifthly trade despite a bloody colt. rustic, outrageous ashtray
What a pos literally not even getting anything just destroying things and being a cancer
Some will speak up
Nautica's Playhouse Erotic Audios
Nautica's Playhouse Erotic Audios 11 órája
He is now a free man. He was pardoned by the Governor in March 2020. He is currently volunteering at the jail, helping the prisoners by teaching them crossfit. It said he also attends church, got his 4 year college degree and working at a job.
D T 11 órája
Only a monster can carry and birth a monster.
MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) 12 órája
Email or call your Reps. the "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021" is due for a House vote first week in March. It would end qualified immunity and establish a national database of bad cops so that they cannot become cops in another jurisdiction after being fired in another, bans choke holds and no-knock warrants.
Bobby Matheson
Bobby Matheson 12 órája
Sounds like these people failed to do their jobs ! To much finger pointing and not enough initiative to get the job done because it wasn't 1 of their loved 1s buried in that house !
coolastaurbum 12 órája
Legalize all drugs
Crystal Xoxox
Crystal Xoxox 12 órája
Shadow_gaming 1837
Shadow_gaming 1837 12 órája
Cop : DON'T U FUCKING MOVE! Guy laying on the floor : I DON'T HAVE A CHOICE OFFICER
louise silk
louise silk 12 órája
So glad they have put their names In coco melon on netflix, even Nicos
louise silk
louise silk 12 órája
The saddest thing is that these guys on the inside dont even know the severity of what happened! ... They are all fucked up in the head, most of them have done worse where he is. Disgusting!! It's a different world in there.
Mangle Morris
Mangle Morris 12 órája
This man is my hero. No doubt.
Maurice Giles
Maurice Giles 12 órája
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Tina Morandi
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Jestin Gravely
Jestin Gravely 13 órája
Can I say squral gravy
Denver Gigi
Denver Gigi 13 órája
I wonder what ridiculous story she's going to come up with now
Jestin Gravely
Jestin Gravely 13 órája
Yall city folks suck I would have killed it with my 12 gage in a second city limit or not im protecting my fam
Bryan C
Bryan C 13 órája
Did anyone ever tell you you couldn't? If not, then who cares? Just because men enjoy these sorts of jobs more than women doesn't mean they are excluded. The importance is, don't lower the standards to be inclusive. Same is true for firefighters, police, soldiers, marines, or any military job. If men are require to do 100 push up, squats, situps, and run 2 miles in under 15 minutes, the so should women who seek those positions. That is TRUE EQUALITY, everything else is 🐂💩
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores 13 órája
She palmed that shit
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores 13 órája
I knew this was a Texas team
gamer 3000
gamer 3000 13 órája
i guest you cant call it a living room
Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy 13 órája
Get a new cameraman.
Cat Simmons
Cat Simmons 13 órája
Communities of color are disproportionally affected by the pandemic so it makes sense to give POC easier access to the vaccine
Venom CA
Venom CA 14 órája
I bet the people who did this is n the comments
Youtube Gebruiker
Youtube Gebruiker 14 órája
Look at that loser...hahaha😂😂 have fun monster "daddy"
Ty Black
Ty Black 14 órája
I bet the news anchors didn’t see anything wrong with these officers actions
Joel Apodaca
Joel Apodaca 14 órája
Lynch them!! Make them an example !! Too many punks nowadays committing very serious crimes that include murder etc.. getting just a slap on the hand or couple years in prison because they’re young they know what they’re doing they might regret when they get older but they know what they’re doing ..
Dusty Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes 14 órája
Who cares!
Don Baine
Don Baine 14 órája
That was awesome!
Phils humble
Phils humble 14 órája
some lucky luck shid
Alejandro Orr
Alejandro Orr 14 órája
kjchicago1 15 órája
Man Alive! Can She Ever Dunk! Holy Cow!
Yavena Deoki
Yavena Deoki 15 órája
Awesome video Joseph!!!!!!!
Erik Hyndman
Erik Hyndman 15 órája
Addy is an absolute legend 🙏🏼👏🏼❤️
Johnathan Abrams
Johnathan Abrams 15 órája
Arson shaming
Communist organizers