Megan Seneca
Megan Seneca 17 órája
I had a friend sell arbonne, I might have signed up to get a few discount items and that was back in 2005! They are still around? Dang good face cream though.
Ride TheCurve
Ride TheCurve 17 órája
John, 3 million people CAN be wrong. But my guess is that they're all using Tucker as their backwater 'Screw to Pooch' variety hour. Give them a break. It's the only channel they can get out there in the swamp.
Tig D
Tig D 17 órája
I choose to believe John Oliver showers while shitting and kissing his family every morning.
Kathryn Lewandowsky
Kathryn Lewandowsky 17 órája
If people don't want to take the vaccine, we just have to accept that the viruses win. They have been battling us to take over the planet for millennia!
Andrew L
Andrew L 17 órája
that egg monologue was WACK john
sanfo0or 17 órája
Seychelles the most vaccinated nation having a surge of Covid-19 cases despite their exceptional efforts in vaccinating 60% of all adults there.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 17 órája
"Who the hell cares? One less damn nation on the welfare" - John Oliver
Kevin Klika
Kevin Klika 17 órája
An. tes
An. tes 17 órája
Oh god that resurrected chicken joke lmao
Adam McCauley
Adam McCauley 17 órája
You are the best complete package out there Last Week Tonight. I dont want to give John all the credit. Great show, great writers, exceptional delivery. Appreciate all you do.
Vincent Serna
Vincent Serna 17 órája
Justin Kashtock
Justin Kashtock 17 órája
This is one of the least well done shows John has done. He gives answers that have nothing to do with the questions asked.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 17 órája
"Cops give a damn about a n*gro Pull the plunger, kill a brotha, he's a hero Give the vaxx to the kids who the hell cares One less hungry mouth on the welfare" - Tupac
Tripp Vomit
Tripp Vomit 17 órája
sanfo0or 17 órája
Vitamin D3 plays important role to reduce Covid-19 symptoms, make sure to test before taking supplements
sanfo0or 17 órája
There 2 are types of vaccines, one that can be taken during the pandemic, and one that should only be taken before the start of the pandemic, have a look for full explanation
keljar2007 17 órája
Thanks, John. I hope that folks with questions will do as you say and seek the answers that are available.
Angela Kournikova
Angela Kournikova 17 órája
most people have experienced somekind of debt before building their wealth
W740 LP
W740 LP 17 órája
Love your videos John! But you crossed a line with this video. Your reference to the back of a Kennedys head coming out of their mouth was absolutely disgusting.
Owen Cook
Owen Cook 17 órája
Dude its a joke he didn't mean nothing by it.
SHDU Studios
SHDU Studios 17 órája
This is not socialism, it’s how you build a fascist dictatorship.
valentin sanchez
valentin sanchez 17 órája
American health first ur totally right. Get the shot I suppose
brian bailey
brian bailey 17 órája
if i knew then what I knew now.... 2021!
Adolfo Martinez
Adolfo Martinez 17 órája
I invite everyone to see Peter Santanello series about the border. He is extremely accurate and unbiased view on whats currently happening on the border right now.
William Brennan
William Brennan 17 órája
It's not "your" car when they're shutting it off
Brendan Downes
Brendan Downes 17 órája
Man, as a guntard or whatever you call us, this hits so many nails squarely on the head. The NRA is a panic inducing marketing company designed to fuel gun and ammo sales (and cause dollar-a-round ammo shortages, smh). The only thing I'll disagree with is that some of Dom Raso's content is actually pretty neat. He presents some thoughtful breakdowns of various scenes in order to inject a bit of practical realism. It's like a reverse Ancient Aliens; where AA would take a cool historical mystery and shoehorn some sci fi weirdness into the mix, Dom throws some awkward real world problems into carefully staged movie scenes. The NRA is cringey boomer bullshit, and hopefully it dies before it kills any prospects of reasonable gun ownership for the masses.
sanfo0or 17 órája
Sarah Doiron
Sarah Doiron 17 órája
When he was saying whether there was such thing as too much vaccine and he should “get round after round of injections until he’s 80% Pfizer” 😂😂😂 too funny
Green Mamba Games
Green Mamba Games 17 órája
I think it is about time to do a part two...
Joshua Moss
Joshua Moss 17 órája
Pepperidge Farm Remembers!
Theboxset 17 órája
How convenient that you only talk about Covid as a justification for getting the shot and completely disregard the experimental nature of mRNA, which is a bigger subject than this whole political power grab. But hey, it doesn't matter John, you got your paycheck! you get an A for executing damage control for your masters, well done! you clearly convinced me!
Theboxset 17 órája
@John Dunham keep eating what the algorithm feeds you! YT clearly wants the best for you!
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
Dominic Tétrault
Dominic Tétrault 17 órája
So this is what hunger truly means. Thanks for that mom to finally make me see the light. I worked for a food bank for 7 years and I suddenly realize I was wrong all along. I was fighting against hunger. God rest her soul, indeed. That was real food for thoughts. Everyone is super motivated to barely make it, and how they enjoy constantly failing to make it, each month with these gloriously huge checks. Standing in line at a public library to get unemployment application? A public library should only be a place to help that mom get a clue, instead of feeding bullshit to her daughter.
joshd31 17 órája
The clip at 13:22 and the commentary that followed was unreal 🤣
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
DJ Drack
DJ Drack 17 órája
Herd immunity is generally in the 90-95%+ as the lower threshold. Sometimes higher (IE Measles). 70% is basically a complete failure rate. Plenty of room for viral mutation; having it jump to a domestic animal then mutate and jump back to us, etc. Ofc course COVID-19 isn't all that deathly or dangerous to get for the vast majority.
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
Faye Toliver
Faye Toliver 17 órája
Thou doth protest toooo much...Mr. Oliver
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
Jiji Thattil
Jiji Thattil 17 órája
Supporting someone is as important as trolling on social media
Anne Bruecks
Anne Bruecks 17 órája
Well, let’s stick to the facts now. 3 women did die after getting that rare brain blood clotting disorder from the J and J vax. I really wanted that one but got the Moderna instead, bc I’m in the (very small) risk group of 2 in a million. Get the vaccine for sure, but just be aware of which one is best for you!! I didn’t get a sticker, I’m bummed :(
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
Frick u
whansandceros 17 órája
the kennedy joke was backwards so it doesent make any sense also a little dark man yeesh dude is just tryna channel the energy of his supporters with that attitude is all
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
4 ch fac u
outdoor fun
outdoor fun 17 órája
More babbling leftist BS.
John Dunham
John Dunham 17 órája
Fak U
NoobasaurGaming 18 órája
Still sounds like horse shit. Send me my vaccine, I’ll take it myself from home. You know like the voting of this election. 😉
Wilhelm Schüttelstab
Wilhelm Schüttelstab 18 órája
Fucking Mike, get vaccinated!!! Damn!
Bailey Bowcutt
Bailey Bowcutt 18 órája
Anyone wonder why he quotes other newspapers when citing evidence? I am pro vaccine, but I would trust him more if he used scientific papers. Maybe this is an active choice because those who are vaccine hesitant may not trust these studies?
Owen Cook
Owen Cook 17 órája
It is honestly just easier on the staff as they have to look over hundreds of pages of scientific papers which they might not know what they are even looking for.
Faye Toliver
Faye Toliver 18 órája
Thats why they're getting a divorce...but she's already chipped 😂😂😂
Gabriel Lynch
Gabriel Lynch 18 órája
I found myself at 14:30 completely lost as to what was being talked about. I was still thinking about “Egg Time”. That honestly awoke something in me. That poignant description of the comforting experience of being in an egg. Woww.... I could do with an hour of egg time everyday.
John Hermanson
John Hermanson 18 órája
Thank you John Oliver for putting in this much effort. There should be some kind of award for what you're doing.
BenJamin Croft
BenJamin Croft 17 órája
Remember that John Oliver is a comedian who hosts a comedy show, generalizing information read from a teleprompter in order for it to fit into his comedic act. I like this show too, but it seriously needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
john ryan
john ryan 18 órája
"You really need to get vaccinated". No. No I dont
grandmasbuttons 18 órája
I only want to live long enough to see the GQP become a sniveling minority...and to see Washington DC become a state. We'll throw in Puerto Rico with that too
CantGet Right
CantGet Right 18 órája
Tucker is pushing fear of white genocide.
Soldat 18 órája
Please, take the vaccine, I got paid to shill it for you. Please!
Jesse Ward
Jesse Ward 18 órája
April 2020 "I know its weird having this void background but due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been forced to move out of our studio" April 2021 "hey get the fuck out of my void. It belongs to me"
Rekha Gokhale
Rekha Gokhale 18 órája
That cicada behind you totally undermined it hahaha
sil80d 18 órája
If news show hosts can give medical advice then I guess not funny late night show hosts can give medical advice too.
Nick Romano
Nick Romano 18 órája
The void got a cameo
Robert Ahart
Robert Ahart 18 órája
This guy is such a ccp funded tool
omkar jadhav
omkar jadhav 18 órája
HBO kisses arse of xing fu panda!😂😂
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 18 órája
No, i think he's funded by HBO
Jon316 18 órája
15:19 , the TRUTH , you all need to hear
Motoko Blaugrana
Motoko Blaugrana 18 órája
We are being killed in Colombia by our police and army. We've been on a national strike since last Wednesday, April 28th, due to a tax, pensions and health reforms our corrupt and narcoparamiliatar government is trying to implement affecting all of us who are already suffering the economic devastation from the covid outbreak. We've been on the streets trying to be heard, but instead, the government is shooting bullets at us, there have been many killed in just one week in major cities including the capital. We are being attacked with guns, rifles, tanks and helicopters like it’s war. They're even shooting at the houses so people can't record what's happening. Shooting actual bullets to houses where there are people not even protesting. There have been tons of violations to the human rights, illegal detentions, excessive use of the force from ESMAD (the death squad), disappearances, rapes, and anything you can think of. They are censoring social media posts related to the massacre, they are cutting the electricity and internet in several zones. The president is trying to declare an interior commotion state so they can implement the dictatorship they are so eager to have long ago. Álvaro Uribe Vélez is a genocidal dictator financed by drug trafficking cartels. Please help our voices to be heard by the world, for everyone to know that we have a murderer government, that we are living a massacre. Shooting to the inside of an apartment complex: In Spanish, young man recounts what the police did to him, one cop put a gun on his spine and shot (fortunately he shot him poorly), he wanted to paralyze him: Shooting at unarmed people just because: Stun grenades shot from small tanks: Little kids affected by gases: Burning people alive at a police station: Helicopters landing on a public school: A kid being bit up by various cops: Illegal detentions and gassing houses: Going inside of houses without a warrant: Stunt grenades in residential blocks with kids: It's like living in war:
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 18 órája
Ok we need a follow up. I wanna know how Dan's doing
Tom G
Tom G 18 órája
Media Guy
Media Guy 18 órája
John Oliver used to be funny before he got all woke for HUload videos. He sold his soul to China. Blow me Oliver
GamerEnby 18 órája
15:51 baby merchant intensifies
peter borel
peter borel 18 órája
Why would I want to be trapped in a White Void for half an hour with John Oliver? ...Yet I watched the whole episode....
Boran Theki
Boran Theki 18 órája
If there's no longterm studies why would any thinking adult get this experimental genetic device?
Joanne Fitzpatrick
Joanne Fitzpatrick 18 órája
Alex Jones is an idiot the plaque in your brain is not from mRNA it is formed from a compound called STEP, which we've known from a study done in the 70s by John Hopkins University and to remove the plaque compound TC 2153 catabolizes it... so yeah we actually have cures for Alzheimer's, however we prefer to make money off people rather than make it well-known.
Sol Lancer
Sol Lancer 18 órája
Nice message, better yet awesome your future kid message. That debt clock is a tool to pass the blame to the people for politician potential future error. Its like "alright citizen we politician will eat the steak as you all voted for, but not of the free will of hungry politicians which made the choice to eat it in the first place" after eating it up, and turn around telling your children needs to pay for their next steaks with their future pay check. Sure sound like a solid plan if I ever see one, and that hole hes digging is to hide the steak bones.
D isme
D isme 18 órája
Why is there a late night TV Host telling people to get Vaccinated? FEAR!! FEAR!! Ooooo im so scared!! quick! Stick me with a Vaccine! God it'll be funny if even 1 out 1,000 of the people become sterile from the vaccine Or any major side effect. Relax. Use your brain and make a choice for yourself. Don't listen to these paid talking heads like this dumb ass. pushing or fearing you in either direction . FEAR!! FEAR!!!
jim r
jim r 18 órája
you should take ALL the shots, make sure you're SUPER protected.
Boran Theki
Boran Theki 18 órája
Why aren't they reporting all the deaths and permanent vaccine injuries?
Boran Theki
Boran Theki 18 órája
@Pearcake 42 You've been working hard at the troll farm, why don't you take a break?
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 18 órája
Because they aren't happening
Jacques Lapierre
Jacques Lapierre 18 órája
I am so happy to not live in america
Anon 18 órája
This is total BS. I got really sick after my second shot. It wore off after 3 days but they clearly cut corners on this crap.
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 18 órája
The doctor who gave me my second dose, warned me of flu-like symptoms, and even a fever as a side effect of the second shot. I'm assuming they told you the same thing, it's not unprecedented then
heyysimone 18 órája
The moment John said the reason for the pond was horrifying, i felt sick. I immediately knew because of all the other shit John has talked about with places like this, that someone had died there and they most definitely shouldnt have been able to get there.
Dominic Tétrault
Dominic Tétrault 18 órája
''Maybe they shouldn't have fucking grenades'' makes sense even without any context surrounding it. The suggestion stands on it's own, no matter who we are talking about. Sadly, much of those raids smelled like someone calling the police to scare away unwanted neighbours or people they wanted taken out. This is what targetting someone and using clueless police just for that can really look like.
heyysimone 18 órája
When John said "it's spiders" i yelled "fuck you John" and then remembered im listening to this with headphones.
Feanor1169 18 órája
John Oliver is an establishment shill. He is a propagandist for the left-wing globalist elite.
Friendly Fren
Friendly Fren 17 órája
Late night funny man, Colbert, Oliver and that Noah dude. All run off the same script. No original thought or critical thinking just mindless b.s
John Dunham
John Dunham 18 órája
Let me guess...4ch?
Media Guy
Media Guy 18 órája
Nah he's just pandering for an audience. Woke is where the younger Gen is.. youtube videos. He's hurting the black community with all his anti cop BS. I'm disappointed that a Jon Stewart original would become a cock head
Apathy Guy
Apathy Guy 18 órája
Little known fact. India produces more of the vaccine then anyone other then the USA. The leadership is just that awful.
juan camilo lopez
juan camilo lopez 18 órája
Please do a piece on what is happening in Colombia. I do belive in the John Oliver effect and we are desperate in my country. Something has to be done 🇨🇴
ByteMe 18 órája
the fact that people are still like mRNA = DNA? shows that none of yall paid attention in 8th grade science
Indiana Pacer
Indiana Pacer 18 órája
Exactly 😂
William Sussman
William Sussman 18 órája
3 years ago John Oliver was 10 years ahead of Boomer Maher
thejackal007 18 órája
Decent video overall but the bit about JFK being shot was a bit in bad taste.
Hannah Jutting
Hannah Jutting 18 órája
John: go get the vaccine! Me, in Japan: I want it but I can't get it yet😭 (hurry up, Japan! 😠)
Lewis Poitra
Lewis Poitra 18 órája
Try this for a better life in this difficult time of COVID impacting :
NeoMennon 18 órája
Just tell them the truth -- covid-19 will seriously damage the functioning of male genital, including ED, also drastically reducing male hormone....
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 18 órája
Where's your source?
freddieish1 18 órája
This guy is not a humorist, he's not a comedian, not a talk show host, he's a propaganda tool for the global elite.
Pearcake 42
Pearcake 42 18 órája
If this guy is a tool of the global elite, I have a lot of questions about what the global elite wants to do to Adam Driver
Media Guy
Media Guy 18 órája
I used to love him but if you notice the only thing getting ratings after Trump is covid and racism. Oliver is promoting both. He sold out Jon Stewart is probably cryinf
We say no to pay to win
We say no to pay to win 18 órája
Brilliant Video